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10 Best Crossbow Bolts for Deer Hunting in 2023

The Best Crossbow Bolts for Deer: For hunting, you need a crossbow and arrow. Arrows are not as right as bolts in case of hunting. Bolts are more accurate on their target. Bolts are also fast and go further.

That is why bolts are perfect for hunting than an arrow. Choosing the ideal bolt for your crossbow is not so easy to work. With the wrong bolt, you cannot hurt.

You get the best from the crossbow only with the right bolt. With the wrong bolt, you will not get the best result. Here we are reviewing the Best Crossbow Bolts for Deer Hunting that are available in the market. I hope that this will help you to find the best bolt for your crossbow.

1. BARNETT 16075 Outdoors Carbon Crossbow Bolts

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These bolts are the best in the market for practice shooting. If you want to practice in field or target practice, then these are an excellent choices. These bolts come five in a pack and lightweight. Bolts are 20 inches long.

The price of these bolts is not so high. These are so affordable. In this price range, they are the best quality bolt. While practicing, if you break one, then you do not need to worry since these are not so expensive.

It made using carbon fiber and carbon shaft, so it is very much durable. It also features moon nock. That means you can use these bolts even for hunting. The hit of the bolts is very accurate. Target penetration is very reasonable.

That means you will hit your target with on spot precision. It has large vanes. That means it can fly more distance than regular arrows. Although they are useful over long distances, they are best within 50 yards.


  • Very durable
  • Good hunting power
  • Excellent precision also at a significant distance
  • Larger size
  • Outstanding accuracy


  • Not so consistent
  • Bolts point are not sharp

2. Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak Cross Bolt

Carbon Express Maxima BlueStreak bolt has super strength and pinpoints accuracy. These bolts are made with carbon fiber and have a very high speed and flatter trajectory. Besides, the carbon structure made the bolt very fast.

For these features, it becomes perfect for hunting. The crossbow bolts for deer hunting are also featuring dual-spin weight. Due to this feature, you can shot the bolt at a very high speed. The accuracy of the bolt is also outstanding. Therefore, you can penetrate your target with high efficiency.

These bolts are weight about 8.2 ounces each. Therefore, they are lightweight bolts. It is constructed using BuffTuff that allows the bolts an excellent strength. The bolt can also fly very fast, which made it very consistent.

It also features a nock. With nock, it is a perfect bolt with high accuracy. It is 22 inches long. It also has 3-inch vanes. Therefore, its flight power is too high. The blades stabilize its flight so it can shoot even at a long distance.


  • About to perfect accuracy
  • Spin 20% sooner
  • Very consistent
  • Recovers very fast
  • Also good at long range


  • Too light in weight
  • Not good for hunting

3. Carbon Express Maxima Hunter BuffTuff plus Crossbolt

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Carbon express bolts made with perfection. You can trust this company with close eyes because they promise you the best precision and quick shot. Therefore, you can hit your target very fast with high accuracy – the bolt made of carbon weave.

Carbon weave made the bolts very durable. Consequently, you need not worry about any damage. If any damage happens, then it can recover it very fast.  Due to having dual-spin weight, you can penetrate your target very accurately.

These bolts come six in a pack. They all have moon nock attached. For this, you can use these bolts for hunting. You will also get an extra flat nock with each. Therefore, you can also practice with the bolts as well. High-performance vanes also attached to it.

Consequently, it offers you a stable flight even at a long distance. With the bolt, you can hunt an animal far from you with high accuracy. These bolts are suitable for both practicing and hunting.


  • Superior strength
  • available in two different sizes
  • Has R2 vanes
  • Dual spin weight
  • Accurate aim


  • Not so durable
  • Not good for hunting

4. Excalibur Diablo 18in. Carbon Arrows

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Excalibur and Easton companies teamed up and made these arrows, especially for matrix series crossbows. With the matrix series crossbow, they perform very well. If you insert a significant center of weight, you will get unmatched accuracy.

You can penetrate your target better than others with these bolts can – the bolts attached to the flat nock. Therefore, you need not buy any additional nock. For the nock, it connects with the string very quickly. Besides, you get a quick and more precise shot.

These crossbow bolts for deer hunting are 18 inches long. It also featured a 2-inch vane that ensures your stable and accurate flight. The weight of each arrow is about 5.3 ounces. Therefore, they are very lightweight. They have made of good quality material. This material makes the shafts very durable.

Consequently, you cannot break them easily, even after thousands of practices. These bolts are compatible with fixed and mechanical broadheads. You will get six bolts inside a pack. It is one of the best-rated crossbow arrows for short-range practice and performs exceptionally well in short range.


  • Good accuracy
  • Compatible with fixed and mechanical broadheads
  • Good recovery pore
  • Best for short Lange
  • Very durable


  • Bad quality control
  • Product color is not the same as advertised

5. Ten Point Omni-Brita 2 Lighted 20″ Pro Carbon Arrows

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Ten-point arrows are very famous worldwide. These bolts manage to maintain reputation years after years. It is a widely known bolt for their outstanding performance. They have made of excellent quality material.

