The 10 Best Compound Bow Strings in 2023

Last Updated on March 27, 2023

Best Compound Bow Strings

Choosing the best compound bow strings is vital for your upcoming hunting session. You need to select the right one that will help your bow to get the fine-tuning.

These shooting gears can also control the vibration and noise levels of your arrows, and ensure the efficiency of your shots while you are aiming at the target.

Besides, if you don’t get a suitable bowstring for your strength level and needs, your bow may not deliver the desired results. Also, it might end up your hunting enthusiasm. In that case, having a suitable one is necessary for successful shooting.

Whether you consider yourself a bowhunter, you must keep your bow and bowstrings well maintained for the best performance.

When it comes to compound bow strings, you need to consider many factors like craftsmanship, usability, material, type, and many more. Before purchasing you have to keep in mind these things based on your skills and hunting styles.

Our Top Picks – The 10 Best Compound Bow Strings

1. Keshes Dacron Bow StringIt is a B55 Dacron String, Provides less permanent stretching, Deliver long-lasting and smoother performance, It offers 100% user satisfaction

2. Ace Martial Arts Supply – Comes with Polyester construction, Packed with 2 end cups, It provides excellent performance with the safe operation, Suitable for 80-lbs compound bow

3. Southland Archery Supply Sas B-55 – This is a B55 Dacron String, The actual length of this is 58”, It is available in 12 to 16 strands option, Available in black color

4. Southwest Archery B-55 Material100% polyester super durable construction, It features an endless loop style with high-quality serving, It causes very minimal stretch over time, You can install it easily

5. Sas Flemish Fast Flight BowstringIt features flemish Type end, 18 strands premium quality bowstring, The actual length of this is 40”, Available in 2 color options (black and brown)

6. Flemish Fast Flight Plus – Suitable for 70+ lbs compound bow, It is 18 strands of a traditional bowstring, 3 bundle construction, Provides excellent performance

7. Longbowmaker Inches HandmadeThis comes with Dacron construction, It features loop style ends, Comes in many length options (from 45 Inches to 68 Inches), and is Ideal for shooting practice

8. Pg1archery Archery – It comes with nylon construction, This is 12 strands premium quality bowstring, Comes in different length options (from 46 Inches to 68 Inches), It comes in black color

9. Premium Fastflight Plus Flemish StringComes in a unique look, It is a 3 PLY – Flemish Braided String, Provides excellent speed and performance, and Available in 2 color options (black and bronze)

10. Eous Replace Bowstring12 strands premium quality bowstring, It features well served endless loop, Comes with B-50 Dacron construction, Available in black color

Reviews of the Best Compound Bow Strings

The best compound bow strings come with high-tech synthetic materials with appropriate bow length. Once you know what the actual bow length is, you can determine what your requirements are. Shooting by a compound one, you will find your string usually 4 inches shorter than the actual length of your bow.

On the contrary, the bowstring is 3 inches shorter if you shoot a longbow. Besides, you need to select your accurate strands as your bow requirements. For example, the 12-strand bowstring is recommended for bows up to 40 pounds, 14-strands for 50 pounds, and 16 strands for up to 70 pounds.

Again, bowstrings have different end styles, which are the Flemish twist and loops style ends. This Flemish twist provides a beautiful and traditional look on each end.

Also, you can pick a gray or a neon pink bowstring or any color between the two. It’s totally up to you to make a unique setup. And that’s why we’ve done all the research so that you can figure out which is the right one for you.

1. KESHES Dacron Bow String

best compound bow strings

The KESHES Dacron Bow String is one of the newest versions of Dacron bowstrings, which comes in the b-55 Dacron material. The string of the bow provides you the exact stretch as the b-50, so you get the maximum accuracy during shooting.

Also, you will get a less permanent stretch to get similar power. This best string for compound bow allows your bow to last longer, as well. When it comes to the string length, you need to consider the AMO length of your bow.

Generally, the AMO length of a high-quality bow tends to be 4-inches. So, you need to be aware of the string length while choosing. Also, you cannot ignore the strands of the string.

