The 10 Best Thigh Holster in 2023

Best Thigh Holster

Since firearms are discovered, man has always tried to find the safest way of carrying them. Even, the current manufacturers are also still trying to find better ways of transporting them with the thigh holster.

They prefer this carrier because it can provide enough comfort along with safety. Also, it is easy to carry and offers quick access to sidearm. As you know, having your pistol quickly accessible can make the difference between a victory and a loss.

Therefore, it is essential to choose the best thigh holster. Otherwise, you can’t be successful at your mission because of not getting the maximum potential out of your holster.

The right thigh holster can provide you a safe and secure place to store your sidearm. And the carrier will also allow for easy access when you need to draw. But all thigh holsters can’t provide you with the same results, because most of them come in various designs to fulfill specific needs.

Some are designed to hang off of belts while others attach right to chest rigs. For that, many people make mistakes by becoming confused while selecting the best one. And that’s why you need to know everything regarding thigh holster before choosing one for you. In this review, we have described some of the top ten thigh holsters that may match your need.

Quick Answer – Thigh Holster


Best Thigh Holster


Best Thigh Holster


Best Thigh Holster


Best Thigh Holster


Best Thigh Holster


Best Thigh Holster


Best Thigh Holster


Best Thigh Holster


Best Thigh Holster


Best Thigh Holster


Reviews of the Best Thigh Holster

As there are plenty of thigh holsters available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best thigh holster unless we know how to select. Many expert outdoor shooters suggest that we need to know every key factor about the thigh holster before deciding on the purchase.

And so, first, we should check whether it is adjustable or not. Then we need to look at its other essential features such as durability, comfort, and stability. Also, we shouldn’t forget to inquire into its capability of mounting pistols.

That means, it should allow you to keep medium to large size weapons. After that, you need to check its design for perfect fitting, because you don’t want to lose your sidearm while running or jumping. Lastly, you need to be sure that it comes under your budget.

Sometimes some brands offer low-quality features at a high price range. Hence, you should be aware of that. However, if you need any recommendation, in this article we have listed the top ten thigh holsters which can suit your requirements. Let’s have a look at the features of these thigh holsters.

1. BLACKHAWK! SERPA Level 3 Tactical Holster

Best Thigh Holster

The BLACKHAWK! SERPA Level 3 Holster provides the highest level of retention to the tactical enthusiasts. It is optimized to ensure maximum security to your weapon.

Besides that, it features the Y harness suspension system which allows the holster to fit comfortably on your thigh, and the suspension system distributes weight evenly as well. The manufacturer gives it a user-friendly design, and so it can vertically keep your holster while kneeling as well as it allows you to use pant pockets.

Again, the heavy-duty thigh holster features SERPA Auto Lock technology for a quick release. That means you can quickly disconnect the swivel buckles and mount or dismount your holster.

Aside from that, the holster carrier features multiple locations to mount accessories such as pouches, knives, and magazine cases. Overall, it is a heavy-duty carrier which can help you to be prepared for any tactical operation.


  • Allows unrestricted movement
  • High quality
  • Doesn’t slide around
  • Comes with lots of safety features
  • Affordable price


  • Can’t accommodate all stated weapons

2. BLACKHAWK! SERPA Tactical Holster

Best Thigh Holster

The BLACKHAWK! SERPA Level 2 Tactical Holster is specially built in a way that fills all the demands of tactical operations. It can give you the benefits of a drop-leg holster as the thigh holster features ideal location.

That means it allows you to mount knives, magazine cases, etc. Again, it comes with a user-friendly design to give you optimal comfort and superior maneuverability. The thigh holster features a flexible thigh platform that conforms to leg size, and it also comes with rubberized leg straps to eliminate sliding.

The holster carrier has the Y-harness suspension system that distributes weight evenly. So, you can move around comfortably. Besides that, the holster kit comes with swivel buckles which enable you to mount and dismount your holster quickly.

Lastly, it features a full-length holster body that protects rear sights using a drawing technique. And the thigh holster has holes in its body for bungee retention. In a nutshell, it can be an ideal option for the military person.


  • Offers superior weapon retention
  • Has adjustable retention screws
  • Allows weapon to stay in the optimal drawing position
  • Comes with magazine pouches
  • Ensures mounting different arms


  • A bit pricy

3. CONDOR Tornado Tactical Leg Holster

Best Thigh Holster

CONDOR Tornado Tactical Leg Holster is an entirely adjustable and comfortable thigh holster that can fulfill the requirements of a military person. It consists of nylon materials to ensure maximum durability.

It comes with a wrap-around design to fit pistols. Not only the design is suitable to mount ammo, but also it allows you to keep flashlight inside it. Again, the thigh holster features a retention system which comes with a hook and loop strap to keep your weapon secured.

