Best Crossbow Broadheads for Deer Hunting in 2023

Best Crossbow Broadheads

The Best Crossbow Broadheads for Deer and Turkey Hunting: Hunting is an old habit of humans. They used to hunt for their livelihood. Nowadays, methods of hunting are changing.

Crossbow hunting is a popular method of hunting, but you cannot make a successful game if you only have a simple crossbow. Broadhead is an essential part of this.

You will find thousands of crossbow broadheads in the market. However, all of them are not durable, stable, or able to provide the best performance. Finding out the broadheads for hunting is not so easy. We have researched well on it and found out.

These will not only be worth your money, but you will also enjoy successful hunting. We are going to review the top crossbow broadheads for deer and turkey hunting below in this article and hope these will help you enough to make an informed decision.

1. G5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead 3/pk.

Best Crossbow Broadheads for Deer

A good quality Brodhead always helps a hunter much, and the G5 Outdoors Montec is such a kind of broadhead. It is on this list because of its quality, durability, and features. The broadhead is made using 100% steel and a cut-on-contact design.

You will get a diamond cut sharpness from the broadhead, and it comes in three different grains: 85, 100, and 125. Therefore, you will get the chance to choose your desired one. This high-speed broadhead contains one-piece MIM construction that has made this great.

Every G5 Outdoors Montec comes with an utterly spin test. It’s cutting diameter is 1 inch to 1 1/8 inches. You will get three broadheads in a single packet. Each broadhead passed a guillotine strength test before coming into the market.

These are ready to simulate enough kinetic energy. As a result, you can easily penetrate the flesh, hide, or bone of your target. Its blades are diamond cut. Therefore, you can kill the desired animal much more relaxed. Overall, this is an excellent and the best fixed blade broadhead for crossbow for deer, turkey, and boar hunting.


  • Completely, spin tested
  • Various grain options
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Simulates enough kinetic energy
  • Low tolerance broadhead


  • Not so destructive
  • Need to hit on seeking part of the target

2. Rage Crossbow X 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead

Best Crossbow Broadheads for Deer Hunting

If you are looking for a good quality broadhead for your crossbow, then you can select Rage CrossbowX archery arrow. It is on the shortlist of the best crossbow broadheads for deer hunting due to its accuracy and traditional wood channels. The Rage broadhead also contains excellent durability and other features.

It has a large cutting surface. Some of its great features are rear deploying and SlipCam design. Its blade comes with a vast leading edge. The broadhead is made using stainless steel. The thickness of the blade is 0.35 inches, which is razor-sharp.

Rage Crossbow X 2-Blade Archery Arrow

This best rage broadhead for crossbow comes with shock collar technology. It ensures the blade retention properly. As a result, it stores nicely. Also, while in flight, it allows opening correctly on impact.

Best Crossbow Broadheads for Hunting

You will get three broadheads in a pack. It is available in two grains: 100 or 125, and the overall dimension of this broadhead is 2 x 2.5 x 2 inches. It is very much lightweight and weighs only 0.8 ounces. This broadhead is made in the USA and leading the evolution.


  • Most accuracy
  • Massive cutting surface
  • Razor-sharp blade
  • Proper blade retention
  • Very much lightweight


  • Can’t hold blade tightly
  • Retention may come off

3. Swhacker Set of three-100 Grain Cut Broadheads

Best Crossbow Broadheads for Deer

A good broadhead can improve the success rate of hunting. That is why you need such a broadhead, which is durable, stable, and able to hit the target with enough kinetic energy. The Swagger is an excellent quality turkey hunting broadhead, which can fulfill all you need.

It is on this list due to its strength, sharpness, durability, and performance. You will get three broadheads in a set. The Swhacker broadhead for turkey hunting is of two blades and contains 100 grains. The thickness of a blade is 0.032 inches. It is made of stainless steel.