The string has multiple strands to choose from. For up to 40 lbs, use 12 strands. Again, for the 50-pound bow, select 14 strands. Also, you can have 16 strands for your 65-pound bows.

While choosing the number of strands, keep in mind, that the fewer the strands, the smoother the shooting will be, the more powerful you shoot, the more strands your string will need. Again, the ends are made into loops style. So, you can easily insert it into your bows.


  • Comes with b-55 Dacron string
  • Ensures actual length
  • Offers multiple strands
  • Features loop style ends
  • Compact and lightweight


  • The end loops may loosen after stringing

2. Ace Martial Arts Supply Bow String

best compound bow strings

The Ace Martial Arts Supply is made of polyester materials. It is such an excellent bowstring, which is ideal for an 80 lbs compound bow. Also, the most remarkable feature of this is its thick strands. It also comes with 3- end caps for the bow.

This comes with a top-grade, high-impact bow bolt. As the shooting equipment is simply a bowstring for an 80 lb mini bow, it includes two limb tips made of black plastic. To get maximum performance and safe operation, you need to keep your compound bow in proper maintenance.

You can also keep a spare bowstring with you in any bad condition. We recommend you not to dry fire your compound bow and kindly wax the string regularly. Apart from the fact that it is cheap, this bow is stable and reliable.


  • Sturdy and powerful
  • Works well for 80-pound compound bows
  • Comes with 3- end caps for the bow
  • Ensures maximum performance and safe operation
  • Competitively priced


  • Can only fit pistol-type bows

3. Southland Archery Supply SAS B-50 Bow String

SAS B-50

The Southland Archery Supply SAS is designed with durable nylon material of premium quality b-50 Dacron. This USA-made bowstring comes with an AMO Length, which is 4 inches longer than the actual length.

The string for the compound bow gives you a feeling of strength and craftsmanship, so it looks intricate at the same time. This string for the compound bow is very reputable in terms of quality. It meets the requirements of AMO specifications.

Also, it is available in various tension strengths, such as 12 strands for up to 40 lbs, 14 strands for up to 50 lbs, and 16 strands for up to 65 pounds. Also, this string is easy to mount onto your bow as it has well-served loop-style ends. This shooting gear comes in black color, as well.

Southland Archery Supply B-50

This bowstring is considered high-quality gear. It provides better end results when it comes to shooting with the bow. Again, it is safe to shoot and an ideal solution for older model bows. Overall, this can be a perfect solution for beginners who are just learning the basics of shooting.


  • Designed with durable nylon material
  • Comes with an actual length
  • Gives a feeling of strength and craftsmanship
  • Easy mounting with well-served loop style ends
  • Suitable for beginners for learning basics


  • Not suitable for hunting larger animals

4. Southwest Archery B-55 Material

Southwest Archery B-55 Material

The Replacement Archery is an upgraded version of their previous B-50 replacement bowstring. This B-55 Dacron material, a high-quality string, is made in the USA out of 100% polyester.

Also, it offers superior durability and is compatible with work with longbow, recurves, and youth compound bows. Besides, the bowstring has both center serving and pre-served end loops on both sides.

You can easily make the string ready to set quickly. While there is no avoiding permanent stretching of compound bow strings, the b-55 replacement promises to last longer. Again, various AMO standard lengths are available from 44 inches to 68 inches.

For selecting the correct string for your bow, the actual string length is approximately 4-inches shorter than the total bow length. We recommend you to choose a draw weight depending on the specific strands.


  • B-55 Dacron materials
  • Offers superior durability
  • Comes with both side loop style ends
  • Delivers various AMO standard lengths
  • Perfect dimension for your bow


  • The ends may loosen, so you cannot shoot accurately

5. SAS Flemish Fast Flight Bowstring

best compound bow strings

The SAS Flemish Fast Flight Replacement Traditional is made of premium quality material in the USA. It comes with 18 strands fast flight replacement bowstring so that you can fit the bowstring with up to 70-pound bows.