And the holster carrier also has adjustable leg-strap that features non-slip rubber lining and quick release buckle. The rubber lining woven helps the holster to prevent slipping when you move. Therefore, you can concentrate on your work.

The CONDOR Tornado Leg Holster has one convenient magazine pouch, and the pouch features hook as well as loop flap to give security to your weapon. In a nutshell, the significant feature of the condor leg holster is it fits almost every type of handgun, and it comes at a reasonable price as well.


  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Fits most handguns
  • Comes with extra magazine pouches
  • Can accommodate flashlight or laser
  • Inexpensive


  • The Velcro released is audible

4. UTG Special Ops Universal Leg Holster

Best Thigh Holster

UTG Special Ops Universal Leg Holster has a unique design that fit most pistols. And the kit is rated as the best thigh holster for its excellent features. It comes with entirely adjustable Velcro straps which provide maximum security to the pistol.

Although these snaps hold your gun securely, you won’t face any problem at the time of the quick drawing. And it also features innovative Velcro which helps you attach the holster to leg pad and ensures you maximum retention under the most challenging situation.

Not only that, but it also has an adjustable leg strap for secure attachment. Again, the thigh holster features dual snap-on security system which ensures full control of your weapon.

Lastly, it has an adjustable belt hanger, and you can remove it to hold the gun tightly. Besides that, the strap and buckle system is non-slip and can be adjusted as well. Overall, it is a robust and durable piece of leg holster which you can use for tactical purpose.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Offers complete control over the weapon
  • Comes with efficient strap and buckle system
  • Ensures optimal comfort
  • Affordable price


  • Not suitable for full-sized guns

5. Nc Star Drop Leg Holster

Best Thigh Holster

The Nc Star Drop Leg Holster System offers a stable mounting platform for your handgun and ammunition. It is comprised of durable PVC material for optimal durability. It comes with a universal design so that it can hold pistols at about mid-thigh, and allows you to reach for a fast draw.

Besides that, it fits most standard sized handguns for its extraordinary design. The molded holster features three magazine pouches which are located on the left side of it. And the mag-pouches allow you to carry extra ammo with you.

Also, these pouches ensure maximum security to your magazines as they feature hook and loop as well as mag-flaps. Again, it comes with an adjustable belt and leg straps so that it can accommodate users of different heights.

And the adjustable thigh strap has quick release buckle which can help you at the time of the quick drawing. Overall, it can be an ideal carrier for your weapon and magazines.


  • High quality
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Comes with three magazine pouches
  • Allows quick draw
  • Good value for the price


  • The stitching could be better

6. Vivoi 3 pc Drop Leg Gun Holster

Best Thigh Holster

Vivoi 3 pc Drop Leg Gun Holster has excellent features which are appreciated by the most airsoft enthusiasts. It is constructed of PVC materials for durability, and it fits full-sized pistols.

The holster features a thumb snap and a single magazine pouch which is placed on the front. And the pouch enables you to keep your handgun secured. Besides that, it features triple magazine pouches which have hook and loop, and these pouches also have mag-flaps to provide maximum security to your pistol magazines.

Also, the pistol carrier has an adjustable drop-leg height and adjustable thigh strap. Both come with a quick-release buckle so that you can adjust them with magazine pouch.

Lastly, the holster has an adjustable belt, and it can accommodate up to 52″ waist. That means it can be suitable for people who have a larger waist size. In summary, Vivoi 3 pc Drop Leg Gun Holster is perfect equipment that you may use for your tactical mission.


  • Fits most pistols
  • Can accommodate up to 52″ waist
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Provides adequate storage for ammo
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • It requires a bit effort to loosen the belt

7. Drop Leg Holster, Thigh Holster

Best Thigh Holster

If you are searching for the best thigh holster, then you may count on the Drop Leg Holster, Right Handed Tactical Thigh Pistol Gun Holster. It is made from 1000D nylon, and so, it is highly durable and comfortable as well.

The drop leg holster comes with a wrap-around design featuring dual adjustable Velcro straps. Therefore, it fits for 19-27 inches thigh. You can attach these straps with your waist belt and can fasten the holster with your leg.

Again, the straps have non-slip rubber lining to prevent sliding. Also, they come with quick-release buckles, which enable you to release the holster quickly. Besides keeping your handgun secured, you can also mount flashlight as it features additional pouch.

Another significant feature of the drop leg holster is it features a belt strap which can give taller guys a secure attachment. In a nutshell, it can provide you a level of stability and security that you may not find in other thigh holsters.


