The 10 Best Crossbow Scope in 2023

Last Updated on July 14, 2023

Best Crossbow Scope

The Best Crossbow Scope: Using a crossbow requires excellent skills. If you can use, hunting it becomes quite a fun activity. However, the real fun of hunting comes from shooting prey from very far. But humans may not have that great of eyesight. For that reason, you will need an enormous scope.

A scope that is perfect for you and your crossbow would increase your hunting experience tenfold. Any hunter much desires a range that fits your crossbow and your hunting preferences. However, finding that perfect crossbow is a very tough job, especially if you want to look for a crossbow to buy from the online.

There are numerous crossbows present in online markets, and choosing the best one form them is a significant hassle. To reduce your worries, we have researched crossbows and have compiled for you our choice of the best crossbow scope you can find online.

Top 10 Best Crossbow Scope

1. Excalibur Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope

Best Crossbow ScopeThe Excalibur Tact-Zone crossbow scope enables long-distance viewing with ease. Its etched construction, Tact-Zone feature, 30mm tube, and rheostat with red or green illumination are some of its appealing features.

It has a multi-coated lens that gives you excellent clarity and makes seeing through it more accessible.

This updated tact-zone scope can also be adjusted for speeds ranging from 275fps to 410fps. This scope gives you click adjustments for easy sighting at 20 yards.

These click adjustments are half-inch, which is a desirable feature. These scopes are waterproof and also fog proof, ensuring that you can use them in many environments.

It is also shockproof, making it resistant to any shocks. Because of the speed-adjusting dial, this scope is a good scope upgrade for any crossbow you may have.


  • It has a high range of speeds
  • Has flip-up lens covers
  • Mounting is straight forward
  • It can be used to see great distances
  • The speeds can be adjusted


  • It is a bit heavy
  • Rings have to be bought separately

2. Pinty 3-9X40 Red Green Rangefinder Optical Scope

Best Crossbow ScopeYou can have a great hunting experience with a very feature-rich scope. Let The Pinty 3-9X40might be the right scope for you. This scope features 3-9 times magnification by the 40mm object lens. Its lens is colored blue.

You are getting five levels of brightness with red and green illuminations. It ensures that you have the ultimate level of reticle clarity at any time of day. An eyepiece lens is also provided that gives you 3.3 inches to 2.7 inches of eye relief.

At 100 yards, it gives you a good field of view of 14′-25′, and the adjustable windage and elevation further improve your shooting accuracy. The click value for elevation and windage is 1/4 MOA 1/4″ at 100yards.

Its reticle type is a rangefinder that gives you fast and straightforward aiming points for many shot distances. It has two 1″ scope rings which make mounting on any 20mm mount rails very easy. It is outstandingly fog and waterproof due to its nitrogen-filled reticle and O-ring sealing.


  • It has the right field of view
  • has adjustable windage and elevation
  • Mounting is easy
  • It has good magnification
  • It is lightweight


  • The focus might be blurry
  • Included rings are of bad quality

3. UTG 4X32 1″ Crossbow Scope

UTG 4X32 1"People often get disappointed because they cannot find the perfect scope for them. They try almost every kind of scope, but every scope lacks something. But UTG 4X32 1″ Crossbow Scope is a perfectionist. It is loved by all and has advanced features which please all the customers.

It has superior quality precision, which is considered to be great and also has a broadband lens, which gives a very bright image and an extensive view.

Also, the scope consists of only 1.6 pounds. This scope is very far above the rest of the scopes that are around the market.

It has an elevation adjustment and performs with high precision. Most scopes face difficulties with recoil control, but this scope has the most robust recoil resistance. It has a very long range of 50 yards, which is pretty long compared to most scopes, and it’s calibrated for 300 fps.

And, the scope works fine with or without battery power. This best crossbow scope comes in a 1 x 1 x 1 product dimensions.


  • Wide range
  • Bright image
  • Adjustable elevation
  • It has a low weight
  • Great magnification


  • No warranty
  • Illumination is super bright

4. Trijicon TR24 AccuPoint 1-4×24 Dual-Illuminated scope

Trijicon TR24 AccuPoint 1-4x24The ideal scope for anyone would be none other than the Trijicon TR24 riflescope. Fiber optics have been used in this for adjusting automatic light. It has a very high life potential, which frees you from the trouble of changing batteries over and over again.