Therefore, the bolts are tough to break and durable. You can use these times after time without any damage. These bolts are also very affordable. Consequently, you can buy them easily. The crossbow bolts for deer hunting are well balanced.

Therefore, it can penetrate the target with reasonable accuracy. The penetration powers of the bolts are quite well. The bolts are 20 inches long. It also features Q21 vanes attached to it. Length 20 inch and Q21 vanes make it perfect for stable and accurate flight.

You will get a stable flight even if you shot at a long distance. It is equipped with lighted nock. It is bright. Therefore, you can see and find your arrow even in dark conditions. The shaft weighs  1.76 ounces.  You will get three arrows in a pack.


  • Good aim at long distance
  • easy to find even in the dark
  • OMNI-Brite lighted nock
  • Length 20 inch
  • Good accuracy


  • Target penetration is good so good
  • Quality control is not well

6. Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Cross-bolt

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Bolts are an essential tool for hunting and fishing. Some bolts made for practice, and some are for hunting. With the carbon express bolt, you can do both. These are perfect for both practicing and hunting. You can experience real-life adventure while hunting.

These best crossbow bolts for deer are a professional tool for hunting and practice. For a lightweight design, it is also the right choice for a new archer. The knocks down the power of these bolts are also very well.

For a lightweight design, it causes low vibration. Low vibration means low sound. So while shooting, it will not frighten the animals. And you can hunt easily. The bolts produce high kinetic energy. Therefore, you can penetrate your target with ease.

The bolts built very solidly. A new user can also use this because it can be attached to the moon nock. You can use this easily in a straightforward way. The crossbow bolts for hunting are 20 inches long and contain 4-inch vanes. It is ready to provide you a very accurate shot.


  • Very durable
  • Very precious accuracy
  • Very consistent
  • 20 inches long
  • Designed for hunters


  • Did not fly straight
  • Not suitable for high-speed bows

7. Tenpoint Evo-X Center Punch Carbon Crossbow Arrows

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Tenpoint Evo-X considered the most accurate arrows ever made. These arrows are so precise on their target. You can hit your target easily with pinpoint accuracy using this arrow. It made very well using carbon fiber.

And so it is very durable and robust. It can penetrate its target very well. For carbon fiber, it will not damage soon. These are useable for a long time. The shaft weighs 8 ounces. The carbon weave construction makes it more durable and robust.

These crossbow bolts for deer are about 40% more robust than any other bolts, and consistency is 80% more than others are. Each bolt featured with Bohning X Vanes and 3.5 inches in size and contained Omni-Nock.

It also has a straightforward, nock-changing system. Therefore, you can change the nock very quickly. The nocks are lightning. Consequently, it is easy to find the arrow. You will get six bolts in a pack.


  • Perfect accuracy
  • Very durable
  • Best suited for most of the crossbow
  • 40% more powerful considering others
  • Made of carbon fiber


  • Plastic nock
  • Nocks not lighted

8. BloodSport 20-Inch Crossbow Bolts

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BloodSport bolts have come with six bolts in a pack. They are 20 inches long and excellent quality bolts. As a result, the bolts made very well. This bolt is also compatible with high-speed crossbows. Therefore, you can use these for hunting too.

You can use these bolts even for practicing. The bolt’s overall weight is about 325 grains, and shooting accuracy is excellent. You can penetrate the target with remarkable precision. They are so accurate that you will rarely miss a shot. It also has long vanes.

The vanes are 4 inches long. Probably they are offering the most extended blades on a 20-inch bolt. Therefore, you will get an extremely straight flight. They are lightweight, and bolts are quite speedy as well.

Its weight is perfectly balanced. The balanced weight is offering you the best performance. With a broadhead, it performs even more impressive. It is one of the best crossbow bolts for deer for short-range.


  • Well made
  • Compatible with a high-speed crossbow
  • Extremely accurate
  • Fly straight
  • Long vanes


  • Bolts are only 300 grains
  • Not so good flight power

9. Tenpoint Pro-V22 22-Inch Carbon Crossbow Arrows

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Tenpoint is a very famous name in the crossbow and arrow industry. They manufacture good qualities arrow for a very long time and have an excellent reputation. It is a trusted company worldwide. Pro-V22 is one of the unique products of all time, which is 22 inches long. Its size is ideal for hunting.

If you are buying crossbow bolts for hunting, it can be the right choice for you. They are also perfect for practicing. The weight of the shaft is balanced perfectly. Therefore, you will get a very accurate shot every time.

These bolts are many featured bolts and made of good quality material. That makes it very strong and durable. These arrows are tough to break and attached with Omni nock. Therefore, it connects with the string very quickly and makes a shallow sound.

Thus, the bolts are appropriate for hunting. They are quite lightweight. As a result, the bolts are also very speedy. These bolts have all features of hunting bolts. Therefore, you can use them for hunting, and you will get an outstanding result.


