The 10 Best Holster Belt in 2023

Best Holster Belt

The best holster belt is not just for holding pants, but also for securing the firearm. It comes in various materials and styles, such as leather or nylon, and features a sturdy buckle. Holster belts have evolved from simple leather straps to stylish and functional accessories.

However, with time, the design and in the belt has seen a drastic change. It was not an accessory for women, even if it was, it was of some other special kind which was for special occasions, but now it is regular wear for women around the world just like earrings or watches for their formal dresses.

Many brands are making different quality belts, but a belt for carrying holster is a different ball game. The best holster belt will have to be stiff and thick enough to support the holster gun’s weight without sagging, stretching or rolling over. There is no place for uncomfortable drawing and access to the firearm. It will have to assure a secure hold and use of the gun.

Quick Answer – Holster Belt


Best Holster Belt


Best Holster Belt


Best Holster Belt


Best Holster Belt


Best Holster Belt


Best Holster Belt


Best Holster Belt


Best Holster Belt


Best Holster Belt


Best Holster Belt


Reviews of the Best Holster Belt

Ordinary people wear belts just as an accessory which holds the pant tightly without causing any discomfort. However, those who own firearms or works in different federal agencies need to use their belt as a support to hold their guns for long hours. So, such an outstanding job requires a serious quality belt.

Since there should be no compromise in investing in the best holster belt available in the market, we are going to develop a list of the same. We will consider the thickness, durability, quality of the material, and much more. Improvement in drawing the gun is also a prime feature of a belt being the best for holding holsters.  So, without wasting much time, let’s commence.

1. Relentless Tactical The Ultimate CCW Gun Belt

Best Holster Belt

Relentless Tactical’s ultimate concealed carry gun belt is a handmade product. It is a USA product which offers a lifetime warranty. It is made of one piece premium 14-ounce full grain US leather. The high-quality leather will not stretch, bend, or sag.

The leather is pure and doesn’t have plastic inserts or multiple piece lamination. It is a thick and stiff CCW gun belt. It carries the weight of a weapon comfortably and conceals it efficiently. The stylish but also sturdy and durable construction is enough for safe use.

It is apt for open carry as well. It will not be wrong to say that this belt is a secure and robust platform for holding inside or outside waistband holster, magazine pouches or flashlights.

The user will not need to worry about it falling apart after vigorous use while holding heavy guns for long hours. Its sturdy buckle uses thick Chicago screws.


  • 14-ounce premium full grain leather
  • Handmade in the USA
  • A robust platform for the holster, mag pouch, flashlight
  • Great for both concealed and open carry
  • Won’t roll over, split, sag, bend or stretch


  • Bleeds color

2. Hanks Gunner – CCW Leather Gun Belt

Hanks is a renowned manufacturer for belts. All Hanks Belts are the USA made. They are so confident about the quality of their belts that they offer 100 years warranty on each one of them.

The first Hanks’s belt in our best holster belt list is the Hanks Gunner which is a one-piece 100% full grain leather belt with no fillers in it. It’s 14oz with 1.5″ widths and approximately .22″-.23″ thickness leather.

The full grain leather is the top layer and the toughest part of the belt. It can carry a good amount of load without stretching, sagging, rolling over, breaking or splitting. It efficiently anchors the holster with the weapon in it and also improves the accessibility of the gun.

Its buckle is removable and fastened with removable Chicago screws. It doesn’t have snaps as well, so there is no chance if breaking of the snaps. The buckle of this belt is changeable whenever required.


  • Durable, 14oz and 0.22″-0.23″ thick belt, made in the USA
  • Skilled Amish Craftsmen making
  • 100% full grain leather
  • Removable buckle fastened with detachable Chicago screws
  • 100 years warranty; no sag, no rollover, no stretching


  • Simple buckle design

3. Hanks Extreme – Leather Gun Belt

Best Holster Belt

Hanks Extreme is another concealed carry gun belt by Hanks that offers versatility for both on-duty and off-duty use. It accommodates both open and concealed carrying of weapons and accessories or can be worn just to hold pants. It can be used for both inside and outside waistband carry.