The aiming brightness can be altered quickly based on the users’ preference. Also, this scope has a matte black finish. This finish makes this scope so much elegant and beautiful that everybody craves for it. Also, it performs precision work at any brightness of the light.

The Lenspen features a safe and straightforward to use a retractable dust removal brush. This scope is the best as it provides safety for the eyes. By using this scope, there will be less eye restraint and better visibility.

No riflescope is even close to competing with this beast. It has almost all the features a riflescope should have. The weight of this scope is only two pounds. This product comes in a 16 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches product dimensions.


  • Long Warranty
  • Wide range
  • High magnification
  • Very versatile
  • Battery-Free


  • Hard to use
  • Has a high price

5. TRUGLO Crossbow Scope

Best Crossbow ScopeThe Truglo crossbow is a basic, simple, and easy-to-use scope. It is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced because it performs with high durability. It has fully-coated lenses that are best for superior brightness and contrast control.

The elevation can adjust thanks to it the durable leaf spring that has built on it. This scope is a must need for all crossbow users because of the way it has been made; it lasts a very long time with the crossbow.

The scope has a non-reflective matte finish, which makes it very attractive to watch. This scope has an extensive range and a high trajectory. Anyone will be pleased by this scope as it has excellent handling.

This scope provides good images and is easy to aim for. It has a clear scope and appears to stay sighted in once it is on target. The scope weighs only 1 pound, and the price is quite affordable. The product comes in a 9 x 1.8 x 2.8 inches of product dimensions.


  • Much durable
  • Better aim
  • Long-range
  • Adjustable elevation
  • Long-term service


  • Has recoil
  • Low magnification

6. Trijicon TR23 AccuPoint 5-20×50 Riflescope

Best Crossbow ScopeA scope is beneficial for crossbow hunting. It brings the target animal much closer. And, the chance of a successful hunt increases much high. The TrijiconTR23 AccuPoint scope is an enormous scope to use with a crossbow.

It is a multi-coated lens, which can provide you the most superior clarity. You will also get light-gathering capabilities from this lens with zero distortion. The brightness level and contrast of reticle aiming point automatically adjusted due to its fiber-optic technology.

The scope made using aircraft-grade aluminum. As a result, it is weather-resistant, and you can easily use this in all toughest situations. If you increase the magnification, the reticle size will remain constant due to its Second Focal Plane Reticle.

From this illuminated reticle, a tritium phosphor lamp is also available in it to illuminate reticle in low light even in no light. The overall dimension of this scope is 16 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches. Its weight is 1.84 pounds only.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Constant reticle size
  • Zero forwarded emission
  • Tritium phosphor lam
  • Enough lightweight


  • Green illumination may not work
  • Tritium or fiber optic might not glow

7. TASCO World Class 3-9×40 Riflescope

TASCO World Class 3-9x40Tasco is a very famous scope manufacturer worldwide. This is a perfect choice for hunting and any other big animal. The scope is very affordable, and the quality of the scope is quite high comparing to its price. The specification of the scope is 3-9×40.

That means the scope can zoom 3times to 9times. Zooming capacity is adjustable. So you can adjust the zoom as you want. The scope can zoom a maximum 9time than the sight of the naked eye so you can shoot your target from a very far distance.

The diameter of the lenses of the scope is 40cm, a huge diameter. So the lens is capable of gathering more light than others. Therefore, you’ll have a bright and clear sight. You’ll also be capable of shooting even in dark conditions using the scope due to the large diameter of the lens.

This scope is Water, fog, and shockproof. That man you can have clear sight in a foggy condition also. So matter what condition it is, you can hunt effectively using this scope.


  • Gathers more light
  • Bright sight
  • 3x- 9x magnification
  • 40mm objective lens
  • Multi-layer coated


  • Adjustments are very hard on the thumb and fingers.
  • Don’t have knobs or slots for coin or flat head screwdriver.

8. Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm Riflescope

Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mmScopes are used for making the target close and a sharp view at a long distance. The magnifying power and the sight of the scope are impressive. You can zoom 9x using this scope. The zoom quality is good as well, even if you zoom at 9x distance.

