The 10 Best Bow Release for Hunting in 2023

Best Bow Release for Hunting

The Best Bow Release for Hunting: Hunting or shooting a bow is quite popular enthusiasm. But this is not an effortless task because it takes physical pressure and a lot of practice for being constant. There is no other way to choose the best equipment for shooting to improve your shooting skills and performance.

Bow release is one of the essential gadgets for every bowhunter. And the bow release should be comfortable, versatile, simple setup, and smooth trigger adjustment at a fair price. When you think about value versus performance, you will find it challenging to Choose the Best Bow Release for Hunting for your precious action.

Reviews of the Best Bow Release for Hunting

To be a fortune hunter, you have to pick the best bow release for hunting for yourself. Shopping online is always confusing, and finding the accurate one is very tough at times.

On that note, today, we have come up with a review of ten hunting bow releases available in the hunting industry, including their pros and cons, to reduce your confusion and stress. Keep on reading to learn more about them.

1. TruFire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Bow Release

best bow release for hunting

This archery device by `11 enables you to fire the arrows with perfection and confidence. The fold-back system buckle leather strap provides smooth hands-free operation. Your wrist remains secured with 5/8″ lengthy hunting bow release, and you can get a dependable and confident hunting performance.

The swept-back trigger travel is adjustable, and it gets easily fit both to the right and left hand. Trufire used the center technology in this four-ounce bow release for your maximum comfort and to get your target hunted effortlessly.

The model is a hook-style release made in the USA, ensuring the optimum quality materials. The head spins whole twenty degrees to eliminate twisting at full draw. The jaws open easily with the hook of the trigger. Again, the release comes with a lock option also.

TruFire Hardcore

It is well-built lightweight and brilliantly designed not to slip-off. You can stay and operate for hours wearing these with no pain or fatigue issues. The dimension of this product is 10.5*5.2*1.8 inches. Now, hunting will be more enjoyable with this high-quality device.


  • Tru center technology hook style release
  • Hands-free operating easy to use and set-up
  • Adjustable trigger travel for secured wrist
  • Comfortable and non-slippery
  • Clockwise turning head and lock option


  • It is not long-lasting enough

2. Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback MAX

best bow release for hunting

Tru-fire hardcore is enriched with plenty of function, protection, and quality. This element is made in the USA, ensuring much more comfort and reliable performance of shooting. Super plush camo-black evolution is wider with rolled edger comfy strap.

About 2.5” more padding into the buckle ensures even more convenience. The swept-back trigger is easily adjustable just by a couple of turning of the screw, and you can adjust the trigger pressure from 3 ounces up to 16 ounces according to your need.

Again, it features 5/8 inches length adjustment. The fold-back MAX hook design bow release has guaranteed non-slippery reliable loops, and it fits easily and quickly in any hand. It is useful and comfortable for both left hand and right-hand shooters.

The pivoting head features 20 degrees of clockwise motion and provides much more stability during hunting jobs. The weight is 6.4 ounces. Overall, a stylish, high-quality supportive bow release for hunting at a fair price.


  • Plush black buckle strap has thick and ample padding
  • Quick fitting and easy to use
  • Guaranteed not to slip-off the loops
  • Smooth, accurate operation and comfortable feeling
  • Precise length adjustment and trigger travel adjustment


  • Quite heavy for extra padding

3. Scott Archery Shark Double Caliber Release

Scott Archery Shark Double Caliber

Scott presents to you imported leather material bow release that is highly comfortable and easy to use. The buckle is solid enough to fit perfectly in your hand, and also the trigger pull is very smooth.

The brilliant manufacture and perfect design of it help to enhance your shooting skills. The caliber release has 2″ shaft, and it is adjustable to fit in large hands as well as large fingers. This release device comes with a dimension of 10*6*1.2 inches, and the weight of it is 4.8 ounces only.

Scott always makes a quality product, and this shark archery release is the best bow release for hunting. It is a durable, comfortable, lightweight, great supportive release for your wrist.

You will find it easier to put it on/off and adjust it according to your wrist size. The trigger head provides smooth clockwise rotation for exact shooting. The product is well worth checking out.


