Longbow VS Recurve Bow

Longbow vs Recurve Bow: Longbows and Recurve Bows have been around for centuries, and each one is fun to shoot and capable of tremendous power.

So which type of bow, longbow or recurve bow, is best for hunting? Recurve bows are better than longbows for hunting.

Longbows derive strength from the stiffness and length of the arc, while bends use the elasticity of a curved shape. This is why a curved bow usually gives you more power and speed when compared to a longbow of a similar size.

Longbow vs Recurve Bow

What Is the Difference Between a Longbow and a Recurve Bow for Hunting?

Longbows are very tall bows with an average length of 64 inches. This makes him sometimes as tall as the person who uses him.

Longbows are very popular. The Celts invented them in Wales around 1180 BC. E., Which means that the longbow has been around for almost a thousand years. The English military widely adopted the longbow in the late 1300s.

A longbow can be very simple. All you need is a long elastic stick that can bend into a bow and string shape. Or you can buy a very simple long longbow and start hunting in small games.

A Beginner’s Recurve Bow is slightly more effective and easier to identify by its curved points at each end of the arc, the central portions of the limbs curving towards the archer, and the ends of the limbs curving away from the limbs archer.

A Recurve Bow stores much more energy than a longbow and also delivers more energy more efficiently, which helps you increase power and boom speed when released. Recurve bow is mainly used in sports or objective archery, as seen in the Olympic Games.

The main variation between a longbow and a recurve bow is its shape; the shape of a longbow is “D,” while the repeating recurve more curved. Both bows are efficient, reliable, and hunting capable, so your decision on which to use should be based on your preference.

Some users claim that the longbow is much more challenging to aim and takes a long time to master, although many archers enjoy using this bow. In my experience, a longbow with enough hunting power is more difficult to lift and maneuver due to its long length and is less ideal for hunting unless you want to experience Robin Hood.

Another consideration to draw the weight, many places have weight and hunting laws. You will need a bow that weighs at least 40 pounds to use for hunting in most cases.

There are many longbows and repeating arches with extraction weights of 40 pounds or more. But again, bows are more effective when it comes to extracting weight based on the length and stiffness of the wood, which means that heavy bows are more common and easier to use, especially for hunting.

If this is just the beginning, I think a longbow would be great practice for beginners. Still, over time, I recommend going up the stairs and getting a recurve bow or even a compound bow, especially if you prepare to use it for any type of hunting.

Other advantages of recurve in its design. It is often made from a wider variety of materials, such as fiberglass or wood laminates, which make the bow very durable.

What Are the Longbows and Recurve Bow in Size?

Longbows are longer than recurve bows. The longbow is usually 4 to 6 feet long. You can choose your longbow based on your height, but if you chose a long and recurved bow, comparable, the longbow would be significantly longer.

Recurve bows were first designed for use on horses or in confined spaces, so they use a curve to shorten the length of the arch without losing power. Most recurve bows are 48 to 70 inches long.

Which Bow Is Faster?

A recurve bow has a slightly higher velocity than a long one because it stores more energy, and release is much more efficient. A recurve bow throws an arrow faster than a longbow with the same thrust weight.

However, the speed also depends on the lift, rope, and boom. Some resources record speeds of 190-210 feet per second (fps), and some claim to have reached 220 fps.

The speed of the English longbow was fixed at 177 frames per second. That’s a pretty decent speed, but it also proves that the recurve bow is much faster. Even a modern longbow can never be as fast as bending with the same weight and the same arrow weight.

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