Made in the USA, this holster belt is a solid one-piece super-thick belt that is ¼” thick and 1.5″ in width. It is crafted to last and uses ultra-thick strips of 17oz full-grain steer hide leather.”

This leather is the toughest and extreme of them all. Its removable heavy duty roller buckle works with belt clip, snaps, loops or paddle. The decorative stitching all over the belt offers a more refined look to it.

This product comes with a remarkable 100-year warranty because it is built to last. It won’t sag, stretch, or roll over and can accommodate a variety of firearms and accessories, from Glocks to magazine pouches, flashlights, and tasers.


  • Thickest and toughest leather belt, made in the USA
  • Single 17oz, thick-strip, full grain steer hide leather
  • Versatile; concealed and open carry
  • No sag, break or stretch on load
  • 100 years of warranty


  • Might be too thick for some

4. Hanks Stitched Gunner Belts

Hanks Stitched Gunner Belts is the creation of Skilled Amish Craftsmen. It is made in the USA from US leather. This US leather is 100% full grain leather and super thick and long-lasting as well. The top layer of the belt is full grain leather which helps it to look great with age and makes it durable. It is vegetable tanned as well, so extremely natural.

It is specially designed for the long haul, so easily handles the extreme conditions and the heavy load of holsters, guns and other accessories for long hours. Drawing the firearms and reholstering them becomes very easy with this belt.

It’s Chicago screw-fastened removable roller buckle is changeable and lasts for years without worrying about snaps breaking all of a sudden. Like other Hanks Belts, this one also is confident enough about its creation and offers a whopping 100 years warranty. It also provides 100% free exchanges if required, and this applies to other Hanks belts as well.


  • Toughest full grain hides support beefy firearms
  • Vegetable tanned leather, made in the USA
  • Guaranteed, no break, durable, one-piece 13-14oz  leather belt
  • Removable buckle with removable Chicago screws
  • 100-year warranty


  • Has issues in the stitches

5. MISSION ELITE Heavy Duty EDC Tactical Belt

Best Holster Belt

MISSION ELITE’s two layers, high-quality  1.5″ nylon webbing belt is sturdy and durable. It is made to handle extreme conditions. This premium quality and reinforced, concealed carry belt is perfectly stiff for supporting IWB or OWB holsters. It also allows the comfortable carry of tools and survival gears.

It is thick yet very lightweight. The buckle is also non-metallic and hence light and comfortable. Its construction is very different from regular leather belts with holes as it doesn’t have holes, so can be adjusted freely and infinitely according to the user’s comfort to the firearms, equipment or gears. It doesn’t bend, sag, fold with or without the load of the guns and tools.

This holster belt is TSA-friendly, perfect for carrying tools, and suitable for both men and women. It also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and can pass through security checkpoints and airports with ease.


  • Two layers of reinforced 1.5″ nylon webbing
  • Infinite adjustability
  • Thicker, stronger, and durable but lightweight
  • Stiff enough to support IWB or OWB holster
  • Airport TSA friendly


  • Frays

6. 5.11 Tactical Operator 1 3/4″ Belt

5.11 tactical operator belt is made of 100% nylon mesh material. This 1.75″ nylon is super strong. It is durable, comfortable, and functional in the extremes of the conditions. It is imported and is 2 inches high and 2 inches wide. This military style belt is not only a perfect CCW  belt but also apt for emergency climbing situations.

It is both fade and rip-resistant. The reinforced stitching is much responsible for it being such a well-webbed gun belt. Its robust stainless steel buckle has a 6000lb rating which is quite high and offers extreme durability. The buckle has a classic black matte finish.

Another noticeable feature of this belt is its velcro locking system. After locking the nylon belt securely in the buckle, it also gets attached with the velcro strap which doubles the safety. It conveniently accommodates all sort of off-duty holsters. It is stiff and sturdy and hence doesn’t bend, sag or lose the shape due to the load.