  • Dual calipers and leather back strap
  • Adjustable trigger and loop for a custom fit
  • Free rotation for smooth and accurate firing
  • High-quality, sturdy buckle ensures optimum comfort
  • Lightweight well-made affordable


  • The trigger is very sensitive
  • Sizing problem may occur

4. Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release Buckle

Spot Hogg Wiseguy

There you know about one of the lightest bow releases available in the marketplace named spot hogg wiseguy release buckle weighing only 2.4 ounces. The high-quality, secure buckle ensures the cleaner release, and it is equally great for even premature shooters.

The fail-safe trigger technology is the main attraction of the wiseguy release. It helps to improve your shooting accuracy and skill dramatically. It features forward trigger design to adjust speed and maximum draw length.

This device comes with an advanced zero travel-self reloading hook-up for easy instant set-up. You can easily adjust the trigger at the level of your preference for customized shooting action.

The jaws open effortlessly by drawing the trigger back. It gives comfort to your wrist for a more extended period and allows you to focus on your target precisely.

The product is the USA made, and the dimension is 11.1x5x2.3 inches. The price is also fair. So, you must try it once, and it has the quality to satisfy you during your shooting and hunting job.


  • Adjustable trigger travel and quick draw loading
  • Open-jaw provides ultra-fast D-loop hook up
  • Fail-safe trigger design
  • Sturdy buckle strap and robust connector
  • Comfortable lightweight and long-lasting


  • Small size
  • Sensitive hair trigger

5. SCOTT Releases Little Goose

SCOTT Releases Little Goose

Scott is dominating the hunting industry for years by making advanced technology buckle strap archery releases. This little goose release is one of the most popular and durable designs available.

The manufacturer is brilliant, made out of nylon with the one-piece trigger. The patented angled jaw pattern maximizes draw-length finely and allows shooters to make accurate shots.

It can improve your shooting skills and help you to get an incredible hunting performance with maximum comfort. All Scott releases come with a guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about repairing or maintenance costs.

The weight of this little goose release is four ounces only. It is designed not to slip off the loop and to fit your wrist perfectly. You can adjust the trigger travel according to your preference.

It also features 5-hole length adjustment. The dimension of this release is 9x6x0.5 inches. Overall, it is an excellent product for the price. You will never regret purchasing this. You should carry this one in your bag-pack while going for hunting.


  • Patent-pending single caliper design
  • Crisp and light trigger break
  • Lightweight, comfortable standard-sized version
  • Easy adjustment of the trigger and reliable swivel connector
  • Better in durability and reliability


  • A bit sensitive trigger

6. Tru-Fire Hardcore Revolution Archery Release

best bow release for hunting

There are plenty of functions and advantages included in the Tru-fire hardcore archery release tool. The revolutionary USA product ensures accurate shots and topmost comfort to the shooters. The traditional trigger knob can be pointed in any 16 positions of your need.

So, you can maintain your shooting style with this efficiently. Besides, the trigger head freely turns around the trigger on 11 ball bearings that cause 360 degrees clockwise motion. The release is superbly smooth, and you will find it much simpler to set up and use.

Whether you are a left-hand shooter or a right-hand shooter, this comfy archery release gets fit to any of your hands perfectly. You can adjust the trigger travel and tension by just turning off the separate set screw.

bow release for hunting

Tru-fire provides you years of trouble-free and dependable use by making the item solid long-lasting. It will not let you down performing shooting tasks for long; your hunting experience will be more confident with this 4-ounce archery release. It will be truly well worth checking out.


  • Super-sleek CNC machined construction with solid aluminum handle
  • Trigger head provides 360 degrees reckless rotation
  • 16 positions adjustable trigger knob
  • Lock option for twist-free shooting
  • Thumb button for perfect custom fitting


  • Sizing problem may occur

7. TruFire Patriot Archery Compound Bow Release

best bow release for hunting

If you’re looking for a versatile hunting bow release with the finest length adjustment, Trufire patriot archery compound release will be the most excellent option. The device is useful for archers of all skill levels.

