The 10 Best 3d Archery Targets in 2023

Best 3d Archery Targets

The Best 3d Archery Targets: Hunting is all about practice. There is no second option for it. The more you practice, the better your chances of a successful hunt are. Now those who hunt with firearms need different tools to practice, and the tools for target practice with bows and arrows are entirely distinct.

Here we are going to focus on target practice with arrows. Bows and arrows need archery targets. We have seen people practicing on different archery targets- boards, bags, paper, and whatnot. Today we are going to talk about the most realistic archery targets. They are life-like, life-size, and, most importantly, 3D.

These 3D targets are as realistic as they can get. If you search a little, you will get several forms of such 3D targets. Buck, bear, boar, turkey, and so many more are found in the market. So, to make your work easy, we are reviewing some of the best 3d archery targets available in the market.

The best part is you get to target the vitals of the animals, precisely at the place where the vitals are in a real animal. When you practice on life-like targets, target practice proves to be more fruitful.

Reviews of the Best 3d Archery Targets

When we are talking about the best 3d archery targets, few features are a must. They need to be sturdy enough to take heavy shots. Stability is essential, as well. A wavering dummy is not a good target.

Next, comes the foam. Flexible and durable foam is a critical part of crafting a life-like target. We have given self-healing foams more importance as they ensure the longevity of the target. Easy removal of the arrows without damaging the target also depends on the peak quality foam.

The maximum of the 3D targets we have reviewed allows core replacement. Some of them enable body replacement, as well. These are the best because most of the time, the whole structure is not going to be damaged. When your target is the vitals, your aim will be the core only, and the arrows will hit near that area.

So, there is less chance of any damage to other parts of the body, unless, of course, you are terrible at aiming. We have considered only the basics, as those are the most important. The other features were all bonuses. Let’s jump straight to our review.

Top 10 Best 3d Archery Targets

1. GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target

best 3d archery targets

It is a life-size 3d deer archery target – a replica of a buck deer. The life-like dummies are great for target practice. Such targets even have whitetail vitals marked on them. So, it becomes easy to practice hitting the bullseye.

One can aim for 1,000 shots with ease on it. Made in the USA, this one is a durable 3D target. Especially the insert core. The buck has a total height of 62″ with a shoulder height of 37″. It stands on a 150″ size rack.

It is impenetrable, as well. The 14″ x 14″ x 14″ core is layered and robust. The four-sided insert core allows changing its positions. So once a side is beyond use, you can change it and continue practicing. It stops broadheads and field tips nice and fine.

GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target

Arrow removal is pretty easy as well. You can remove multiple arrows at once with ease. You do not need to put extra effort to remove them. It is possible due to Polyfusion Technology. It ensures a perfect blend of internal layers with the inner wall well. So you can feel the consistency in layer compression.


  • 3D life-like deer target with replaceable insert core
  • 14″ x 14″ x 14″ four-sided core
  • Arrows, easy to remove
  • Can take up to 1,000 shots of practice
  • No broadhead and field tips can penetrate the core


  • Flimsy foam

2. Rinehart Woodland Boar 3D Target

best 3d archery targets

Here we have a Woodland Boar 3D target for you. The boar is 24″ tall and 39″ long. It is a tough target that can withstand arrow shots from compound and crossbows. Stopping the broadhead, expandable, or field tip arrow is as easy as it should be.

The reason is simple, the use of patented self-healing foam. Exclusive self-healing foam works no less than magic. It takes shot after shot without losing target integrity. There is no risk of shoot-throughs, as well.

Next, comes the ultimate test. Absorbing the shots is fine. However, the actual self-healing starts when arrows are pulled out and removed from it. It takes just 10 seconds to heal the holes. However, it would help if you were careful while removing the arrows.

The exclusivity doesn’t end at the foam. It features exclusive internal locking insert tubes, as well. The patented system allows easy replacement of the insert core when needed. Also, its insert core comes with 10-8-5 scoring rings. To make the boar stand sturdy, you get two stakes.


