The 10 Best Arrows for Recurve Bow in 2023

The Best Arrows for Recurve Bow: Hunting is a work that checks the patience of the hunter. In bowhunting, the job is much challenging. For successful bow hunting, you need to have all the items.

Arrows are an essential item for this purpose. You need to choose the much stable, sturdy, and straight-arrow, which can provide you the maximum accuracy and speed. Otherwise, you can’t be successful in bowhunting.

And to enjoy excellent bow hunting by recurve bows, you need to choose the best arrows for recurve bow. Not all arrows are suitable for hunting. That’s why; you need to select this carefully.

Best Arrows for Recurve Bow

Reviews of the Best Arrows for Recurve Bow

A right arrow is a must if you want to enjoy the taste of successful bowhunting. It is a matter of stress to find out the most durable, sturdy, and accurate bow from thousand of arrows. And the task becomes much harder when you are going to hunt using a recurve bow.

All bolts are not suitable for recurve bows, and there are thousands available in the market. So, this is so much important to find out the perfect arrow. To reduce your stress on finding the hunting arrows for recurve bow, we have researched very well.

As a result, we have found out the right arrows for recurve hunting. Here we are giving reviews on the ten Best Arrows for Recurve Bow in this article. We hope these reviews will help you much to find out and buy the arrows for recurve.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Arrows for Recurve Bow

1. Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

Best Arrows for Recurve Bow


  • Spine consistency
  • Precision nock
  • Consistent accuracy
  • High penetration
  • Offers maximum kinetic energy


  • Do not come with 100-grain field point
  • Too heavy

A good hunter must need a pack of high-quality arrows. For the hunter who wants ultimate bone-crushing penetration, this carbon cross bolt is the best choice for them. It enables them to shoot accurately.

It is one of the heaviest carbon arrows in Carbon Express’s lineup. This more massive carbon bolt creates maximum kinetic energy and higher knockdown power so that the hunter gains supreme confidence to track even the largest of prey, Carbon Express products are engineered with innovation, precision, and performance.

The composite material is exceptionally durable and offers better spine consistency. You can quickly relay on this carbon cross-bolt for its advanced construction, and you can rely on its repeat performance. The advanced development of Carbon Express ensures greater accuracy.

In every six-pack of bolts, it includes inserted moon nocks & an additional six universal flat nocks. Each bolt is precision shorted to guarantee repeated shot consistency. The straightness of the accuracy is +/- 0.004 inches, and the bolt is fletched with 4inches vanes. The diameter of the bolt is 0.348″, size 20″, and it weighs 442 grains.

2. Feather Fletched Easton XX75 Jazz Aluminum Arrows

Best Arrows for Recurve Bow


  • Consistent product
  • Durable for outdoor target practice
  • Great for beginners3
  • Suitable for recurve bow
  • Aluminum quality is good


  • Tips need frequent tightening

The Feather Fletched Easton Jazz Aluminum Arrows can be the best option for you if you are a beginner in archery. And if you are looking for some solid arrow until you learn enough to move onto something better, this can be the best choice.

This arrow is appropriate for three years old archer and upper ages – these arrows sold as a set of six. The color of the feather may vary from each production, but the color will be matched in the sets. It is comprised of high-quality aluminum. For that, it ensures ultimate durability.

The arrows do not bend easily as the bolt has parabolic feathers with right-wing helical that helps to spin the shaft in flight. The length of the feather varies from 3 to 4 inches, depending on the shaft size. You can also choose different sizes, such as 1716, 1816, and 1916.

In essence,  they are cut to length; 1716 and 1816 come with one-piece glue in the target point while the 1916s come with an aluminum insert installed. It also features a 100gr screw-in point. The arrows have steel tips and plastic nocks so that the user can replace it. The shaft is right for 15lb to 50lb bow weights.

3. Tiger Archery 30Inch Carbon Arrow

Tiger Archery 30Inch


  • Extremely durable
  • Good value
  • Suitable for recurve bow
  • Nickel-plated e. Replaceable nocks


  • Arrow tips need frequent tightening
  • Fletching quality is poor

Tiger Archery 30Inch Carbon Arrows are solid and well made. The arrow comes with exceptionally well packaged. The package includes 12 pieces of carbon arrows and six nocks for free. The nocks are replaceable as they are not fixed by glue, and you can also adjust them.