It improves your shooting accuracy and consistency from the very first shoot. It comes in junior size also and fits precisely in both left and right hand. The rugged steel trigger ensures smooth firing, and the padded nylon power strap enhances comfort and strength to the release.

No more finger pain with bow release because patriot release gives you maximum comfort with the adjustable trigger. It is also easy setups. The trigger travel provides full 360 degrees clockwise rotation for exact point fixing.

The dimension of this product is 10.5*5.2*1.8 inches. Patriot release is a fantastic lightweight upgrade version. You will experience proficient constant shooting tasks wearing this release confidently. It is an excellent value for the price. Don’t delay to get one for yourself.


  • Sturdy velcro strap for restful fitting
  • Durable Teflon coated steel trigger and swivel connector
  • One full inch incredible length adjustment
  • 360-degree rotational Dual caliper
  • Suitable for all ages as well as beginner or pro


  • Small size
  • No pin or buckle

8. TruFire Edge Buckle Compound Bow Release

best bow release for hunting

Adjustability and smoothness is the primary concern while choosing the perfect bow release for accuracy. On that note, Trufire edge buckle archery compound bow release for hunting has passed the test effectively.

The strap is comfortable leather material, and the strong buckle keeps your hands free during operation. You can open the jaws by merely pulling back the trigger and close jaws by letting off the trigger.

Apart from this, you can adjust the draw length between head and strap by just turning the crown clockwise. A complete head rotation feature makes it an excellent option for bow hunting.

The length location can be locked in a certain place with a set screw. Another core feature of this release is the perfect custom fitting for both righties and lefties.

The dimension of the release is 7.9*5.9*0.8 inches, and the weight is 4.8 ounces only. It seems like a small deal, but actually, it is a unique version of dual calipers wrist release. The price is relatively reasonable.


  • Fold-back leather strap for hands-free operating
  • Durable, compact jaw design with coin-sized head
  • Spring-loaded adjustable trigger with locking option
  • Wide range of length adjustment
  • Lightweight, comfy dual caliper mechanism


  • Limited adjustability
  • The calipers may weaken after excessive use

9. Scott Archery Caliper Bow Release

best bow release for hunting

Scott already has a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality hunting gadget; however, they focus more on bow release for accuracy. This camo archery buckle release has heavy-duty construction and also has strength enough to improve your shooting accuracy.

The revolutionary screwed trigger provides superior grip comfort. It has got a wide range of length adjustment. You will get torque-free shooting experience because the headpin rotates freely clockwise or counterclockwise.

The dual jaw pattern is another nice feature. It is designed to take a lot of pressure, and you will find it easier to operate this. The long-lasting service and guarantee of Scott will satisfy you undoubtedly.

The release is comfortable, smooth, consistent, and lightweight. You can lock the length location in the different exact position you need. It does not leave any finger pain or wrist pain or fatigue.

You will surely love this device by using it once. It has enriched with every single feature that an expert hunter requires in a hunting bow release. The quality is well worth every penny.


  • Reliable trigger with an exclusive knob
  • Versatile dual jaw design
  • Works excellent with D loop
  • Head swivel rotates 360 degrees around
  • Better in durability and quality


  • Size is smaller

10. Tru Ball Max Hunter Release

best bow release for hunting

One of the most trendy choices out there, the Tru ball max hunter release, is both inexpensive and appropriate option for bow hunters. The most significant benefits you will notice about this version are the maximum draw length and increased bow speed.

It works with the adjustable sensitivity screw, and the trigger head provides a full 360 degrees rotation. The max release is quiet while loading, and you have to push forward the trigger for firing. It ensures accurate positioning with the trigger adjustment feature.

Weighing only 2.4 ounces, it is one of the lightest hunting bow releases available in the hunting industry – another thing you need to know about what it is of 8x5x1.8 inches.

The functionality is excellent, and it works fantastic on the D loops during withstand shooting task. You can use it for both winter hunting and summer 3D shooting. There is something that has made this release exclusive from the other models in the same line.