  • Boar shaped 3D target
  • 24″ tall and 39″ long
  • FX foam body with signature foam insert
  • Handles target points and broadheads pretty well
  • 10-8-5 marked scoring rings


  • Difficult to pull out the arrows

3. GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target

GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck

We had discussed GlenDel full-rut buck above. They have a pre-rut 3D buck target, as well. The features are the same, but with a different dimension. It has a height of 60″ with a shoulder height of 37″.

Its insert core has a different dimension as well. It measures 12″ x 12″ x 12″, though the rack size is the same and that is 150″. Polyfusion Technology helps in removing arrows with ease.

It is the process where the internal layers fuse well with the inner wall of the life-like buck. It has a foam body and has a 4-sided insert core, and the vitals are marked on the core for easy aiming.

3d archery targets

All the sides are usable one by one. Moreover, when it is damaged, it allows replacing the core as well. You also get five times the insert shooting surface. It is apt for target practicing from various sides.

It is one of those 3d archery targets which can take heavy arrow shots. You can take shots up to 1000. Even after that many shots, it remains sturdy. It is impenetrable and stops all types of broadhead and field tip arrows.


  • 12″ x 12″ x 12″ insert core
  • Durable, can stop any broadhead and field tip arrows
  • 4-sided, replaceable insert core
  • Four sides of the core and five shooting insert surfaces good for a variety of shooting scenarios
  • Easy to remove the arrows


  • Plastic legs

4. McKenzie Delta Aim Rite Bear Target

McKenzie Delta Aim Rite Bear

McKenzie Delta Aim Rite Bear is a life-like 3D bear target. It is crafted with layered foam. The foam used to craft it is FlexFoam. This type of foam is flexible, lightweight, and durable. So, the life of the target is increased by a good margin due to the type of foam only.

The bear dummy weighs 25 lbs. It is 45″ in length and has a height of 28″. It resists a bow speed of 350 fps. The speed is quite high, but the durable target withstands it, that too shot after shot.

It stops arrows with broadhead and field tips. For practicing arrow shots for hunting, this one is a great target. The insert core with scoring rings is much more durable. The secret is the tight compression mold of the layered foam. It is replaceable as well.

So, when the vital is damaged, you do not need to buy a complete new dummy. Just get the replacement of the core and start practicing. Removing the arrows from the foam body is easy, as well. It requires a minimum try.


  • Life-like 3D bear target
  • Crafted with layered foam
  • Comes with two metal stakes to hold it upright
  • Replaceable core
  • Stop broadheads and field tip well


  • Bulky

5. Delta Archers Choice Real-World 3D Target

best 3d archery targets

Delta’s real-world buck is nothing less than innovation. It has a couple of features that are quite impressive. The first one is its ability to swivel. It comes with a swivel stand. With the help of the stand, it can swivel around.

When your target moves, it creates a better realistic atmosphere. You can practice target on a moving object. So, your skill will increase at a double rate. It has a dimension of  43″ x 10″ x 40″ (WxDxH).

The next attraction of this life-like buck is its exposed vital area. The whitetail vitals and bone structure are exposed on one side. It is colorful as well. So the different part catches the attention of the eyes quickly.

Unlike most of the other 3D deer archery targets, this one allows replacement of both the body and core. It is compatible with any broadhead, field tip, and expandable arrow tip.

It stops it without damaging the structure. Removing arrow is easy as well and causes no damage. The secret is the custom-formulated polymer foams. The foam self heals, resists tear, and has a specific level of penetration.


  • Both the body and core can be replaced
  • Swivels around with the help of the included swivel stand
  • Custom-formulated FlexFoam withstands tearing and chunking
  • Exposed vitals and bone structure
  • Compatible with a broadhead, field tip, and expandable arrow


  • Paint could have been better

6. Carbon Express Shooter Buck 3D Deer Archery Target

best 3d archery targets

Here is a Carbon Express Shooter buck with a replaceable insert core. Made in the USA, this life-like buck is 48″ tall, and the manufacturer claims it to be the toughest of all. It comes with ground stakes.