Swhacker Set of three-100 Grain Cut Broadheads

The honed razor-sharp blade contains enough power to hit the target. Its Ferrule is made using anodized aircraft aluminum. Blades are used to opening the broadhead. These are a bit smaller than the main blades. Its steel point is made using hardened high carbon.

Best Crossbow Broadheads for Hunting

Due to these superb features, the crossbow broadhead is perfect to go through the flesh; dirt even penetrates bones. Its dimension is 9.5 x 7.5 x 1 inches. Also, the weight is 3.2 ounces only.


  • 3 broadheads in a set
  • 0.032 inches thick blades
  • Can penetrate bones
  • Honed razor-sharp blade
  • Expandable 100 grain


  • Cheaply made
  • The blade may found a bit wide

4. Grim Reaper X-Bow Mech Broadhead

Best Crossbow Broadheads for Deer

You should go on an excellent quality broadhead for hitting your target well. It can even penetrate the bones of a targeted deer. Therefore, every hunter wants a good quality stable and high-performing broadhead.

Due to the features and stability, this Grim Reaper crossbow broadhead takes place in our shortlist of the ten best crossbow broadheads for deer and turkey hunting. Every single packet comes with three broadheads, and each of them contains three blades. Its cutting diameter is 1.5 inches.

The X-Bow Mech can produce high energy to hit the target. It is a perfect broadhead to use with a crossbow and beginner compound bows. Before launching in the market, this best broadhead for crossbow over 400 fps was tested.

It contains razor tip blades to cut the target easily. Each broadhead comes with 100 grains. The overall dimension of this great broadhead is 7.5 x 1 x 5 inches. It is very, much lightweight. Its weight is 1.6 ounces only.


  • Three blades in a broadhead
  • Tested over 400 FPS
  • Perfect for crossbow
  • Enough lightweight
  • High energetic


  • May not penetrate bone
  • All blades may not open at a time

5. New Archery Products NAP Spitfire Crossbow Broadhead

New Archery Products NAP Spitfire Crossbow Broadhead

You need good quality and durable broadheads to hit your target easily while hunting with a budget crossbow. It enhances accuracy. As a result, you can get the best result and penetrate the bone of a deer. The NAP Spitfire is such a kind of the best crossbow broadheads for deer hunting.

It has taken place on this list due to its power, durability, and features, and the broadhead comes with 100 grains. You will get three broadheads in a packet, and the blade is made using stainless steel. The cutting diameter of this is 1.5 inches.

Diamize sharpened blades of this broadhead allow you to hit the target easily. It contains a snap locking system. As a result, the edges remain closed during flight. The Ferrule of this broadhead is of micro-grooved slimline.

It increases flight and penetration. The dimension of this superb crossbow broadhead is 10 x 6 x 2.8 inches. It is super lightweight. The broadhead weighs only 0.8 ounces.


  • Comes with 100 grain
  • 1.5 inches cutting diameter
  • Diamize edge sharpen blades
  • Improved flight and penetration
  • Very much lightweight


  • Bolts might break
  • The difference may found on blades

6. Excalibur Boltcutter 150 Grain 3-Blade Broadhead

Excalibur Boltcutter 150 Grain 3-Blade Broadhead

The Excalibur broadhead is one of the best crossbow broadheads for deer hunting. Its premium quality stainless steel construction ensures a job well done during your hunting experience. Unlike most broadheads with three or four blades, this one has two blades, yet provides excellent efficiency due to its sharpness and impressive penetration power.

The Excalibur Boltcutter 150 Grain broadhead stands out from others with its full metal construction, making it exceptionally powerful and durable. You can shoot with confidence, knowing that it won’t easily break. It is also highly accurate, allowing you to hit your target quickly and precisely. Specially designed for high-speed crossbows, it is an excellent choice for deer hunting.


  • High accuracy
  • Good penetration power
  • High speedy
  • High strength
  • Designed for high-speed crossbow


  • Not suitable for beyond 50 yards

7. Rage Bowhunting Hypodermic Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead

Best Crossbow Broadheads for Deer

Rage Bowhunting Hypodermic mechanical broadhead can be the perfect choice for you due to its accuracy and strength. You will get superb accuracy using these. The design of the broadhead is also quite superior. It was designed so professionally. The ferrule alignment technology of this broadhead made this unique.