  • Super strong 1.75 inches 100% nylon mesh material
  • Functional, durable and comfortable imported belt
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Solid stainless steel buckle with a black matte finish
  • Additional velcro strap locking system


  • Slightly heavy

7. CQR Tactical EDC Duty 1.5″ Belt

Best Holster Belt

The CQR Everyday Carry Belt is a durable equipment belt made of 1.5″ strengthened nylon webbing. It is lightweight, rip-resistant, and fitting for military, maintenance, and daily wear. With a 100% full refund assurance, it is a great value and almost indestructible.

It has a non-metal buckle like all other nylon belts. The high-density plastic polymer.buckle is sturdy and thick and hence doesn’t break easily. Like regular leather belts, it doesn’t have holes, so it is easily adjustable according to the size and comfort while carrying holsters or other accessories on it.

The most important feature of this belt is that it is TSA friendly. It is apt for traveling mainly while flying as it passes through the transport security administration and other checkpoints. It is a CQR brand certified product and offers a money back guarantee within 30 days upon dissatisfaction as well.


  • Rip-resistant strengthened nylon webbing
  • Plastic polymer buckle
  • Lightweight and virtually indestructible
  • Suitable for everyday carry and military maintenance
  • CQR brand certified and offers a 30-days full refund


  • Not stiff enough

8. Aker Leather B21 Concealed Carry Gun Belt

Aker Leather’s concealed carry belt is crafted in the USA with the finest vegetable tanned cowhide and raw materials. It functions as a gun belt but is also versatile enough for office and casual wear. Its full leather lining, featured edges, and custom metal buckle and keeper make it a high-end dress belt.

Though it is incredibly stiff, the stiffness is perfect for carrying weapons, holsters, magazine pouches and other tools. It features a polymer insert within its leather construction. This polymer insert gives the belt extra stability and makes it more flexible.

The best part of this holster belt is that it is tested and used by law enforcement and federal agencies all over the world. So, it indeed has a good reputation as a concealed carry gun belt. It has a distinct way of measuring the correct belt size.


  • Vegetable tanned cowhide, raw materials and a custom metal buckle construction
  • Polymer insert prevents weapon sagging or roll over and provides flexibility and stability
  • Tested by law enforcement and federal agencies
  • Functioned and developed as a gun belt but doesn’t look like it
  • Handcrafted in the USA


  • Some might feel poking in the skin due to the stiffness

9. Hanks NO Break Black Out Leather Gun Belt

Best Holster Belt

This super thick gun belt from Hanks Belts is 100% American and offers 100% quality. It is a 17oz and 1.5″ wide 100% full grain, bull hide leather belt with no fillers in it. The full grain leather is in its top layer and makes it sturdy and indestructible. It guarantees no break, no sag, no stretch, and no rollover.

This stylish handcrafted belt offers extensive functionality and is not limited to just being a gun belt. It improves the ability to access and draw, and can fit different styles of holsters.

It comes with a removable buckle and uses Chicago screws to fasten it. The removability allows the user to use their own bought belt buckles and experiment with different seeming belts every day with the same durable, high-quality leather strip. It comes with a 100% free exchange offer and has a 100 years warranty on it.


  • Ultra-thick, no break gun belt
  • 100% full grain bull hide leather
  • Toughest, indestructible, no filler
  • Warranty of 100 years
  • Buckle fastened with Chicago Screws


  • Stretches upon load

10. Hanks Concealed Carry Belt

The last and not the least in our list is another Hanks Belts. It is Hanks CCW Belt – The Enforce. Skilled Amish Craftsmen makes the thick and durable belt, which is 100% American. Made from a 100% full grain leather, this leather is vegetable tanned. It anchors the holster efficiently and works as a reliable platform for holding guns and accessories. It is wide enough to carry heavier and multiple items.

The sturdy buckle is removable, and a new belt buckle of one’s choice can be screwed with the Chicago Screws. Chicago Screws are the replacement of regular snaps which are far more long-lasting and sturdy. All major brands of jeans suits this belt without any issue

Made to last for years this robust belt comes with a 100 years warranty, like all other Hanks belts. It will not break or sag, neither it is going to roll over or stretch.


