The 10 Best Compound Bow for Beginners in 2023

Last Updated on August 3, 2023

The Best Compound Bow for Beginners: Hunting with Bows is a traditional hunting system, and still, it is accessible. On the other hand, the bow is part and parcel of archery, and it’s a popular sport.

In those cases, the bow is becoming a trendy thing for the people who love to Bow hunting or Archery. Choosing the best compound bow for beginners is a difficult task.

There are lots of Bows available on the market. Sometimes people are confused to choose from hundreds of options within their budget.

Best Compound Bow for Beginners

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Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Compound Bow for Beginners

1. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow

2. Genesis Original Kit

3. Southland Archery Supply Compound Bow

4. Siege SAS 55 lb Compound Bow

5. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow

6. Leader Accessories Compound Bow

7. RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

8. Southland Archery Supply Compound Bow

9. Gen-X Bow – RH/LH

10. Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow

Reviews of the Best Compound Bow for Beginners

A good quality compound Bow can make your hunting or shooting moment great. You should know that a poor quality Bow can decrease your performance level, and you may get frustrated.

So, having an extraordinary and highly featured Bow is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. In this perspective, we have selected some highly engineered entry-level compound bows from renowned manufacturers. So, let’s dig the review, and get your desired bow within the expected price.

1. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow

Best Compound Bow for Beginners

If you are willing to buy a durable and powerful compound bow for yourself, I hope so as you are on to the right place. The diamond archery infinite pro compound bow is one of the most anticipated compound bows on the market.

The diamond archery comes from one of the top manufacturers. It is a highly precise and viable compound bow for hunting, target shooting, and archery. The cam method of this diamond edge Infinite Pro is high quality, which helps to hit your target point with high accuracy.

This beginner compound bow is high strength bow that can shoot at a great speed due to its smooth dual cams and elliptical shape. Also, the IBO speed rating of the great bow is 310 FPS. It has great adjustability. The weight will go from 5lb to 70 lb but having to swap limbs.

You can shoot your arrows so fastly with excellent efficiency. It is also suitable for all kinds of compound bow arrows so it can be the right choice for beginners to make their first bow hunting memorable.


  • Made of heavy and durable aluminum
  • Wide range of draw length
  • Formed with a solid back wall
  • Perfect multi shooter bow for beginner or professionals
  • Best matched for archery, and target shooting, or animal hunting
  • The great value of money


  • Not suitable for massive animal hunting
  • Pretty expensive
  • Need to add extra equips for better results

2. Genesis Original Kit

Genesis Original Kit

The Genesis Original Kit is one of the earliest compound bows which is formed to remove a discharge, and certain draw length benchmarks. Everything of the Genesis Original Bow is engaging to the user, and it possesses some zero discharge.

This bow also provides feather-like draw weight, which is at about 20 pounds and can be securely inclined to closely 10 pounds. So every user may demand a 3/16″ hex wrench (made available) to switch the draw weight.

This starter compound bow is also guarded appropriate draw lengths which are from 15 to 30 inches. This bow also has a 6061-T6 aluminum riser. Moreover, some aluminum cam is adjusted with the idler wheel.

This premium quality riser is crafted and used for precise accessories. This Kit has 0% let-off. It means the discharge, or the let-off is just comparatively inexistent, or insignificant.

It is also designed with some identical lone-cam tech. The Genesis Original Bow is taken as the official bow of the NASP for the level of high-grade quality, which is the national body for archery in the schools’ curriculum.


  • Regarded as the Official bow of NASP
  • It’s a real starter bow for all ages
  • Includes 6061-T6 aluminum riser
  • Designed with no specific draw length requirement
  • Top-quality materials
  • Five aluminum arrows and 3/6 inch hex wrench also included
  • Includes belt tube quiver & adjustable arm guard


  • Designed primarily for beginners even it perfect for experts

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3. Southland Archery Supply Compound Bow

Southland Archery Supply

If you want to gain maximum archery experience or wish to offer your friends the highest opportunity to improve their genius in archery, you should nominate in for this Rage 70 Lbs 30 inches Compound Bow and get the faithful Kit for acquiring better kills.

