The 10 Best Airsoft BBs in 2023

In the modern age of technology, it is common to find more people stuck in the television or other devices. Today we spend more time indoors which may affect our mental and health development. And studies show that it is also one of the reasons for obesity. So, without any doubt, it is dangerous for both adults and children to spend their entire leisure time at home.

On the other hand, outdoor games offer several benefits for mental and physical health. Outdoor sports can positively influence personalities and can bring us closer to nature. Besides that, it helps to develop essential social skills and increase creativity as well. Again it is also beneficial for the kids because they can run, jump, and explore them in a natural environment.

Best Airsoft BBs

So, parents should motivate their kids to play outdoors. If the kids refuse to go outside, parents may give them outdoor gaming stuff like airsoft guns to increase their interest in outdoor activities. Children love to play with airsoft guns because they feel intense joy and delight while using replica guns. And not only the children but also young and mature people also enjoy playing with these guns as well.

Despite having an airsoft gun, sometimes people fail to enjoy the tactical game. And most of the time it happens by feeding their weapons wrong or low-quality BBs. That’s why it is essential to ensure that you have the best airsoft BBs. Otherwise, you can have the same fate. And in that case, if you are searching for the highest quality BBs, we have some recommendation for you that you may check.

Quick Answer – Airsoft BBs


Best Airsoft BBs

1. BBTAC 1000 BAG .12G 6MM BBS

Best Airsoft BBs






Best Airsoft BBs


Best Airsoft BBs





8. AIRSOFT BB1000 1000 BAG 6MM BBS

Best Airsoft BBs


Best Airsoft BBs


Reviews of the Best Airsoft BBs

When you are looking for the best airsoft BBs, you will be surprised to notice that a large number of options are available in the market for your Airsoft guns.

As you know, the choice of your ammunition is a crucial fact for the success of the game. So, you need to research thoroughly before making any purchase. Besides, you need to understand the weight, type, and quality of BBs as well.

Nowadays 6mm pellets are the only option available on the market for gas, AEG and spring guns. There is also other ammo such as Biodegradable pellets, Tracers, Marking BBs and paintballs.

And they feed on different types of weapon that means all the mentioned BBs won’t suit the same gun every time. For more information, you may check our reviews on some best airsoft bbs below.

1. BBTac 1000 Bag .12g 6mm BBs

Best Airsoft BBsBBTac 1000 Bag .12g 6mm BBs is perfect for the low powered gun. That means they are suitable for those guns which shooting-range is between 200FPS to 250 FPS.

The manufacturer uses high-quality materials and gives these BBs a polished surface. As a result, these can obtain high-accuracy and precision after shooting.

Also, these pellets come in spherical shape, and their measurement is the 6mm diameter. Again, BBTac BBs contain mammal air bubble to prevent shattering.

Although these BBs weigh only 0.12g that ensure the best accuracy and velocity as well. And they don’t have any seams, dimples as well as imperfections because of their high-quality manufacturing procedure.

That’s why BBTac is the most trusted name in airsoft accessories. And anyone can use them in spring-operated pistols as well as riffles. The company offers 1000 round of high-quality BBs in a sealed pack at a reasonable price. Overall, they are suitable for recreational and backyard airsoft needs.


  • Well polished
  • Lightweight
  • Support mid-range pistols
  • Great value for the price
  • High-quality


  • Not suitable for long-range pistols

2. Crosman Premier Airsoft Ammo

Best Airsoft BBsCrosman Premier Airsoft Ammo BBs are specially built for mid-range guns. They are manufactured with high-quality plastic. Their weight is around 0.12g, and they have 6mm shape, so they are ideal for the most weapons.

And they can accommodate pistols and rifles which fire fewer than 300FPS. Again Engineers have designed them very carefully, and so you won’t find any seams, holes or deformations in their surfaces.

For that, the Airsoft Ammo BBs can provide you with improved accuracy and flight stability. The Crosman Premier Airsoft Ammo 6mm 2K comes in a convenient feeder bottle for easy loading. And you get 2000 round of BBs for shooting.

