The 10 Best Bow Target in 2021

Last Updated on May 30, 2021

It is too challenging to aim correctly to the target using a bow and arrow. So, a person who wants to be a successful archer needs to practice a lot. If you’re going to practice bow, you will need a bow target.

You will find this in the market or online. But before buying, you have to know which one is perfect, stable, and durable. It has to be highly visible. In some words, you need to buy the best bow target. Which one is the best bow target?

Best Bow Target

Quick Answer – Bow Target

1. Morrell Double Duty 450 Fps

2. Block Classic Archery Target

3. Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3

4. Hurricane Bag Archery Target

5. Block Genz Series Youth Archery Arrow Target

6. Block Black Crossbow 4-sided Archery Target

7. Glendel Buck 3d Archery Target

8. Black Hole – 4 Sided Archery Target

9. Morrell Yellow Jacket Yj-350 Field Point Bag

10. Rinehartâ 18-1 Broadhead Target

1. Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS

Best Bow TargetThis archery bag target is designed for the high-speed crossbow, compound bow, and arrow. It is a durable bag for target practice. These bags are square types, and they come with a cover, boxes, and packaging.

Morrel 450 FPS bow target has some user-friendly light features. This model has a smart Tote handler, which helps to keep it smartly. This target is lightweight and portable and very easy to carry around.

It is highly durable and has a weather resistance feature. It has a Graphic visibility feature so that the target points are easily visible. It also has Field Point Target-Longer Life Archery Target feature, which allows the user to target at a very long range.

Due to its double-duty feature, it is locked into the ground very well. It does not fall after hitting bows. This feature allows the user to practice for a long time.

This foam made bag doesn’t hold arrows roughly, so it’s easy to remove them from the target. Again, the target cover is replaceable. So, after using it for a few years, changing it isn’t a problem at all.


  • Contains user-friendly light features
  • Smart Tote handler
  • Easy to carry around
  • Weather-resistant
  • Can hit on the long-range target


  • Has only field archery target
  • Target tip doesn’t work for the longer aim

2. Block Classic Archery Target

Best Bow TargetIt is a prime example of block foam targets. The Block Classic archery target is one of the best bow targets in the marketplace; it’s an excellent choice for target practicing.

Besides, it is a solid block of foam, while standard bags are filled with porous materials. This Block Target gives the user a wide range of practice choices. It has clearly defined the color pattern. It helps the user to see the target easily.

It has a friction feature, which means it uses friction to stop arrows. When the arrow hits the target and penetrates, it generates heat. This melts the foam and prevents the arrow from penetrating further.

It is available in various sizes so users can buy the right size, which fits their needs. This Block is lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around. It is also extremely durable and works with a variety of points.

It takes less damage from arrows than regular bag targets. After pulling out the arrow from this block target, the inside material collapses. It extends the durability of the target.


  • Allows a wide range of practice
  • Clearly defined a color pattern
  • Contains friction to stop arrows
  • Available in different sizes
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Broadhead is not compatible with a crossbow
  • Unplugging foam may be difficult

3. Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3

Morrell YellowThis product is designed for the high-speed compound bow that takes many shots. It is one of the most popular bow targets as well. Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 can stop the fastest Carbon, Aluminum, or wooden arrows.

After hitting the target, arrows stay still until they get pulled out. It has a unique IFS (Internal frame system) feature. It allows for maintaining the structural form of the target. It’s 54 layers of arrow stopping power feature, which stops the arrow smoothly and prevents from penetrating further.

It is also famous for its well know “Two fingers arrow removal” feature. It is fully weatherproof and has a smart Tote handle system. It also has a high visibility design and highly durable. It weighs only 27lbs, so it’s easy to carry as well.

It has “Convenient Hanging Tabs” that helps to set the target straight. It can stand up to thousands of shots. The cover is replaceable, so no need to worry if it gets torn off after a few years.


  • Able to take many shots
  • Holds arrow still until removal
  • Contains 54 layers
  • Has Two-finger arrow removal
  • High visibility design


  • Broadhead is absent
  • Field tips may become hard to get out

4. Hurricane Bag Archery Target

Hurricane BagHurricane Bag Archery Target has three different sizes to give users the choice option for practicing. The sizes are 20, 25, and 28 inches. Hurricane bag targets have Trio-core technology, which gives proprietary design outlook.

This allows easy target visibility and helps with aiming. It is developed with green paste color for target practicing. Even from 20-75 yard distance, it’s easy to make perfect scores into this bag.

Hurricane bag archery target has an attractive design with a bright green paste color. People of all ages like to use this tool. Hurricane 25 is the best tool to test performance. Hurricane bag archery target has extra-large icons for easier eye visibility and available in three different sizes.

