The 10 Best Recurve Bow for Beginners in 2020

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A recurve bow is an excellent tool for inexperienced archers who want to get into archery. It comes with limbs curving away from the users when they unstring it. It usually made of wood and features a single string.

These bows are more basic and more straightforward compared to the compound bows. They have shorter strings and weigh less than compound bows. But they are fit enough to try hunting, target shooting, or 3D archery.

Best Recurve Bow for Beginners

They are powerful, cheap, as well as easy to handle. Therefore, young bunters and beginners prefer them over other bows. If you search in stores and commercial sites, you will find thousands of options. But not everything is for everyone.

It is normal to be confused about picking the right one among a variety of recurve bows. So you might be thinking about which one is the best recurve bow for beginners. To help you out in this regard, we are presenting details of the best recurve bows you would like to try.

Quick Answer – Recurve Bow for Beginners

1. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

2. Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow

3. Courage Sas Hunting Takedown Recurve Archery Bow

4. Spyder and Spyder Xl Takedown Recurve Bow

5. Toparchery Archery Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

6. Sa Sports Majestic Youth Compound Recurve Bow

7. Crosman Archery Sentinel Youth Recurve Bow

8. Southland Archery Supply Take Down Recurve Bow

9. Ragim Wildcat Plus Recurve Bow Complete Archery Set

10. Easton Youth Beginner Recurve Bow Kit

Reviews of the Best Recurve Bow for Beginners

Before selecting any bow, you must consider some basic characteristics. It is essential to find perfect draw weight based on your sex, physique, weight, and strength. It is smart to buy bows with interchangeable limbs for having more control on draw weight.

The bow should not be too large or heavy for you. Don’t forget to check the limb length, riser’s type, construction, string quality, styling, and the kind of arrow rest. Above all, the expense of the bow should not cross your budget limit.

We have researched and used many products keeping all these facts in mind. We also considered the other user’s reviews and finally selected 10 recurve bows for your consideration. Let’s discuss the advantages, disadvantages, necessary, and additional details of the best recurve bow for beginners.

1. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Best Recurve Bow for BeginnersIf you are looking for an excellent bow at a reasonable price, go for this one. The Samick Sage recurve bow is 62-inch long, which is enough for most users. The manufacturers use Oak, Hard Maple, and Dymondwood for constructing the riser.

So it is durable enough to undergo loss of abrasion and pressure. It allows maximum 29 inches draw length and 7 1/4 inch to 8 1/4 inch brace height. The manufacturer designed both right-handed and left-handed and right-handed models for their customers.

It is super easy to assemble. For new archers, it offers a variety of draw weights. The weights vary from 25 pounds to 60 pounds with five-pound increments. As it features upgradeable limbs, you can change the draw weight by changing limbs whenever you want.

The limbs are constructed from hard maple with black fiberglass. It comes with both bowstring and arrow rest, so you don’t have to purchase them separately. It has built-in brass bushings for a stabilizer, sight, brass plunger, and quiver.

Such brushing is super flexible and resists corrosion. With the versatile product, you won’t need any extra tool fo takedown. Besides, it gives you numerous scopes for adding different accessories without any trouble.


  • High-quality bowstring, arrow rest and limbs
  • Built-in brass bushings
  • Changeable draw weight
  • Easy to assemble and add accessories
  • Tool-free takedown


  • String upgrade and silencer are recommended

2. Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow

Best Recurve Bow for BeginnersThis compact recurve bow is mostly known for its fast and accurate shooting. It is a 62-inch bow ideal for hunting and target practising. The most peculiar characteristic of the bow is its versatility.

It is designed for both right-handed and left-handed archers and suitable for new to intermediate users. It is made from naturally sourced wood with a compact and lightweight design.

The producers give you many options to choose the draw weight according to your comfort. The range starts from 20lb to 60lb with 5lb increments. The Southwest bow features preinstalled threaded bushings.

These are essential for several accessory upgrades, including quivers, mechanical rests, and stabilizers. Unlike most other recurve bows, its reinforced limb tips support shooting with regular and special strings.

The users can use fast flight and flemish string for obtaining higher performance than usual. The package includes one handcrafted riser, one stick-on adhesive arrow rest, a pair of limbs, and 14 strand Dacron strings.

You can assemble the product by following the step by step instructions as well as photos of the manual. As it doesn’t come with a stringer tool, you can buy it separately with the product. You will also receive a 1-year manufacturer warranty while registering online after your purchase.


  • Interchangeable limbs, various draw weight
  • Preinstalled threaded bushings
  • Reinforced limb tips for special strings.
  • Riser, pair of limbs, arrow rest and strings are included
  • Easy assembly and disassembly


  • Requires extra items for the takedown

3. Courage SAS Hunting Takedown Recurve Archery Bow

Best Recurve Bow for BeginnersThe Courage SAS recurve bow is another masterpiece for new left-handed and right-handed arrow shooters. It features stiff limbs created from Makore and Maple wood laminations.

They come along with high strength fiberglass face. The riser is also made from Makore, Bintangor, and Chuglam hardwoods. It is more solid compared to the other risers in the similar price range.