All of them are made accurately and won’t burst after the fast-action shooting. So, if you are searching BBs for indoor and outdoor target shooting, we recommend you to have a look at the Crossman premier airsoft BBs.


  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for tactical gaming
  • Comes in a large quantity
  • Easy to hold
  • Well-made


  • Some of them are not double polished

3. Copperhead BBS, 1500 and 2500 Count

Copperhead BBSCrossman manufactures copperhead BBS. It is one of the most high-quality stuff. The bbs feature with quantity variation. That means you can purchase 1500 round bbs or 2500 count to practice shooting.

As all of these BBs are made of copper-coated steel, they support mid to long-range shooting guns. Also, the ammo ensures the best accuracy and precision, because they are pretty heavy to withstand the wind.

Again, they won’t shatter after firing from a closer distance. And it proves that all of these bbs are superior in quality.

The Copperhead bbs come in a resealable plastic bottle, and you get a spout in the top of the bottle for easy pouring. Overall, with the bbs, you can shoot accurately and can experience a better shooting game.


  • Smooth surface
  • Work well on the medium and long range shooting
  • Well balanced
  • Ensure powerful hitting
  • Straight flight path


  • Need to cut the spout

4. MetalTac 0.2g BB Round Bag Airsoft

MetalTac 0.2gMetalTac 0.2g BB 10,000 Round Airsoft is considered as the best airsoft bbs. They ensure extreme accuracy along with high precision. Besides that, they are perfectly balanced as well.

Not only that, but they are also versatile. As a result, users can use them in big and small guns besides using them in high-quality AEG. Again the ammo allows the users to shoot according to their demand.

Undoubtedly, they are the highest quality bbs than the most other available in the market. The manufacturer has made them smooth and gives them a spherical structure. And the measurement of these bbs is 6mm.

Again each of them has 0.2gram of weight. Although they are a little bit heavy, it won’t create any trouble while shooting. The ammo comes in two plastic bags which are completely sealed.

And each of the packets contains 5000 round of bbs which means users get a set of 10000 round. And they also come at a reasonable price. In a nutshell, users can easily shoot their target with the MetalTac 0.2g BB.


  • Consistent in weight
  • Improve the accuracy of the shot
  • Well polished and clean
  • Versatile
  • Perfect for expensive AEGs


  • Low-powered guns can’t correctly shoot them

5. Elite Force AirSoft BIO BBs

Best Airsoft BBsElite Force AirSoft BIO BBs are excellent stuff for high-range shooting. These BBs are free of deformations, seams, imperfections and are also well polished. They are perfect for guns which can shoot above 350FPS.

Each ball has the same weight of 0.25gram, with a 5.95 mm round shape and a tolerance of a+ – 0.01. Again Elite Force has done a great job at ensuring that the pellets fly straight through a stable trajectory.

These pellets come in a bottle because Elite Force BB products are usually sealed in this way. So, you need to ensure that the cap of the bottle is perfectly sealed while screwing the cap.

Otherwise, moisture can get into the container and begins the process of decomposition. Overall, if you own a powerful gun, then you may choose these BBs for outdoor shooting.


  • Superior quality
  • Suitable for high-powered guns
  • Slick surface
  • Ensure the best accuracy
  • Well balanced


  • A little bit expensive

6. Umarex Precision Steel BBs

Umarex PrecisionUmarex Precision Steel BBs are the ultimate weapon which you can use for outdoor shooting. All BBs are made of steel and have copper-coated finishing. And so, you find a smooth surface on it.

Also, it will be difficult to find out a dimple or any imperfection at it. Besides that, these pellets are built to prevent corrosion. All of the BBs are well balanced and adequately sized so that these balls can ensure a more consistent as well as accurate shot.

That means it provides less jamming along with higher velocity from the long distance. Again you get high penetration for its solid structure. Umarex BBs come in a compact bottle, and you get 1500 round of bbs for shooting.

This bottle is portable and sealed with a spout, and the spout allows you to pour easily. Overall, you can experience a stress-free shooting season with the Umarex .177 Caliber BBs.