  • Durable, thick, no break leather gun belt
  • 100% full grain extra thick USA leather
  • Made by Skilled Amish Craftsmen
  • Vegetable Tanned, no break, no sag, no rollover
  • 100 years warranty


  • Pricey

Buying Guide of the Best Holster Belt

It is necessary to consider a few things such as durability, construction, materials, and comfort when choosing the right holster belt. If you are going to purchase a holster belt, here are the key factors to consider:


Holster belts are usually designed to be very strong. And so, they need to be wider enough to safely support the weight of any gear you anchor to it. Usually, the thickness of most holster belts is between 1.25 and 2 inches. So, don’t go for a thinner belt that won’t hold your gear as well.


Generally, holster belts are constructed of sturdy and rugged material, such as Nylon or leather. They also feature a removable buckle, making it easier to put the weapon in and out of the holster belt. It would be best to go for a well-built holster belt made from heavy-duty materials that withstand almost any wear and tear.


Holster belt buckles come in various styles, but the most important thing is that they should withstand the weight of whatever you’re carrying. Besides, your holster buckle should be convenient to adjust. Some holster belt buckles are also made of plastic, eliminating the need to remove the belt when passing through a metal detector.


The thing that makes a holster belt better than most other belts is its rigidity. A tactical belt should be robust enough to reliably support your everyday gear, such as a firearm, flashlight, or other tactical tools. Furthermore, if your belt is loose or floppy, the equipment you carry with it will not remain in place and may fall off. Therefore, when shopping for a holster belt, look for one that is sturdy enough to provide support but maintaining flexibility enough to be worn.


Tactical belts are intended to carry a lot of gear, and if they aren’t comfortable, it will make your job more difficult. If you’re looking for the most comfortable tactical belt, go with leather. Again, Nylon also has a smooth texture and is relatively lightweight, but it’s essential to wear the correct size to ensure maximum comfort and security from the Nylon holster belt.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a holster belt?
A: A holster belt is a type of gun belt that is designed to securely hold a holster, allowing you to carry a firearm comfortably and safely.

Q: What are the benefits of using a holster belt?
A: A holster belt provides a secure and stable platform for your firearm, allowing for a smooth and quick draw. It also helps distribute the weight of the firearm evenly, reducing fatigue and discomfort.

Q: How do I choose the right size holster belt?
A: To choose the right size holster belt, measure your waist size and choose a belt that matches that measurement. Be sure to factor in the weight of your firearm and any additional accessories you plan to carry.

Q: Can I use a holster belt for concealed carry?
A: Yes, many holster belts are designed specifically for concealed carry, with features like low-profile buckles and minimalistic designs.

Q: Are holster belts adjustable?
A: Yes, many holster belts are adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune the fit for maximum comfort and stability.

Q: What types of holsters are compatible with holster belts?
A: Most types of holsters are compatible with holster belts, including inside-the-waistband (IWB), outside-the-waistband (OWB), and ankle holsters.

Q: Are all holster belts suitable for all firearms?
A: No, some holster belts may not be suitable for larger or heavier firearms. Be sure to choose a holster belt that is rated for the weight of your firearm.

Q: How do I care for my holster belt?
A: To care for your holster belt, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and conditioning. Avoid exposing the belt to extreme temperatures or moisture.

Final Thoughts

Holster belts are structurally very different from regular belts. However, the nylon or leather belts are so stylish and sleek look-wise, that they are wearable as high-end dress belts. To top it all certain belts last for more than what we need them to serve.

As we have already seen, some belt manufacturers are so confident and sure about their products that they are offering lifelong guarantee without any hesitant. So, once you invest in these belts, they will last for years, and with the buckle changing features, you can maintain the versatility as well.

The holster belts are not for just the people who own firearms. They particularly intend to hold weight and designed accordingly hence an apt accessory for electricians, security guards, utility workers as well.

Even if you do not own a gun, you can buy one from our list to carry your flashlights or electrical tools and more. We intended to search a bunch of high-quality holster belts considering the main features the best holster belt should have. We hope our information will be helpful to you.

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