The aerodynamics of the broadhead improved due to technology. Due to this technology, the broadhead can go further. The accuracy you will get on this is also enhanced than others. It is one of the best mechanical broadheads for crossbow ever made.

It is also featuring shock collar technology. With the help of this, the broadhead will attach to the bolt so tightly. It consists of three superior stainless steel blades, which are quite intense as well. The stainless steel design made it so much more emotional and durable.

Best Crossbow Broadheads for Deer

Due to a sharp edge, the penetration is quite impressive. The blades ensure maximum efficiency for you. The wound that it makes is quite massive. The diameter of the cut is more than 2 inches. For all those features, this is so accurate on its target. Use those features and make the best use of them.


  • Very accurate
  • Excellent strength
  • Very durable
  • Holding is quite good
  • Unique efficiency


  • Not good for long-range
  • Shock ring is hard

8. Muzzy Trocar Crossbow Archery Arrow Broadhead

Best Crossbow Broadheads for Deer Hunting

The muzzy crossbow broadhead is full of advantages. It has a helix design and three sharp blades that make the design perfect. The blades of the bowhead are very intense and powerful. The penetration power is also quite impressive. It can penetrate deerskin easily.

Muzzy Trocar Crossbow Archery Arrow Broadhead

Therefore, that makes it perfect for hunting. This broadhead can quickly go through it. It was created with one solid piece of steel. That is capable of providing high-level accuracy. Therefore, you will get an exact shot using these.

Muzzy Trocar

For better accuracy, it comes with 100 and 125 grains. By using them, you can achieve deadly accuracy. It causes quite a deep infiltration. You will get a big wound channel on the hit spot.

All of this is due to the large cutting surface. It will not make the animal suffer; it will kill it on the stop. They are tested time after time before launching. So it is perfect at work – an excellent product for hunting.


  • Great accuracy
  • Stable flight
  • Large cutting diameter
  • Great aerodynamic
  • Well built


  • The screw is not tight enough
  • Doesn’t fly accurately

9. Grim Reaper X-Bow Mechanical Broadhead

Best Crossbow Broadheads for Deer Hunting

Grim Reaper is an excellent choice for speedy crossbows. It can fly at a very high speed, and the speed is up to 400 feet per second. They are manufactured in the USA and are more reliable than any other broadheads. It has the best blade retention system than ever.

The mechanical broadhead is capable of creating a 2-inch cutting diameter. Grim Reaper the best crossbow broadhead for turkey hunting uses a spring to keep the blade close. When these blades come to the touch of an animal, it opens. They will not open accidentally and are safe to carry.

Due to the big cutting diameter, it manages to create a decent hole. Through that, holes blood trail, you can easily find the animal. The tip of the bowhead is very sharp and durable and can penetrate through any animal.

The blades are razor-sharp. The sharp edges ensure good penetration power. This is one of the most accurate mechanical broadheads for crossbow you can find on the market. The product features are quite impressive. You need a good shot on your target.


  • Great accuracy
  • Strong and tough
  • Designed for speedy crossbow
  • 1.5-inch-cutting diameter
  • Ideal for hunting


  • Machines are stiff
  • Aluminum ferrule

10. Slick Trick 1-1/16″ Viper Trick 4pk

Best Crossbow Broadheads for Deer

Professional hunters suggest the slick Trick brand. The broadhead performs so well. It will not make you disgrace your choice, and you can keep your faith in this. For hunting deer and beer, this can be an excellent choice. The crossbow broadhead contains a very well-made interior.

It is made of standard materials. Therefore, it is very durable and robust. It is featuring a new blade lock system. The system will help to hold the blade. Consequently, you will get an accurate hit even at a very high speed.

It is designed for on-point precision. Every time you will get an accurate shot, and the broadhead has four blades. The blades of the bowhead are quite sharp and durable. So be careful with the blade.