  • Very consistent
  • Also good at the long-range shooting
  • Very accurate shot
  • Very speedy
  • Very durable


  • Not enough weight to forward

10. Horton 20-Inch Carbon Crossbow Arrows

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Horton arrows are reliable and precise on accuracy. You can continuously shot one after another with the same efficiency. The bolts so well constructed that you can shoot it thousands of time without any damage.

It will provide you the same accuracy and precision time after time. The penetration power of the arrows is so well. It is a significant intrusion on a goal without consistently hitting the right spot. The bolts are adamant and speedy with high accuracy.

The crossbow bolts for deer hunting are made using carbon shafts. It makes the arrows very durable. You can assure that you can use it for an extended period. It is capable of producing excellent results even after frequent use of it. The carbon crossbow bolts are 20 inches long and feature using Omni nock.

Therefore, it is useable with many crossbows. It also has 3-inch long vanes. That makes sure a straight and stable flight. Consequently, you can hit on the target with precision. These bolts are so right in a short-range.


  • Accurate target penetration
  • Perfect accuracy
  • Very consistent
  • Good and stable flight
  • Good penetration power


  • Too lightweight
  • Bolts not stay attached

Crossbow Bolts for Deer Buying Guide

There are factors to consider if you are planning to buy the best crossbow bolts for deer. If you are purchasing bolts for the very time, then you must need a guide. Bolts are arrows have about the same specification.

Only differences show in their build. However, the little change in them causes a significant performance change. The factor you should consider while buying bolts they are:


There are two types of crossbow bolts for deer hunting generally found in the market. The first one is made of aluminum. If you are a hunter, then for you, it is a cheap material. Aluminum made the arrow a bit heavier. Due to this massive height, it becomes accurate.

However, the bolts become less durable. Aluminum-made bolts are very reliable and less sustainable. This type of bolts can fly more distance with a fixed blade. Therefore, these bolts can use for shooting at a far distance.

Another type of bolts made using carbon. They are light in weight. Carbon bolts can travel very fast. The penetration power of these is also excellent. Carbon bolts generally use mechanical broadheads to fly more distance.


A lightweight bolt weight is under 300 grains. The importance of more massive bolts is over 400 grains. Weight is a significant factor to consider in case of flying.

The lightweight bolts cannot fly more, and an enormous bolt is good at penetration animal skin. Hunter should choose heavy bolts. Medium weight bolts are ideal for beginners. They can easily balance it and hit the target.


Most of the bolts are about 16 to 24 inches long. Long arrows can maintain momentum for a long time. So choose the ideal length bolt carefully for you.

Bolt head

There are two types of bolt head – one for practice and the other for hunting. The practice bolt head is not sharp. On the other hand, hunt, the bolt head is bright enough to penetrate animal skin.


If you have a heavy crossbow, then half-moon nock is proper. For the lighter crossbow, flat nock is best.


This feature helps to stabilize the arrows. Vanes sizes vary from bolts to bolts. Vanes should also be longer if the indicators are longer.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a crossbow bolt?
A: A crossbow bolt, also known as an arrow, is a projectile designed for use with a crossbow. It is typically shorter and thicker than a traditional arrow used with a bow.

Q: What factors should I consider when choosing crossbow bolts?
A: When choosing crossbow bolts, consider factors such as length, weight, material, and fletching type. It is also important to select bolts that are compatible with your specific crossbow model.

Q: How do I determine the correct length of crossbow bolt for my crossbow?
A: The correct length of crossbow bolt for your crossbow will depend on the manufacturer’s specifications. Consult your crossbow’s owner manual or contact the manufacturer for guidance.

Q: How can I determine the appropriate weight for my crossbow bolts?
A: The appropriate weight for your crossbow bolts will depend on your crossbow’s specifications and your personal preferences. Consult your crossbow’s owner manual or contact the manufacturer for guidance.

Q: Can crossbow bolts be reused?
A: Crossbow bolts can be reused as long as they are not damaged or bent. Inspect your bolts carefully after each use and discard any that show signs of damage.

Q: How can I store my crossbow bolts?
A: Crossbow bolts should be stored in a dry, cool place, ideally in a bolt case or quiver. Avoid storing them in direct sunlight or high humidity environments.

Q: How often should I replace my crossbow bolts?
A: Crossbow bolts should be replaced when they show signs of wear and tear, such as bent or damaged shafts, worn vanes, or dull tips. It is recommended to replace them every 2-3 years, or sooner if used frequently.

Final Thoughts

Archery has practiced for a long time. You need very precise and sharp bolts for hunting and practice. The arrows are not one of the bolts and have some differences.

Here we have reviewed the crossbow bolts available on the market now. We have made a list of the Best Crossbow Bolts for Deer Hunting for you.

You can choose what meets your requirements best. We hope this review will prove helpful to you in buying the best crossbow bolt.

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