  • Forward trigger design
  • Adjustable sensitivity screw
  • Maximum draw length and reckless head pivot rotation
  • Ensures more arrow speed and consistency
  • A smooth and excellent release for the money


  • Trigger sensitivity adjustment can be difficult at times
  • Stiff to get close groupings

Bow Release for Hunting Buying Guide

To shoot accurately with a bow, you have to choose a suitable bow release. Therefore, when choosing a hunting bow release, it’s essential to go with something that feels comfortable.

Here are some essential aspects to consider when selecting a bow release. Before you make your purchase, ensure the following most important factors first.

Bow Release Types


If you want to use a tried and tested method, use your fingers. It can be uncomfortable to shoot bows repeatedly for extended periods, especially if the bow is shorter.

Therefore, shooting gloves are also available for hunters who prefer this traditional manner most. Using these gloves will make your shots more consistent since the bow won’t slip off your fingers.

Back Tension Release

The bow back tension release is excellent for getting accurate shots. This technique helps you build the tension that you need to power a pivot that releases the bow.

It requires focus to maneuver, and when you use it correctly, it can be highly effective.

Index Finger Release

These bow releases are trendy, and part of the reason is that they come with a secure wrist strap. And so, this Bow Release is easy to use. You just need your index finger to pull the trigger as well as release the bow.

Thumb Trigger Release

Accuracy and ease of use are two aspects of this bow release, which speaks to its broad appeal. The thumb release trigger allows you to release the bowstring by just using a thumb button quickly.

As you draw the bow, the thumb trigger will come closer to your thumb, making it much more convenient and more accessible to release the bow.

Tension Activated Release

This is accomplished by pressing down on a safety catch until enough strain is formed. Apply a little more pressure on the bow to pull it back. Then when the strain becomes too high and it will release the bow.


For ensuring safety and accuracy, high-end crossbows frequently come with adjustable mechanisms. A hunting bow release with a high level of adjustability will be easier to fit a broader range of users. Before deciding anything, check for this.


For hunters and competitive archers, shooting without noise could be incredibly useful. Although if you’re a competition archer, then a little bit of noise will not be an issue for you.

But if you’re a hunter, then you know how vital silence is in the wilderness. Furthermore, some of these releases will produce a slight clicking sound as you pull back your bow, which can sometimes be enough to let your targets know your presence.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a bow release?
A: A bow release is a device that helps an archer release the bowstring from the fingers more accurately and consistently.

Q: Why do I need a bow release?
A: A bow release helps to improve your accuracy, consistency, and speed while shooting. It also reduces the torque and tension on the bowstring.

Q: What are the types of bow releases available in the market?
A: The main types of bow releases are wrist strap releases, thumb releases, back tension releases, and hinge releases.

Q: Which type of bow release is best for beginners?
A: Wrist strap releases are generally the best for beginners as they are easy to use and provide more stability.

Q: Can a bow release be used for all types of bows?
A: Yes, bow releases can be used for all types of bows, including compound, recurve, and longbows.

Q: What should I look for when choosing a bow release?
A: Factors to consider when choosing a bow release include the type of release, ease of use, adjustability, comfort, and durability.

Q: What are the advantages of using a thumb release?
A: A thumb release provides better accuracy, consistency, and control over the shot. It also reduces torque and tension on the bowstring.

Q: Can I use a bow release with a traditional bow?
A: Yes, a bow release can be used with traditional bows, but it is recommended to use it with a bowstring made of modern materials like Dacron or Fast Flight.

Q: How often should I replace my bow release?
A: It depends on the usage and maintenance of the bow release. Generally, if it shows any signs of wear and tear or if it’s not functioning correctly, then it’s time to replace it.

Final Thoughts

There you have come up at the bottom of this article. Selecting the best bow release for hunting among thousands of options is not an easy task at all.

You should set some basic requirements that you need in the bow release and then search for the specific one which will meet most of your demands.

You can try any of the enlisted releases because you will not find anything better than these. Though all the listed releases are perfect for shooting or hunting action, you should wisely look at the features before buying the appropriate piece for you.

Hopefully, you will find your desired one with the help of this review article and enjoy your shooting adventure and hunting trip.

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