  • Suitable for taller people
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Has flashlight pouch
  • Affordable price


  • No extra pouch for magazines

8. UTG Special Operations Black Leg Holster

Best Thigh Holster

UTG Special Operations Leg Holster is high-quality outdoor stuff. It is manufactured with synthetic leather. That’s why it is lightweight and durable. And it ensures maximum comfort as well. It comes with a universal design so that it can mount most medium to large pistols.

It features an adjustable and removable belt hanger for secure attachment. Also, the leg holster has a built-in deluxe anti-slip pad which provides you stability while running. Besides that, it comes with an adjustable leg strap for comfort and retention.

The holster also features a buckled safety strap to keep the pistol secured, and a magazine pouch for extra storage space. Overall, it is a great leg holster that can fulfill the requirements of outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Features adjustable belt hanger
  • Ensures optimal comfort
  • Durable construction
  • Comes with universal design
  • Fairly priced


  • Not suitable for the right hand and thigh

9. TerrernceMolle Tactical Thigh Gun Holster

Best Thigh Holster

TerrernceMolle Tactical Pistol Thigh Gun Holster is suitable to carry pistols, handguns, and revolvers which come in medium to large size. And it has been possible for the holster’s wrap-around design. The drop leg holster comes with a conventional retention system.

It features Velcro straps which can help you to keep your handgun in position all time. And it allows you to crawl, jump, and move freely without worrying about guns dropping. The adjustment is comfortable and ideal for any tactical operation.

Again, it comes with quick-release buckles and Velcro, which make the holster entirely adjustable. In summary, the leg holster enables you to accommodate Beretta 92F Glock 17 Colt M2000 P229 HKP7 Ruger P85 M1911A1 and others. And it can be an excellent carrier for outdoorsmen who want to carry a sidearm comfortably.


  • Comes with a wrap-around design
  • Easy to adjust
  • Durable materials
  • Ensures maximum comfort
  • Affordable price


  • Not ideal for small-sized pistols

10. UTG Elite Right Handed Leg Holster

Best Thigh Holster

UTG Elite Tactical Right Handed Leg Holster is a new generation thigh rig holster which is available in the market. It is made out of highly durable PVC materials to ensure ultimate durability.

The manufacturer has used these materials on the outer shell of the holster, and the carrier also features soft lining so that it can protect your sidearm. Again, it comes with a tactical design to keep your handgun in a proper position.

And this design makes the leg holster fully adjustable, that means you can adjust it according to your height. It also features two leg straps and a belt attachment for secure fitting. Besides that, the tactical thigh holster comes with an extra pouch where you can keep your pistol’s magazine.

Lastly, it features high-quality hook and loop straps, and quick release buckle system as well. Overall, it can mount medium to full-frame pistols and can be suitable for beginner shooters.


  • Attractive design
  • Ensures comfortable fitting
  • Fits most pistols
  • Durable construction
  • Good value for the price


  • Has no flashlight pouch

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a thigh holster?
A: A thigh holster is a holster that is attached to the thigh of the user and is used to carry a firearm.

Q: What are the advantages of a thigh holster?
A: Thigh holsters provide easy accessibility to the firearm, allow for better weight distribution, and are a comfortable alternative to traditional waistband holsters.

Q: What should I look for in a thigh holster?
A: Look for a holster that fits securely to your thigh, is made of durable materials, and has adjustable straps for a comfortable fit.

Q: Can a thigh holster be used for concealed carry?
A: Yes, some thigh holsters are designed for concealed carry and can be worn under clothing.

Q: What type of firearm can be carried in a thigh holster?
A: Thigh holsters can be used to carry a variety of firearms, from small pistols to larger guns.

Q: Are thigh holsters suitable for women?
A: Yes, thigh holsters are suitable for both men and women. Look for a holster with adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit.

Q: Can a thigh holster be worn while exercising or running?
A: Yes, some thigh holsters are designed for active use and provide a secure fit during exercise or running.

Q: How do I clean and maintain my thigh holster?
A: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintaining your thigh holster. Most can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Q: What are some popular brands of thigh holsters?
A: Some popular brands of thigh holsters include Blackhawk, Safariland, and Galco.

Final Thoughts

The holster is a feasible carry method as long as you don’t need to conceal your weapon. It is also known as thigh holster and is proven to be the best choice for any tactical operation. That’s why most military personnel and police officers use this stuff.

And if you are a hunting person, outdoor enthusiast, you may also need this equipment to keep your sidearm secured. No matter which kinds of carrier you use, you need to be sure that it is the best thigh holster. And to find out the best one, you need to check its manufacturer’s instructions such as durability, comfort, and stability.

Also, you should check whether it comes with additional features or not. However, from our top ten thigh holster, you can get the most secure, durable, and comfortable stuff which are used by the savviest outdoor experts.

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