Such unique and robust construction guarantees higher strength, long life, and sturdiness of the product. This 60-inch bow offers 35 to 55lbs draw weight for users. You can start practising with lower draw weight, and after developing skills, replace it with a higher one.

With a higher draw weight, you will notice more accurate and faster arrow speed. The bow will enable you to shoot more precisely with great comfort and stability.

While purchasing the bow, you will receive one bowstring and one rug rest as part of the package. Besides, the suppliers give a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty to their customers. The warranty only works for the replacement of defective body parts or repairment the damaged portion.


  • 60-inch bow with different draw lengths
  • Wood limb faced with fiberglass
  • Heavy-duty, hardwood riser
  • 3-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Comes with a bowstring and a rug rest


  • Might vibrate a little bit while shooting

4. Spyder and Spyder XL Takedown Recurve Bow

Best Recurve Bow for BeginnersThe Spyder bow consists of carbon and manufactured by Southwest Archery company. If you want bows with draw length over 29-inch, you should buy the XL version of the bow.

It is designed for both left and right hand oriented people. The left-handed archer can hold the bow in their left hand while pulling the string with the right one and vice-versa.

The kit includes three 31.5-inch long premium carbon arrows with 4-inch feathers. The arrows feature installed insert sleeves and 100-grain arrow tips. Besides, it also contains bowstring, arrow rest, stringer tool, and armguard.

So you don’t have to spend more cash to get these separately. Moreover, users will get an Airline approved case. The case has pre-installed broadhead wrench and spacious compartments for placing items.

You can lock the case and travel with it without worrying about the protection of accessories. The limbs of the bow feature reinforced limb tips that are compatible with the fast flight. Again, flush limb bolts give the recurve bow a more streamlined style.

It has a sleek design with the hard edges of the riser and rounded limb pockets. The ergonomic structure will undoubtedly give you a comfortable and precise hunting experience. Last but not least, this product has a 1-year warranty provided by SouthWest Archery manufacturers.


  • Equipped with arrows, case, and other accessories
  • Fast flight compatible reinforced limb tips
  • Sleek design, lightweight and comfortable
  • One year manufacturer warranty


  • The stringer could have a better quality

5. Toparchery Archery Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

Best Recurve Bow for BeginnersThe Toparchery Archery is a 56-inch long recurve bow with 17-inch riser and 53-inch limb. It features a 6.7-inch long limb and 7.4-inch tall brace height. It enables the archers to fire arrows with a maximum 30-inch draw length.

It has a high-quality casting aluminum riser, which withstands lots of pressure. It is perfect for aluminum and carbon arrows. This recurve bow is specially designed for the right-handed shooters. The limb is made of fiberglass with a robust maple wood construction in the centre.

The producers also sell limbs separately for changing the draw weight. It offers a good range of draw weight, starting from 30 to 50lbs. So the new archers can work with lower draw weight and increase if necessary.

The overall package contains a bowstring, a riser, two bow limbs, and an arrow rest. There is a bow case too for organizing all items and accessories. Anyone can set this up following the guidelines of the instruction book within a few minutes.

Now, you might be thinking about the price of the product considering its extraordinary qualities. It comes at a super affordable price with a 1-year bow warranty. The manufacturers provide a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee to their customers. They also offer a full refund if the product fails to satisfy the buyers.


  • 56-inch bow with variable draw eright.
  • Sturdy and rubberized casting aluminum riser
  • Durable fiberglass limb
  • 1-year warranty, 100-percent satisfaction guaranteed
  • Great design, reasonable price


  • Only designed for the right-handed shooters

6. SA Sports Majestic Youth Compound Recurve Bow

Best Recurve Bow for BeginnersThe SA Sports Majestic bow reflects a perfect combination of design and performance. It is made from fiberglass and aluminum. Its lightweight molded limbs are covered with pink camouflage patterns.

It features 20-pound draw weight as well as adjustable draw length. The bow is equipped with a finger tab and an armguard for ensuring the user’s comfort and safety while shooting. This bow is best suitable for the right-handed female archers.

This recurve bow features a sight bracket with an arrow rest and brass sight pin. The users can adjust the brass sight pin based on their needs. If you are not satisfied with the arrow rest, you can replace it with a new one.

It is also integrated with a full-size quiver, and two arrows for target practice. It features 20-pound draw weight as well as adjustable draw length. It lets the users quickly change the draw length using the three integrated draw-adjustment slots.

Therefore, the new and young shooters can select the most appropriate draw length for them. All these incredible properties place the bow in the list of best recurve bow for beginners.


  • Adjustable draw length
  • Coupled with a finger tab and an arm-guard
  • Includes a sight bracket, arrow rest and adjustable brass sight pin
  • Pink camouflage finish
  • Integrated quiver and two target arrows


  • Small and uncomfortable wrist-guard

7. Crosman Archery Sentinel Youth Recurve Bow

Best Recurve Bow for BeginnersThis incredible bow consists of the highest quality components. It is a 45-inch long bow weighing 2.20 Pounds. It is equipped with long and durable fiberglass composite limbs for improved balance and precise firing. You will get weather-resistant custom strings along with the bow.