Thus, stable enough to take enough pouncing of arrows. It stops all broadhead and field tip arrows. So, wavering the buck and penetrating it with the arrows is also tough.

Thus, it is going to last for a long time, even after vigorous use. The 3D buck target comes with a high-density core insert. The density offers the much-needed sturdiness to the surface.

Carbon Express Shooter Buck

It can be replaced when damaged. The insert core has vitals marked on it. Targeting the bullseye becomes easier with the marked spot. Both casual or serious hunters will have fun during target practice.

The size and look of the buck give a realistic touch to it. It is lightweight. So you can carry it easily. Just set it up and start target practice. Developing hunting skills was never this much fun.


  • Life-like buck 3D target
  • Replaceable high-density insert core
  • Ground stakes give much-needed stability
  • Can stop any broadhead and field tip
  • Made in the USA


  • Hard plastic legs not sturdy enough

7. Rinehart Peccary Boar Target IBO Pattern

Rinehart Peccary Boar Target

Rinehart offers a Peccary Boar 3D archery target, which weighs 40lbs. Measuring at 20″ tall and 39″ long, this black target is perfect for aiming practice. Additionally, its durable construction allows for vigorous use to improve your skills while its color adds an extra level of difficulty.

It is a typical Rinehart 3D target with all the patented features. Crafted from self-healing foam, it can take shot after shot without any damage. Pulling out the arrows is also a matter of no time.

No extra effort or lubricant is needed to remove them. Also, the hole upon removal of the arrow tips heals within 10 seconds. The exclusive foam stops broadhead, field tip, and even expandable arrows. Like any other Rinehart targets, this one also has the patented locking insert.

When the core needs to be replaced, the insert tubes make the change hassle-free. Not just that, the insert core has IBO pattern scoring rings. So, you know where to hit and collect points as well. The points will let you know how well you have aimed and shot right at the bullseye.


  • Self-healing foam keeps the shape intact
  • Stops broadhead, field tips, and expandable arrows
  • Locking insert
  • Arrows are easy to remove
  • IBO scoring pattern


  • Highly-priced

8. Rinehart Targets Rinehart Woodland Turkey Target

Rinehart Targets Rinehart Woodland

We are now presenting you with a unique 3D target. It is a dummy of strutting turkey. An aiming structure that looks beautiful and makes the target practice exciting as well as eye soothing. With this colorful target, practicing cannot be boring.

This one is also from Rinehart. So, have all the prominent features. Let’s start with the patented self-healing foam. It is stable and absorbs shots from the heaviest pounce of arrows. It resists tearing and chunking well.

Stops broadhead, field tip, and expandable arrow tips without damaging the form. It stops crossbow bolts as well. As we all know, removing the arrows is easy from self-healing foams. The hole after arrow removal takes a few seconds to heal. It heals like there was no penetration at all.

You get the patented insert core with scoring rings, as well. It is easy to replace when needed. Those who want a tough target to practice, it is perfect for them. It is not as big as our other best 3d archery targets. So, beginners might not find it easy to aim, but the skilled will have an exciting time.


  • Strutting Turkey 3D target
  • Self-healing foam body with replaceable core
  • Scoring rings on the core
  • Arrows are easy to remove
  • Can stop both arrows and crossbow bolts


  • Tough to practice on it

9. Delta McKenzie 20540 3D Hunting Archery Target

best 3d archery targets

Delta McKenzie 20540 has made a 3D target of the highest quality. It is an Elk hunting archery target with a shoulder height of 54 inches and a body length of 80 inches. So, it is pretty huge in size.