The best feature of this is it stays on the field point and provides a very stable fly. After a hit, it will leave a trail So that you can follow the wounded. Even at a far distance, penetration power is incredible. It makes it ideal for hunting deer.


  • Excellent durability
  • Four blades design
  • Blades are replaceable
  • Super penetration power
  • Provide stronghold


  • No instruction included
  • Blades are not very sharp

What to Consider When Choosing a Crossbow Broadhead for Deer and Turkey Hunting?

There are some facts that you should know before buying the most accurate crossbow broadhead for deer and turkey hunting. Here we are discussing them in short.


At first, you should about the legitimacy of your desired broadhead. That means the broadhead you want to use is legal in your state.

If you use any crossbow broadhead for deer and turkey hunting that does not meet the legal permission, it can put you behind prison bars. So, make sure that your desired broadhead is legally approved in your state before buying it.


The main target of using a broadhead is to kill an animal. So, choose that broadhead that can go through thick skin and penetrate well organs.

Distance between hunter and object, bows strength, and broadheads performance increase the possibility of successful hunting. That is why; you should be sure about the penetration power of your desired broadhead.


If you throw a bolt to your desired animal, it needs to hit on the right way. Your arrow needs to maintain a proper balance. For this reason, you need to be sure about the durability of the broadhead.


You should carry the broadhead wherever you move. For this, you should choose such a broadhead, which is easy to carry. If it is not suitable for your body, you cannot move to carry this.

Even, a heavy broadhead may not so far to hit the animal. Use smaller blades broadhead to get improved performance.


Diameter is an essential part of choosing a broadhead. Smaller cutting diameter broadheads match very well with most crossbows. Usually, 1.5 inches or fewer diameters are perfect for a great experience in hunting.


It is an essential part of a broadhead. If your broadhead fails to provide the best accuracy, you cannot make it successful for hunting. Therefore, you should select that broadhead, which can give the best efficiency.


Q: What is a crossbow broadhead?
A: A crossbow broadhead is a specialized arrowhead designed to fit onto a crossbow bolt that is used for hunting game animals.

Q: What is the difference between a fixed and expandable crossbow broadhead?
A: Fixed crossbow broadheads have a single piece of metal and are considered more durable, while expandable crossbow broadheads have blades that deploy upon impact and can cause more damage.

Q: What is a chisel tip crossbow broadhead?
A: A chisel tip crossbow broadhead has a pointed front with a beveled edge that helps to increase penetration power on impact.

Q: Can I reuse crossbow broadheads?
A: It depends on the type of broadhead. Fixed broadheads can be reused if they are not damaged, while expandable broadheads are generally considered to be one-time use only.

Q: Can crossbow broadheads be used for target practice?
A: Yes, crossbow broadheads can be used for target practice, but it is recommended to use field points or practice points instead to avoid damage to the broadheads.

Q: How do I sharpen my crossbow broadheads?
A: Crossbow broadheads can be sharpened using a sharpening stone or honing steel. more…

Q: What is the difference between a mechanical and hybrid crossbow broadhead?

Q: Can crossbow broadheads be used for small game hunting?
A: Yes, crossbow broadheads can be used for small game hunting, but it is important to use the appropriate size and weight for the game being hunted.

Q: How do I install a crossbow broadhead?
A: To install a crossbow broadhead, first remove the practice point or field point from the arrow shaft. Then, screw the broadhead onto the arrow shaft using the threads at the base of the broadhead. Tighten securely before use.

Final Thoughts

To ensure successful deer hunting with a crossbow, having a good broadhead is crucial. Without one, your hunt is likely to fail.

After extensive research on the broadheads available in the market, we have identified the best crossbow broadheads for deer hunting. In this article, we have reviewed these top-performing broadheads to help reduce your stress in choosing the perfect one for your hunting game. With our review, you can easily find the best crossbow broadheads for deer hunting and thrive in the upcoming hunting season.

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