Both ends are Flemish-type systems, so you will be able to shoot more perfectly. Besides, this has an appropriate AMO length, which is 4 inches shorter than the actual length. For example, if your recurve-type bow is marked AMO 52 inches, a 48-inch bowstring will fit your bow.

Again, this offers multiple colors to choose your preferred one. It comes in black and brown color, so your bows will fit perfectly with this bowstring. Overall, the features of this thing are excellent. You can pick up one in your future shooting.


  • Made of premium quality material
  • Comes with 18 strands
  • Perfect AMO lengths
  • Flemish type ends
  • Multiple colors available


  • It may not be too much quieter

6. Flemish Fast Flight Plus Replacement Bowstring

best compound bow strings

If you are looking for the thickest compound bowstring on the market, you can try the Flemish Fast Flight Plus string. This premium quality bowstring is made of using 18 strands split into three bundles.

This 3-bundle style construction comes with the optimum thickness and proper nock fit. Even, you can also select a bowstring between black and bronze shades. The center of the bowstring is served with black twisted nylon.

Besides, this is not recommended for use with all bows. It can only accept high-performance material for excellent applications. So, you can only utilize low-stretching shooting.

This fast flight plus is only compatible with bows up to 70 pounds draw. Also, the length is the actual string length in inches, not Amo length. Furthermore, the serving area of this USA-made doesn’t clip some arrows effectively due to slimness.

It provides accuracy with the advantages of Flemish twist ends. Also, it is quieter, easier to tune and adjust as the string stretches. Once you pick this, we hope it won’t disappoint you at all.


  • Durable construction
  • Ideal for high-performance applications
  • String length is adjustable to suit different bow sizes
  • Provides quiet operation
  • Easy tuning and adjustment


  • This is not compatible with many bows

7. Longbowmaker Inches Handmade Bow String


The Longbowmaker Handmade Custom Bow String is made of Dacron materials. This premium quality bowstring has many different lengths for you to choose from 45 Inches to 68 Inches. It is an excellent, durable custom compound bowstring for both beginners and experienced bow hunters.

Also, the string is made in various tension strengths, such as 12 stings for up to 40 pounds, 14 strings for up to 50 pounds, and 16 strings for up to 65 pounds.

longbowmaker handmade bow string

As the bowstring is thicker in diameter, so nocks fit very tightly. You can consider the thing before purchasing it. Also, it has loop-style ends, which make for easier placement on the bow. It comes in black color and perfectly matches your bow.

Again, if your bow requires a 52-inch string, you will need to order a 56-inch string. If you want great gear with your other shooting accessories, you can choose this.


  • Has many different lengths
  • Comes with various tension strengths
  • Excellent loop style ends
  • Great for beginners and the experienced
  • Perfect string length


  • Mostly used for target practice

8. PG1ARCHERY Archery Bowstring


When you are going to have a bowstring, you can take PG1ARCHERY Archery Replacement Handmade Bow String. It comes with handmade durable nylon material so that you can perform well with your beloved bows.

It also offers 12 Strands, so you can only use it with bows up to 40 pounds. For string lengths, you can choose any point from 46 inches to 68 inches for your bow.

According to AMO standard bow strings length, measure your bow length first, and then select 4 inches shorter than the length of your measurement. Also, The bowstring has loop style ends so that you can easily bind it with your bows.

PG1ARCHERY Bowstring

Again, the color of the bowstring is black, so it will perfectly match with your bows. After all, the bowstring is one of the excellent shooting accessories. If you want to purchase a bowstring for your upcoming hunting session, you can carry this one with you.


  • Handmade durable nylon material
  • Comes with 12 strands for up to 40-pound bows
  • Multiple string lengths available
  • Ends are made into loops style
  • Black in color


  • Different strands are not available

9. PREMIUM Fastflight Plus Flemish String

best compound bow strings

The Premium Fastflight Plus Flemish String is one of the best compound bow strings available in the market today. It is made with premium quality and fast flight plus material, which will be perfect for your Samick Sage.