This precisely made hunting gear conveyances on a 35 inches axle to axle, a 30” draw length and a 270 feet per second which formation have made it outstanding. This associated ABS part covers weight, viability, performance, and equality to nourish the life-cycle of the bow.

This excellent quality entry level compound bow possesses a stable covered part formed to draw weights extending about 70 pounds. The measurement of the bow is specified as 25 to 32 inches, and on the other hand, the draw weight is about 55 to 70 pounds, and the measurement of the axle to axle is also about 35 inches.

You will be pleased to see that it has a let-off speed of about 70%. You can enhance the speed limit is about to 270 FPS. The gross weight is about to 4.4 pounds.  This excellent quality hunting device will improve your hunting capability.


  • Top grade materials
  • Provides great shoot and better kill
  • Best for the expert user
  • Great value for the cost
  • Gross weight 4.4 lbs
  • Draw length and weight 26-30 inches and 55-70 lbs
  • 270 FPS of max speed


  • The lower strength of the arrow rest

4. Siege SAS 55 lb Compound Bow

Best Compound Bow for Beginners

If you are looking for a most precise hunting Bow and also you want to recommend for your any archer friend the highest opportunity to increase their hunting skill, then you should offer your friends or yourself the Siege SAS 55 lb 29-inch compound BOWs.

This Compound Bow kit is the instrument of higher standard and toughness. The Siege SAS is a quality constructed best compound bow for beginners. This high featured compound bow bears on as a 41.5-inch axle to axle and a 29-inch draw length.

The maximum velocity of the compound bow can be increased up to about 206 FPS. This bow is designed with the shrunk ABS extensions to provide you with strength, and weight balance.

It also possesses a durable piece covered part engaged in drawing weights goes up to 55 lbs. You can set it off at an extreme speed of 206 per second. The entire weight of the bow is just 4 lbs.


  • Compressed ABS extensions ensure better performance
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Extreme shoot velocity
  • High discharge capacity
  • Total mass is only 4 lbs
  • Perfect for Bowhunting


  • Not perfect for children

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5. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow

Bear Archery Cruzer G2

The G2 Adult Compound Bow by Bear Archery Cruzer is one of the best blameless and accurate compound bows which make your hunting exercise great and significantly increases your Bow hunting skill.

When you hunt with this fabulous bow, everything comes your way. This extraordinary compound bow is adjustable from 12 to 30 inches as to the draw length, which goes from 5-70 pounds.

You can do all the adjustments yourself with an Allen wrench, and you won’t find any issues for the bow bend. The six Trophy Ridge parts have adjusted in this Bear Archery Cruzer G2 beginner compound bow for adults which provides excellent support.

On the other hand, some additional accessories have been included, such as a four-pin sight, a 5-arrow quiver, a peep sight, a stabilizer and sling, a nock loop, and a Whisker Biscuit.

Besides, the incredible Bear G2 beginner compound bow for adults possesses about 3 pounds and casts arrows at about 315 fps. This is an excellent Bow for expert or novice users. It provides sharp shoot and smooth kill.


  • Provides regulated force and eliminate noise and vibrancy
  • Great adaptability delivers smooth performance
  • Superior parts adjustment
  • High-grade material
  • Designed for a wide range of skill level
  • Perfect, balanced and compatible load delivery


  • Restricted draw weight

6. Leader Accessories Compound Bow

Best budget Compound Bow

The Leader Accessories Compound Bow has launched with several colors. This highly engineered best compound bow for beginners possesses effective safety vest harness.

Besides, a strong tree stand has been made this leader Accessories compound bow unparalleled. The leader accessories compound bow also owns a few shooting rods or hunting stick.

On the other hand, the great quality Leader Accessories Compound Bow features a strong, sturdy game carrier. It offers to draw weight ranges from 30 to 55 pounds, and besides, the draw length is about 19 to 29 inches. The maximum velocity can reach to 296 FPS.

The let-off feature is accurately 70%. Besides, from axle to axle is about 28 inches as the weight of the hunting component goes to about 3.3 lbs. This bow has patented to the right hand. It has crafted with aluminum riser.

The draw weight and draw length have been adjusted with enclosed Allen wrench. It includes fiber optic sight, a drop away arrow rest, a D-string loop, release aid, a peep sight, wax, and finally, the 2 pcs of 30 inches aluminum arrow.