  • Ensure high penetration
  • Resist shattering
  • Smooth design
  • Affordable price
  • High quality


  • Not suitable for children

7. MetalTac Airsoft BBs

MetalTacIf you are searching for the BBs which can provide high precision and help you to get the best accuracy while shooting, we recommend you to check MetalTac Airsoft BBs .20g.

These BBs are a little bit heavier than the most other pallets which have a similar price. As the BBs are made for high-range guns that can shoot at 450 FPS, they tend to be weighty.

The manufacturer can guarantee that all of the BBs won’t burst into pieces no matter how you fire And the pallets maintain consistency as well as ensure an accurate shot.

Not only that but also it gives you high precision. That’s why these BBs are considered as one of the highest quality airsoft BBs.

The 5000 round of BBs come in a  pack, and all of the pallets are well balanced. Each of them has the same measurement which is 6mm, and their weight is 0.2g.

These are perfect for high-quality AEG. In a nutshell, they can ensure you to have a better shooting adventure, and they won’t fail to reach the target from the long distance.


  • Ultra smooth
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Top quality
  • Ensure extreme accuracy
  • Suitable for long-range guns


  • Pretty expensive

8. AirSoft BB1000 1000 Bag 6mm BBs

AirSoft BB1000AirSoft BB1000 BBs belong to low FPS pistols. That means spring pistols and guns which can shoot above the 200 FPS can accommodate these BBs.

Although they are made out of high-quality plastic, they are durable. Also, they won’t get broken into pieces, if you carefully shoot. They feature the eye-catchy design so that you can easily find them.

Again they are comfortable to hold, and you won’t see any seam at its surface. And they are available in attractive color as well. The BBs come in a plastic bag, and there you find 1000 round of BBs.

The manufacturer gives them a spherical shape of 6mm, and they weigh around 0.12g. And so, you can shoot them at up to 20 feet. That means it can go pretty far even after having a low weight. Overall, they are perfect weapons for tactical gaming, and you can gift them to your beloved child or others.


  • Great value for the price
  • Well polished
  • Attractive colors
  • Won’t shatter
  • Easy to trace


  • Won’t work on high-range guns

9. Elite Force Precision BBs

Best Airsoft BBsElite Force Precision BBs are made for those environmental-friendly players, who are looking for the best BBs. The company is well-known and reputed as well for their flawless manufacturing process.

For that, their BBs always draw the attention of both airsoft beginners and veterans. And you may check the biodegradable BBs if your gun can shoot between 280-350 FPS ranges.

Although these types of BBs are usually made out of a homogeneous resin, they are not prone to shatter. All of them are entirely seamless and highly polished. And it is not easy to see any deformities on the BB’s surfaces.

Each of the BBs has an equal weight of 0.20g. And being more substantial than the entry level BBs, they can resist weather conditions much better. Besides that, all of them are 6mm thick which is an ideal shape.

The BBs come in white color so that users can easily spot them. All features make the BBs most suited for beginner to mid-level guns shooting.

In conjunction with a more powerful weapon, this heavier weight pellet can reach a long distance without losing accuracy.


  • Superior quality
  • Suitable for high-powered guns
  • Smooth surface
  • Durable
  • Comes in a reusable bottle


  • A little bit expensive

10. V-Tac BBs Valken Tactical 0.25g Bottle

Best Airsoft BBsValken Tactical 0.25g BBs have impressive features that most of the airsoft veterans love. Their BBs feature laser accuracy and will never get jammed while feeding. Also, they maintain consistency while going through the air.

And that is the company’s excellent craftsmanship. And so, they are trendy in terms of the airsoft BBs. They have been holding the crown of “The Best” for a long time.

These BBs are useful for both more advanced gas pistols, beginner AEGs as well as for stock snipers. They are white (or green) in color and come in two different quantities; 2500 count and 5000 counts.

Besides that, they measure in at 5.95mm, with a tolerance of +/- 0.01. The pellets are well polished and seamless as well. Valken tactical BBs come in a sturdy bottle with a flip-top cap, and the bottle features a spout opening.