The bowstring is designed with black and bronze color with a black twisted nylon center serving. Besides, this Fast Flight Plus bowstring features 18 strands in 3-bundle style construction for the optimum thickness and proper nock fit.

It is only compatible with the bows, which are up to 70 pounds. So, it can only accept low stretching activities during shooting. Again, this has a unique look, and it is compatible with Samick Sage for its 62 inches AMO string length.

But the actual length is 58 inches, which is 4 inches shorter than the exact length. If you choose this for your bow, hopefully, it will perfectly match your equipment.


  • Premium quality
  • Functions well and excellent
  • Comes with 18 strands in 3-bundle style construction
  • Offers 4-inch shorter actual length
  • Smooth and quiet operation


  • Only compatible for up to 70-pound bows

10. EOUS Bow String Replace Bowstring

best compound bow strings

Whenever you go to the shooting places, you need a bow with a strong bowstring. The EOUS Bow String Archery Traditional Bow is such a shooting gear, which is built with durable b-50 Dacron material.

The length of this String is 60 inches AMO Length 4 inches longer than the actual length of the bowstring. Besides, it comes with 12 strands of thickness for longbows, horse bows, recurves, and traditional bows.

So, you can only use bows up to 40 pounds. Also, the end type of this is well served endless loop style so that you can insert it in your bow right away. It comes in black color as well, so it will perfectly match your bows.

For the proper maintenance of your compound bow, you can apply some bowstring wax to the exposed string. It is right to use your thumb and index finger to wax the string.

While working with the wax, it starts getting softer by the heat of your hand and causes it to melt. So, we recommend you not to use a frayed string as it may break while cocking your bow.


  • Build with durable b-50 Dacron material
  • Perfect AMO length
  • Comes with 12 strands for bows
  • Comes in black color
  • Well-served endless loop style


  • May not compatible with all types of bows

What to Consider When Choosing a Compound Bow Strings?

The type, length, material, and number of strands all affect the power, speed, performance, and longevity of a bowstring. Below, we’ll go through a few key factors you should consider when purchasing compound bowstrings. When making decisions, it is important to consider all of the following factors.


The most common materials for compound bow strings are-

  • BCY-X
  • 8190
  • Dyneema
  • 8125G
  • 452x
  • Ultra-Cam


Custom String

Custom strings are developed exclusively for hunters and are made of the highest quality materials. These bowstrings are very strong and quite expensive as well.

Besides, one of the main advantages of these strings is they retain synchronization for extended periods.

They have servings that are tightly wrapped and can not be detached. These features make the bowstrings highly accurate.

Stock Bowstrings

The strings attached to the package when you buy a new bow are stock bowstrings. They are mass-produced, which in turn means they’re also more affordable, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll provide the same quality as a custom-made string set.

If you’re looking for the cheapest strings, then go for stock bowstrings. However, don’t expect them to last long. The only benefit of these strings is that they are inexpensive and easily replaceable.


When deciding on a string length, you should consider the following things-

  •  length of the riser
  • the diameter of the idler wheel
  • the radius of the Cam
  • and the shape of the limbs


Strands number controls an arrow’s speed. A string with fewer strands can shoot arrows faster, but it may be less smooth and more difficult to get the correct tuning.

Based on the weight of your bow, you may also need to choose a different number of strands for your string. Also, consider getting string silencers or dampeners to make the noise from your shot less loud.

Here is a strand vs. draw weight combination guide:

  • 12 Strands- 40 lbs
  • 14 Strands- 50 lbs
  • 16 strands- 65 lbs
  • 18 strands- 70 lbs


Do Custom Bowstrings Make a Difference?

Yes, they do. Usually, a new string takes about a hundred shots to settle fully. In contrast, a custom bow takes less than 10 shots to get settled. Furthermore, a custom bowstring delivers more consistency and precision than a regular bow string available on the market.

What Kind of String Do You Use for a Compound Bow?