This bag has four sides, where two hands can be used for target practicing. Tri-core technology provides a clear vision to users. Hurricane bag archery target bag is lightweight and easily portable. This bag is also lightweight and durable and easy to carry around.


  • Different size options
  • Trio-core technology
  • Highly visible from 20-75 yard distance
  • Contains 4- sides
  • Extra-large eyes


  • Needs extra cover for hanging
  • Not suitable for BB guns type shooting

5. Block Genz Series Youth Archery Arrow Target

Best Bow TargetBlock Genz series is an excellent arrow target. It offers two models and available in 16 and 22 inches.  It has black totes at the top which helps to carry and transport it more comfortable. It features 5- white aim dots.

Block Genz series has traditional open-layered technology, and it helps arrow removal as well as keeping target last longing. It has higher visibility; the target has a black color feature, which makes it popular among users.

The body has a foam archery feature, which makes it look like a 3D object. The hitting points are so clear that even beginners find it easy to hit them. As it has four small points at the side and one large point in the middle, you can hit on multiple locations.

You can also enjoy various target ranges. Besides, it has a smart handling feature as well. And, you can carry it around easily. Both of the models are ultra-lightweight, which allows even children to move them.


  • Easy to carry and transport
  • 5- white aim dots
  • Contains open-layered technology
  • Highly visible
  • Foam archery feature


  • Doesn’t work on 300 or Fps youth bow
  • Target is made of plastic

6. Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target

Best Bow TargetThe block arrow target has a black color feature. It has 4- sided shooting options. It also includes friction foam. So, it can stop arrows before it penetrates further. This is an ideal target platform for archers.

The block Black arrow target is made of Polyurethane wrapped. It has an open layered design, which stops arrows without any force. Friction stop features stop the arrow smoothly.

So, it is easy to remove them later. Polyfusion technology is distinctive for field tips. The black and white color mixed feature gives it an outstanding look. It is available in  2- different sizes, such as 16 and 20 inches Block target.

This tool has a smooth handler, so it is effortless to transport. It weighs only 15-30 pounds so users can carry it around while practicing. It comes at an excellent outlook for its exceptional design. Its black body feature gives excellent vision to target points.

So, it’s straightforward to practice on it from a different range. It offers multiple aiming spots that allow users a wide range of options. Overall, this is an ideal product for archers to practice every day.


  • Polyurethane wrapped construction
  • Open-layered design
  • Features friction stop functioning
  • Easy to remove arrows
  • Easy to carry and transport around


  • No compound bows feature
  • A bit expensive

7. GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target

GlenDel BuckThe Gendel 3D archery target looks like a standing buck. This particular design makes it easier to hit the target. Besides, it has more excellent stability up to 1000 shots option. Both professionals and amateur archers like this bow target for its 3D visibility.

Most archers recommend it for its lightweight. Users can easily carry it along with them. Buck’s body is like 200 pounds of weight, and the target is about 18 pounds. It comes with excellent visibility and makes it an easy aim target.

It has 3D visibility, and it makes users feel like hunting a real deer. It has excellent standing features and never falls even after taking 1000 shots. It provides 5- shooting insert surfaces to keep the practice from different angles.

Glendel Target looks very real from other ranges. Insert cores are replaceable. It helps to practice very well. Glendel Buck target uses poly fusion technology core, and internal layer targets feature.

It helps with easy arrow removal and has a strong capacity to handle the bow’s speed. It can halt all Broadheads and field tips. Users from all generations like this tool for their practice.


  • Contains 1000 shot options
  • 3D visibility
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • 5- shooting insert surface
  • Replaceable insert cores


  • Doesn’t support 400 Fps or more speed
  • Full body made of foam

8. Black Hole – 4 Sided Archery Target

Best Bow TargetThis best bow target is a great practice tool for both novice and professional archers. This target is recommended for archers of all ages. Blackhole archery target is a 3D target.

This is a durable target that provides 2 -great features, one is hunting, and another is excellent eye visibility.   It has 2- sizes available, 18 and 22 inches. It comes with Open Layer features.

For this, it can stop all Broadheads and Field Trips. The target has foam archery built-in targets. It allows users to get multiple aiming points for experimenting with different angles.

This target is highly durable, and it is compatible with bows and crossbows. This target offers four sides for the target range. The top part has a smart tote black handler to carry it easily.

Besides, its polypropylene support walls to stop speedy arrows with its field tip. And the Black Hole offers high contrast features. It has multiple target points, and arrows are easy to pull out. It is ultra-lightweight, so users find it surprisingly easy to carry it. This target is cheaper, considering other targets as well.