  • Top-quality features
  • Comes with a release aid, D-string loop, peep sight
  • Includes 2 pcs of 30 inches aluminum arrow
  • Various colors
  • High velocity
  • Drop away arrow rest
  • Provides great kill and smooth shoot


  • Not so perfect for the novice user

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7. RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

The Compound Hunting Bow Kit by RAPTOR is a multipurpose compound bow that comes with incredible features. You will be amazed to know that this Kit will perfectly fulfill your demand and expectations.

The RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit will also enhance your hunting skills, provides target shooting, bow fishing, and suitable for many other uses. This extraordinary and multipurpose bow provides the perfect draw length, which is optimally amenable and fully adjustable comes to about 24.5 to 31 inches.

On the other hand, the draw weight of the tools is about to 30 – 70 lbs. Also, the RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit fits perfectly for young and old ages user. This incredible bow has crafted with mechanized aluminum, which is significantly cheap within that price level.

This highly engineered compound bow possesses an axle to axle assessment with its length reaching about 30” and weighs typically up to 3.6 pounds. Also, this good beginner compound bow carries on a high velocity of 315 feet per second.


  • Perfect draw length and weight
  • High-grade features and top quality materials
  • Superior quality parts and exceptionally adjustable
  • Nearly for all expeditions
  • Excellent for all shooting practice and purposes
  • Good value for money


  • Little expensive

8. Southland Archery Supply Compound Bow

Southland Archery Supply

The Southland Compound bow is designed precisely to fulfill the interest of archers who wish to take their Bow shooting experience to the next level. In details, this high-quality compound bow bears on some 28” axle to axle and a draw length that is nicely adaptable from a minimal of 19” to a highest of 29”.

It evenly shoots about 260 ft at per second. The indications of the device also touch the suitable draw weight which reaches from 30 – 55 pounds, and the inches of the axle to axle are about to 28 inches.

The brace altitude is indeed about 7 ½”, and the let-off reaches 68%. The highest speed of the SAS Scorpii Compound Bow is at closely 260 feet per second while the total weight of the product is nearly 3.3 pounds.

The weight of the product is also about to 5.6 lbs while the package measurements are accurately 31.9×12.3×3.5 inches. It comes with incredible features so that you should not even require any bow press to change the draw length. All of the parts have been integrated exquisitely, and you will get better performance with this fabulous bow.


  • Built well done with highly engineered
  • Perfect for the novice user
  • Includes compressed ABS limbs for durability and long-lasting
  • Enhanced skills and shooting capability
  • Delivers smoothly and provides excellent kills
  • Perfect bow within the price


  • It may not be perfect for bow fishing

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9. Gen-X Bow – RH/LH

Gen-X Bow - RH/LH

If you are keen on having the best compound bow for beginners that is excellent for hunting the hogs, deer, and big birds you have to buy this Gen-X Bow – RH/LH at your settlement. You will be amazed to watch its performance.

This both patterned bow is excellent for whitetail deer hunting. The developed let-off capability of this bow is about 40lbs of draw weight which sum-up speed to any shot you create. The Gen-X is one of the most reliable compound bows for various actions.

The Gen-X Bow – RH/LH is available in multiple colors to enlarge your choice option. A quality 40 lbs weight comes in a draw and can be soundly reduced to 25lbs – all you need is a 3/16″ hex wrench (made available) to switch the draw weight.

This superior quality Bow also covers up draw lengths from 21inches to 30 inches.  On the other hand, it also crafted with some mechanized 6061-T6 aluminum riser and aluminum cam for better output and smooth performance.


  • Delivers high power and unfailing shoot
  • Premium quality materials have used
  • Perfect for hunting hogs, beer, and big birds
  • Extraordinary features
  • Excellent draw cycle
  • Suitable for beginner or experts


  • Arrow nock and rests are absent

10. Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow

Best Compound Bow for Beginners

The Cruzer Lite Compound Bow is one of the precise hunting gears in the Bear Archery Lineup. This Cruzer Lite Compound Bow attracts many archers by its incredibly smooth release. Besides, the turning ability is one of the most appealing features in the Bear Archery Lineup.