Strings for compound bows typically have between 20 and 24 strands. And they are usually made of Angel Majesty, BCY X String, BCY 8190, BCY 452X, and BCY Trophy materials.

How Often Should Compound Bow Strings Be Replaced?

A compound bow string can last for 2-3 years with proper care and usage. Afterward, it is best to replace the bowstring even if the string doesn’t fray out or the strand doesn’t get broken.

How Do I Know if My Compound Bow Needs New Strings?

It is always better to check your bowstring before going for a hunt. If you found your bow string is being frayed or has separated threads, you need to change the string of your compound bow.

Can I Restring My Own Compound Bow?

Yes. But you can only restring the older models of the compound bows. They usually come with a string attachment (Teardrop-shaped) featuring 2 grooves to hold the string. You can attach a new string to these older models by keeping the bow in position through the old string.

How Much Does It Cost to Put a New String on a Compound Bow?

Restringing a compound bow typically costs between $50 to $300, with most bowstrings costing between $50 and $200. To restring it yourself, you’ll need to buy additional tools between $50 and $100.

How Thick Should a Bowstring Be?

The thickness of the bowstring usually measures between 0.17 inches and 0.22 inches.

How Many Twists Can You Put in a Bowstring?

It is better to put 1/2 to 3/4 twists per inch for a compound bowstring. For example: if your bowstring is 60″ long, you should put 30-40 twists on your bowstring.

Moreover, you won’t have to twist the string if you use such material that doesn’t creep. Single-cam strings are wrapped with more twists because these strings are longer. Again, the higher twist level also reduces the amount of peep rotation.

How Long Does It Take to String a Bow?

Usually, it takes 10-15 minutes to string a bow.

How Many Shots Does It Take to Break in a Bowstring?

Typically, a new bowstring takes 100-200 shots to get a break.

What Happens if a Bowstring Breaks?

It relies on several factors, including the place of the break on the string. When it breaks in the middle, the result will be comparable to dry fire. It is less severe because it will not abruptly stop the limbs. It will forward spring fully.

In contrast, it’s difficult to predict the effect if it breaks close to a cam. Alternatively, the string could thrash you in the face, sending the bow flying back at you.

Will New Strings Make My Bow Faster?

Not at all. Getting a fresh string won’t make a significant difference in your bow speed.

Is Paracord Good for Bowstring?

Paracord is not good for bowstring because it stretches under tension. However, you can use Paracord in a survival situation.

What Do You Need to Restring a Compound Bow?

Compound bows are easier to string with a bow press. A bow press is your best bet for restringing a compound bow. Essentially a clamp, this device keeps your bow in place while making adjustments and routine maintenance. However, some bows can be re-stringed by hand. In that matter, you will need a new bowstring and a set of hex keys.

Do Compound Bows Need to Be Unstrung?

No, compound bows don’t need to be unstrung. They come with a levering system (cables and pulleys) to bend the limbs. However, traditional recurve bows usually need to be unstrung after every session.

How Do You Make a Compound Bow String Jig?

Final Thoughts

We hope you have now a clear understanding of the best compound bow strings and how to choose the right depending on your requirements.

The bowstrings will take your archery experience to the next level. You will be able to get perfect shots using many techniques with an excellent bowstring.

However, if you want to practice shooting, there are some bowstrings available for you. Keep in mind that you have to be sure to decide on your personal needs before making any purchase. Hopefully, these excellent bowstrings may be suitable for you.

  1. I have been using KESHES Dacron bowstring for a few months now and have not had any issues. It took a few weeks to break it in, but shots are straight and quiet. I do not notice any change in arrow speed or accuracy, but that could have just been my form. I have noticed that the string is holding up well with no fraying or lose strings. Overall I can say it is as good as advertised and I would buy another one if the need arises.

  2. If you need to replace your string and don’t want to spend a lot, the Southland Archery Supply sas b-50 bow string is your bow string. It fits my bow, which is old and inexpensive. I bought this as a spare but found myself using it more than the expensive one.

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