Its 20 lbs draw weight, and 25-inch draw-length range is ideal for all users, especially for beginners. With an 8-inch tall brace and a composite riser, it can give you the best experiences of archery.

It can fire arrows with a velocity of 70 fps. You need to balance the bow by the left hand and pull the string using the right one. If you are not right-handed, this one is not for you. But the setup of the lower impact bow is suitable for all beginner, intermediate, and expert shooters.

The Crosman Archery Sentinel recurve bow comes pre-assembled and with a package of lots of accessories. The complete package set includes two composite youth arrows with two-piece quiver, pin sight, and arrow rest. The bow is also integrated with an arm-guard and a finger tab for the safety of users.


  • Composite limbs for precise shooting
  • Consist of the highest quality materials
  • Pre-assembled bow with various accessories
  • 45-inch bow with a 25-inch max draw length
  • Arm-guard and finger tab are included


  • Can’t accurately shoot arrows very far

8. Southland Archery Supply Take Down Recurve Bow

Best Recurve Bow for BeginnersThis 62-inch long bow consists of maple laminations and fiberglass. Its fiberglass limbs are strong enough to endure abrasion while firing arrows. The producers use three different kinds of wood (Chuglam, Gmelina Arborea, and Beech) to make its riser.

This unique combination is responsible for the pale yellow to the cream-coloured appearance of the bow riser. It is designed in such a way that the users will get both flexibility and durability they need. It is so easy to bend the bow, but it will be hardest to break.

It is suitable for all people above 5’7″ regardless of their hand orientation. It features four different draw weights (22, 26, 30, 34 Lbs) for the people with different skill and comfort levels.

For example, 22 draw weight will be perfect for teenagers below 20 years old. That’s why it is called one of the best takedown recurve bows for young as well as adult archers.

Now, be ready for the big surprise. The product arrives with a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty given by Southland Archery Supply. You will hardly find such a long time warranty for the products within the same price range.


  • High-strength fiberglass limb
  • Various draw weight options
  • Maple laminations construction
  • 3-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Flexible, strong and durable


  • The strings are quite small and don’t fit over the limb tips

9. Ragim Wildcat PLUS Recurve Bow Complete Archery Set

Best Recurve Bow for BeginnersThis 62-inch product is suitable for eight years old achers and older. The well-made Italian bow looks stylish as well as shoots quite well. The metallic sight offers easy adjustment for getting a more precise aim.

The lightweight sight structure is super strong and sturdy. It helps to connect the pre-tapped holes to the side of the sight window. It has a tab-style arrow rest. Due to the plastic construction of the arrow rest, it becomes long-lasting and adapts many arrow launching capabilities.

It is coupled with a black vinyl leatherette belt quiver. The quiver came along with belt hooks and made of good-quality materials. It can hold up to 12 regular arrows.

The users will receive four Easton trooper arrows along with the bow. These feather fletched and steel-tipped arrows generally consist of fiberglass, making them perfectly straight and robust. It’s leather finger tab ensures smooth and safe finger release.

Lastly, it comes with an instructional book. This book described the basics of sighting techniques, new archery equipment using methods, and all technical information for the beginners. The guidelines are clear, well written, and you will not face problems if you follow the instructions correctly.


  • 62-long Takedown bow
  • Integrated complete archery set
  • Quality quiver and arrows
  • Adjustable metallic sight
  • Plastic tab-style arrow rest


  • Poor quality kits

10. Easton Youth Beginner Recurve Bow Kit

Best Recurve Bow for BeginnersThe 52-inch Easton recurve bow is made from composite ingredients and weighs 3.40 Pounds. It comes in an ambidextrous design. So, both right or left-handed archers can use this.

The bow allows draw-weight variation from 10 to 20 pounds. Thus, young users can choose the specific one which lies in their comfort zone. The draw can be drawn up to a 26-inch wide. It’s custom Dacron string is reasonably thick to prevent any breaking issues.

The complete package covers three arrows and a large hip quiver. The 28-inch long 1816 vane fletched arrows are made of Easton aluminum. The quiver con contains 12 arrows and also made of a high-quality fabric named 600D (Denier).

You can attach it to your clothes easily. With the associated arm guard and finger tab, it ensures a comfort finger release along with injury protection. The bow comes with a single bow sight pin and arrow rest with it.

But these items don’t come pre-installed. It requires some assemblies which are easy to do. Overall, this easy-to-handle bow is one of your best choices to start learning about archery.


  • Ambidextrous design
  • High-strenth polymer and glass construction
  • Included arrows, quiver, arm guard and finger tab
  • Integrated string and sight channel
  • Adjustable draw weight


  • Easily breakable arrow rest

Final Thoughts

This list contains all details about some unbeatable bow models. If you choose any of them, we guarantee you that it will worth every penny. As you can see, all recurve bows come with some standard and unique features. So, you need to focus on the properties you want in your bow.

Be clear about your requirements and compare different bows with each other. Pick the specific one that can fulfill most of your demands. We wish these guidelines will be helpful enough to get the best recurve bow for beginners.


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