The view sight will be clear. So you can see your target very close and clear as well. For a bright and clear sight, you will be able to hit your target quite easily from a very long distance. The scope is quite lightweight, that doesn’t mean the built quality is not good.

It is made of aluminum. So the built quality is outstanding, and it is lightweight. So it is effortless to carry. The scope has a 40mm objective lens. The diameter of the lens is quite high. So the lens can gather more light and gives you a smooth and clear view.

This lens is water and fog proof. That means the lens can see through water and even in foggy conditions. Therefore, you can hunt even in extreme conditions using this scope.


  • 3- 9x zoom power
  • 40mm objective lens
  • Top-quality glass
  • Bright sight
  • High durable


  • The scope appeared to be slightly out of focus
  • Crosshairs off to the right


9. NIKW9 Prostaff P3 Crossbow

Best Crossbow ScopeNikon is a very famous company worldwide for their lenses. This scope’s lens is quite good, as well. The quality of the scope is very excellent. It has a fixed 3x zooming capacity. So you can see your target closer three times than the naked eye.

For hunting, it is a much-needed feature to see your target closer and clear. The scope is designed for hunting crossbow, and it is excellent in its work. It will improve the efficiency of your crossbow quite a lot.

The scope has no illumination feature. The illumination feature is used for seeing the view bright. Despite no illumination, the sight of the lens is still quite vivid and bright. But the scope has anti-reflective elements on its lens surface.

So it is very good at providing a sharp and bright image.  By using this scope, you can hit your target accurately within more than 80 yards. You need to make some adjustments on this scope, and the adjustments are effortless to do.


  • Very durable
  • Bright and vivid sight
  • Very accurate
  • Lightweight
  • 32mm objective lens


  • No illumination
  • Objective lens is a bit small

10. Hawke Crossbow 1.5-5X32 IR SR Scope

Best Crossbow ScopeHawke makes this scope, and the scope is prevalent among hunters. The scope has many things to offer. On a scope, the most important thing is the magnifying power and clear sight. The scope can magnify from 1.5x to 5x.

So you will be able to hunt up to 100yards of distance. Normal eyesight can’t see a target from the long distance. By using this scope, you can see our target very close and will be able to hunt them as well.

This scope has a 1-inch multi-coated lens. The lens diameter is 32mm. This diameter is quite perfect for hunting even in dark conditions as the lens gathers light and provides you clear sight.

This scope also covers quite a large area. So you will have a large view and a closer look at your target. You will be able to shoot them quite easily. The scope has five brightness settings; You can choose the option as a lighting condition.


  • 5x magnify
  • Wide view
  • Bright sight
  • Multiple brightness settings
  • Very durable


  • Light gathering is not good
  • Poor clarity

Crossbow Scope Buying Guide

To hunt crossbow scope is a much-needed tool. But buying a best crossbow scope is not an easy job. Those who never use scope before for them it is about to impossible task to find a proper scope.


the main objective of using a scope is to see the object closer. That is the work of magnifier. The zooming capacity of the scope varies. Some can zoom 3x, and some can 4x. Often zooming more can cause unclear sight. For hunters, a higher magnification scope is recommended.

Lens diameter

In scope specification, there is a number written like 3*32. The first number indicates a zooming capacity, and the second number indicates the lens diameter. A higher diameter lens is right because it can gather more light. Therefore, who hunts at night or dark condition, it will provide you clear sight. The more the diameter, the clear the site will be.

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The reticle is a must-have feature for all scope. The right scope will have this feature. It shows the trajectory of the arrows at multiple distances. Those scopes that don’t have this feature need to adjust time after time. For short-range shooting, this feature is a must-have for every scope.


An illuminated scope wills bright the sight area. Often it uses a battery. Some scope gathers light using the lenses. So for shooting in the dark, this feature is beneficial.


Most of the scope features Water, fog, and shockproof. These features are essential for shooting in extreme conditions. Fog proof is a critical side to consider. It will ensure maximum clarity in any condition. So you can shoot at any range and any condition using these features.

Final Words

An impressive quality scope is always needed for the best and satisfying hunting experience. And if you are looking for such an experience, you must find out the best crossbow scope.

That is why we have made this article for you. We hope that these reviews help you to find the perfect crossbow scope for you to buy from online.

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