The design of the riser is pretty good and simple. It is suitable for young archers because of its 27 1/8-inch axle to axle length which is compact and adaptable. It is patented with a string stop mechanism which supports to retain the string off the arms of a young, new archer.

The Cruzer Lite is the most associative beginner compound bow on the market; it features dual cams which are highly engineered to provide easy and smooth adjustability. It is also capable of shooting 290 FPS.

The suitable draw weight is adjustable, which is from 5 to 45 pounds, and also the draw can be adjusted from 12 inches to 27 inches. It is patented with 6 inches brace height, which is perfect for exact shooting, and the 70% let-off makes more effective operation.


  • Completely adjustable and fewer mass weight
  • User-friendly design
  • Sturdy, durable and long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Very good for all ages
  • Provides high velocity


  • No solid back wall

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Compound Bow for Beginners Buying Guide

Selecting the best compound bow for beginners becomes easy if you know what to look before purchasing. Below we are going to cover the essential features that you must check before choosing your compound Bow. So, let’s check out the detailed information regarding the compound bow.


Speed is the first considerable fact that you should check while looking for a good starter compound bow. As you know, all bows have to follow the fundamental laws of physics.

So, regardless of their modern design and technologies, they work highly similar to the slingshot. And we all know that the faster your slingshot shoots, the more aggressive it will feel. But when it is about the bow, things get more complicated.

Because it is challenging to draw a bow which can shoot at high speed. And as a beginner, nobody wants the draw to be too aggressive to learn shooting form properly.

That’s why we recommend you to look for a compound bow which shooting range is below 320 FPS. We hope that this shooting range is more than enough to learn to shoot and hunt down your target.

Brace Height

The next factor you should check is the brace height. It is the distance between the grip and the string of the compound bow when the bow is not in drawing position.

If you choose a more extended brace height, then your arrow can easily make contact with the string. And if you go with the shorter brace height, then you may find it challenging to draw as these kinds of bows tend to have the faster arrow speed.

Axle Dimension

The axle to axle dimension is an essential factor that you need to consider before buying one. If you give more priority to the axle dimension of a compound bow, then you should choose a small compound bow.

Because short bows are lightweight and compact, they are convenient to carry around in the woods. But they are a bit less stable than the larger bows. So, we recommend you to look for something that can provide you increased stability without being overly broad.


Bow weight is another vital fact that you need to check before making any purchase. Sometimes the bow hunters make a mistake by choosing the large bows. These kinds of compound bows test the upper limit of the hunter’s strength.

So, experts always recommend that beginners and professionals to buy a lightweight bow. Therefore they can draw the equipment comfortably.


Some bow brands offer additional accessories with their bows such as sights, stabilizers, gamut, etc. So, if you have the intention to upgrade your stuff in the future or you want something more at your budget, then you may look for these types of compound bows.

But one thing you need to remember that you should not miss checking other features while looking at only accessories.

Try To Shoot Lots of Bows

After choosing your desired one with the above criteria, it is time to pick the bow. Then, you should hold it to check how the bow feels on the hand. After that, you should shoot several arrows one after another until you know that this is it.

Sometimes some shops wouldn’t let you demo a variety of bows. So, it will be useful for you to avoid those shops. And if you don’t want to face any hassle related to shops, then you should buy it online.

While buying it online, you should take the expert’s recommendation or do proper research before deciding on the purchase. In this way, you can get the best one which may match your need.


The last and final fact regarding a compound bow that you should be aware of is the budget. Some beginners buy cheap bows as they intend to learn and practice shooting only. Although they purchase cheap bows, most of them can’t practice shooting properly.

Because these bows get broken after certain days of use. So, it will be a wise decision to select a high-quality beginner compound bow even though it comes at a high price. If you are short on the budget, then try to purchase a moderately priced bow which is manufactured by a reputed company.

Final Thoughts

We hope these reviews have made it easy to take your decision for picking the best compound bow for beginners. All of the best picks are incredibly durable, sturdy, and long-lasting.

If you are a professional archer or hunter, then you have landed in the right place, because we have arranged the items for your demand. On the other hand, you will get excellent value for your money by picking the great quality Bow.

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