  • Perfect for all ages achers
  • Open layer feature
  • Can stop broadheads and field tips
  • Built-in-foam
  • Highly durable


  • Can’t draw 70 or more weighs.
  • The middle front may get buried up early.

9. Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-350 Field Point Bag

Best Bow TargetMorrell Yellow Target is a perfect tool to practice outdoors. It can handle compound bows and high-speed crossbows. It weighs only 25 pounds, so it is easy to carry and transport.

It has a small handler to pick on the finger. Its price range is also considered reasonable.  This target is bright yellow, while the target is a red dot. Bright color offers high visibility to users.

It allows aiming the target perfectly. This tool is excellent for novice users for its easy shooting feature. It is straightforward to set up, and even an inexperienced user can handle it.

Morrell bag targets add extra easy arrow removal for all types of bows. Inside part has a foam type pattern, which will not hold the arrows strongly.

Shooting arrows add some extra speed for making it into its shot. But it doesn’t hold tightly because of this foam. Again, multiple layers of design dots provide a wide range of variety of shooting options. It is a durable product, which can take 1000 shots.


  • Small handler picks on the finger
  • Highly visible bright color
  • Easy to set up and handle
  • Foam type pattern inside
  • Includes easy arrow removal feature


  • Only suitable for field point arrows
  • No inside material feature

10. Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target

Best Bow TargetIt is a top-level standard tool for all levels of archers. This tool holds a 1-year warranty service. It can take too many shots per session without falling off. It has high durability, and it is famous for its “self-healing” foam target.

It has a unique 18 side option. It helps to identify targets quickly. The Reinhart block target is ultra-lightweight and has a smart handle to carry it. The handle is the yellow color with excellent visibility.

For its 18 side target option, it’s possible to practice on it for a long time. It has bow support tools known as Reinhart Bow Tools. Reinhart Block has “Self Healing Foam” features.

This best bow target supports every kind of bows and arrows and protects the inner side from hitting speed. This professional tool also has a 3D deer target tool.

Pro hunters can practice with it before hunting season starts. This tool allows the user to set it up anywhere and practice on it. This product is a bit costly, comparing to its service and features, this product has worth to spend on.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Smart handle to carry
  • Good visibility
  • Perfect for long-time practice
  • Supports any kinds of bow and arrow


  • May get destroyed soon

Buying Guide of the Best Bow Target

Before selecting the ideal bow target, consider the following features:

Target Types

Bow targets are divided into 3-categories:

  • Bag Target: A bag target is the best archery target for compound bows. Archery bag targets are lightweight, easy to store, and cost-effective. These targets are weatherproof and can handle hundreds of shots without breaking down. Also, these targets are designed for individuals of all ages and experience levels.
  • Block Target: A block target is a cube-shaped target that’s extremely popular among hunters. Since these targets are made of foam, they are lightweight, durable, and compact enough to carry. Foam block targets feature various shapes and pictures, so you can easily practice aiming from various angles.
  • 3D target: 3D targets are modeled after wild animals. 3D targets come in all shapes and sizes, like deer, ducks, skunks, turkeys, woodchucks, and hogs. But the most preferred are bucks and pigs.


You won’t like a target that usually used to get destroyed after a day’s practice or one which used to get damaged if you left it outside. Therefore, a weatherproof cover is ideal for protecting your target from the weather and keeping the insert safe.

Easy Arrow Removal

The best bow targets let you remove and reuse your arrows easily. If your arrow target allows you to remove arrows from it, you won’t need to waste time and effort to pull the arrows off. Besides, we also recommend you not to shoot the foam target with broadhead arrows; they will probably be challenging to remove from foam targets.


Thicker targets aren’t as easily damaged, so they’ll last longer than thinner ones. If you want your targets to last longer and not be affected by the elements, they should be made from a thicker material. Some bow targets use multiple layers of high-density materials to ensure that they are safe and reliable. So, Make sure your targets are durable enough to withstand being hit by an arrow.


Using a visual bow target is a way to improve your aim. High contrast makes the bow stand out more, making it easier for you to see and shoot. So we recommend that most of you use a brightly colored target. Because practicing with a colorful target can help you improve your long-range shots.

Final Thoughts

To be a successful archer, you must have to practice a lot. For this, you need a good bow target. You may find a lot of bow targets on the market. But all of them are not good. Here in this article, we have given reviews on the top ten best bow targets.

These reviews are the result of a lot of research. If you want to practice bow for a longer time using one target, then these bow targets can be the best solution for you. Using these, you can become a successful hunter, best wishes for your bow target practice.


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