Overall, these BBs are perfect equipment for all outdoor shooting game, and they are sturdy as well as affordable at a great price.


  • Superior quality
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Solid construction
  • Well balanced
  • Sealed in a bottle


  • Not ideal for guns which shoot above 450 FPS

Buying Guide of the Best Airsoft BBs

There are several airsoft BBs brands available on the market. Therefore, selecting the right kind of airsoft BBs can be tricky for new players. That’s why, based on some criteria, you will be able to decide which airsoft BB is of good quality. If you’re looking to buy a BB, you’ll need to consider the following criteria:


It is an important consideration when selecting a BB because it defines the BB’s hardness and longevity. For BBs classification, it matters a lot what their material is. Biodegradable BBs are made from polylactide (PLA). Whereas non-biodegradable BBs are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). However, in some countries, you must use non-biodegradable BBs, though the performance of bio BBs and non-bio BBs do not differ yet.


Color is the second major factor when selecting airsoft BBs. It assists in the tracking of BBs. Besides, tracking BBs can help you improve your performance and correct your aiming. Furthermore, the best way to keep track of the BBs is to use white BBs because they reflect light. However, white BBs are not permitted in all fields; you can also use brownish or grayish BBs.

However, tracer BBs are the latest airsoft craze, and they look fantastic. These BBs are equipped with chemicals that turn glowing whenever they’re exposed to outside. Therefore, these BBs are easy to trace and can significantly assist you in tracing the source of your BBs.


The weight of the BB is a crucial consideration because it influences the pace, power, accuracy, and strength of the airsoft gun. Besides, selecting the proper weight is also necessary to broaden the range of BBs. The most commonly used weights are 0.12 grams and 0.20 grams. People also commonly used several weight options for long-distance shooting, including 0.25g, 0.28g, 0.30g, and 0.40 g. However, for spring-loaded firearms and shorter distances, 0.12 gram BBs suitable yet.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are Airsoft BBs?
A: Airsoft BBs are small plastic pellets used as ammunition in airsoft guns.

Q: What are the best Airsoft BBs to use?
A: The best Airsoft BBs to use are high-quality, precision-made BBs that are round and consistent in size and weight.

Q: What are the different types of Airsoft BBs?
A: The different types of Airsoft BBs include standard plastic BBs, biodegradable BBs, tracer BBs, and heavyweight BBs.

Q: Are biodegradable Airsoft BBs better for the environment?
A: Yes, biodegradable Airsoft BBs are better for the environment as they are made of materials that break down naturally over time.

Q: How do I choose the right weight Airsoft BBs?
A: The weight of Airsoft BBs depends on the type of gun you have. Check your gun’s user manual to determine the recommended weight for your gun.

Q: Can Airsoft BBs damage my gun?
A: Yes, using low-quality or poorly made Airsoft BBs can damage your gun over time.

Q: How do I store Airsoft BBs?
A: Airsoft BBs should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Q: How many Airsoft BBs come in a bag?
A: The number of Airsoft BBs in a bag varies depending on the brand and size of the BBs. It can range from a few hundred to several thousand BBs per bag.

Q: What is the difference between seamless and non-seamless Airsoft BBs?
A: Seamless Airsoft BBs are made using a molding process that produces a perfectly round BB without any seams or imperfections. Non-seamless BBs are made using a different process that can result in seams or imperfections on the BB.

Final Thoughts

The best airsoft BBs requires a smooth and shiny surface, a constant lack of deformation, with a perfectly balanced center of gravity. That means the surface of your ammo should not have any bubbles or cracks.

Although each 5,000 BB bag contains one or two fake pellets, you should consider the problem. After purchasing any BBs, we recommend you first check the spherical shape. And you will immediately notice BBs with imperfections while shooting. So, you need to avoid these types of BBs.

However, Airsoft’s performance does not depend solely on the quality of the BBs used. The accuracy depends on your shooting skills. So, you need to experiment a little with weight and stay away from cheap, low-quality BBs which can cause a lot of interference problems or permanent damage to your gun.

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