The Elk body is divided into three sections- head, mid, and rear. Most of the dummies allow replacing the insert core only. However, Delta has replacement options for each section if any of the three parts is damaged. So, you do not need to replace the whole thing. It is a plus point of this 3D target.

The target can stop a bow pouncing at a speed of 300 to 350 fps. It stops and resists broadhead, field tip, and even expandable arrows. It has the universal scoring rings mark on it.

By following the scoring points, you know which are the parts you need to aim for. Even in real one needs to target those areas only. The life-like targets are best because of this alone.


  • Elk 3D target
  • Sturdy and high in quality
  • Midsections made of DuraFlex foam
  • Insert core can be replaced
  • Stops broadhead, field tip, and expandable arrow


  • No legs

10. Morrell Bionic Buck II 3D Broadhead Archery Target

best 3d archery targets

Morrell Bionic Buck II, 3D buck target, is easy to set up. It’s a product made in the USA. The main attraction of this dummy buck is that you can rotate its head and tail. The portholes at both the end of the midsection allow you to do that.

Take off the head and tail just the way you have put them while setting the target up. Not only that, but it also allows a 180-degree flip. It stands on two stakes. Rotate or flip, and you will find a different sight of a deer standing on the ground.

You get to hit four kill zones. At one side of the buck, you will find raising vitals, and the other side of it has the scoring rings. As you are using it by rotating and flipping, so you get four kill zones instead of two.

It can withstand a bow speed of 320 fps. Sturdy enough to stop broadhead, field tip, and fixed blades. The peak quality foam lets you remove the arrows without tearing or chunking.


  • Solid foam 3D buck target
  • Four kill zones- raised vitals in one side, score rings on the other
  • Rotate head and tail
  • Easy to remove the arrows
  • Stops field points, broadheads, and fixed blades


  • No parts can be replaced

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a 3D archery target?
A: A 3D archery target is a realistic-looking model of an animal that archers use for practice.

Q: What makes a good 3D archery target?
A: A good 3D archery target should be made of durable material, offer a realistic shape, and have clearly defined kill zones.

Q: What are the benefits of using a 3D archery target?
A: Using a 3D archery target provides a more realistic shooting experience and allows for better accuracy and precision during practice.

Q: What should I look for when buying a 3D archery target?
A: Look for a target made of high-quality, durable material, a realistic shape, and clearly marked kill zones.

Q: What is the difference between foam and self-healing targets?
A: Foam targets can be easily damaged and lose their shape over time, while self-healing targets are made of material that bounces back after being shot.

Q: What size should a 3D archery target be?
A: The size of the 3D archery target you choose depends on your skill level and the type of animal you want to practice shooting.

Q: Can 3D archery targets be used for hunting practice?
A: Yes, 3D archery targets are commonly used for hunting practice as they provide a more realistic target to practice on.

Q: What animals are available as 3D archery targets?
A: Some popular animals for 3D archery targets include deer, elk, bear, turkey, and even dinosaurs.

Q: How do I maintain my 3D archery target?
A: To maintain your 3D archery target, keep it clean and dry, store it in a cool, dry place, and use a target cover to protect it from the elements.

Final Thoughts

During practice, the tool we use plays a vital role in improving our skills. This fact gets more weight when it comes to archery. Practicing on a 3D target will bring a drastic change in your archery skill. So, investing in a 3D target is a wise idea. Animals are on the run all the time.

They move here and there. So, practicing archery from different angles is crucial. A round board, paper, or bag will not give you scope to target from different angles. Also, targeting animal vitals is not easy.

It is not the same as targeting the bullseye of an archery board. Because, first of all, you are not targeting straight from the front. Then animal vitals are located in crucial areas. They are hard to aim and hit. So, the more the difficulty during target practice, the better the performance while hunting in real.

The 3D targets are best for both beginners and the most skilled. After reviewing the best 3d archery targets, we know you need one. Hopefully, you will agree with us and invest in a good quality life-like archery target. Choose one soon and practice harder.

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