The qualities of these arrows are impeccable. For flight stability and accuracy, they are stable. If you are using a recurve bow, then this arrow is perfect for you. The shaft is also suitable for compound bow and longbows that weight 40 – 60 pounds.

As the material of the arrow is carbon, the durability of the arrow is extended. It also lasts long while target practicing. The colored plastic fletching makes flight always pointed in the right way. The tips of the arrow are nickel-plated stainless steel, which is perfect for outdoor shooting as well as target practice.

The arrow is fletching with two black one white vanes. The length is 30″, full length: 31.5″, spine: 500, GPI: 13.0 grain. The shaft diameter: Outer 7.85mm Inner 6.2mm, and it weighs about 35g each.

4. Huntingdoor 6 PCS Hunting Arrows

Huntingdoor 6 PCS


  • Perfect for bow hunting
  • Pure handmade wooden arrow
  • Perfect for recurve, compound, and longbows
  • Extremely durable
  • Metal arrowhead


  • Do not fly best at more extended range

Huntingdoor is manufacturing handmade bows and arrows for many years. So, if you need any handmade archery accessories, you can trust Huntingdoor. These are the pure handmade natural wooden traditional arrows.

These arrows are perfect for recurve, compound (except all-capture arrow rest), and longbows.  It is made in China in its traditional way. The shaft of this arrow is super light, and this can stabilize much quicker. These arrows are a 6x high-quality arrows for standard hunting and target practice. This arrow body is wooden with a metal arrowhead.

The arrow comes with a nock, fletched, and all ready to shoot, and these arrows are perfect for bow hunting or target practice. The indicator is fit for the 40-60lbs bow. The arrow is fletched with three pieces of pheasant feathers that are 5 inches long.

The shafts of these arrows are light, and it stabilizes very quickly. The diameter of the shaft is 5/16,” and the length of the arrow is 31″. The net weight of the arrow is about 45g per. This fantastic arrow comes in two colors: black and white.

5. MS Jumpper Archery Carbon Arrows

Best Arrows for Recurve Bow


  • Extraordinary durable
  • Ensures Low hand-shock
  • High-quality Carbon Fiber
  • Perfect for hunting/targeting practice
  • Low price


  • The arrow tips do not stay on
  • Nocks are not so strong.

MS Jumpper Archery Carbon Arrows are made of good quality carbon. The arrow is lightweight, and it is the perfect fit for traditional bow, takedown recurve bows, compound bow, and also longbow. This arrow is suitable for target practice as a 100-grain point is ideal for hunting or targeting practice.

Its 6PK carbon fiber allows this arrow for hunting that provides excellent performance. It offers a low hand-shock. It is on the list of best arrows for recurve bow for its great features. Its price is also reasonable.

The arrow has a replaceable screw-in, which is made of stainless steel. The hunting precision of the arrow is 28-30 inches. The length of this shaft is 28-31inches, and its carbon fiber arrow’s spine size is 400.

It is highly durable and suitable for extended use. Besides, the arrow includes fletching with two black one red 4″ palate shape real feathers. For the draw, the arrow weights up to 65 pounds bows. The carbon fiber shaft, nocks, tips, and fletching is of high quality and well installed. You can choose this arrow to get the best output on bowhunting.

6. ANTSIR Carbon Arrow for Adult-30 Inch Shaft

Best Arrows for Recurve Bow


  • High-quality
  • Much Stronger
  • Sharper tips
  • It enhances target penetration
  • Adjustable nocks


  • Fletching is of low quality but replaceable
  • Tips fall out easily

ANTSIR Carbon Arrow is one of the top arrows for recurve target shooting available in the marketplace. It is perfect for bows weighing between 30 to 40 pounds. There are 12 pieces of 30-inch arrows in every pack. All arrows have stiff and lightweight carbon shafts.

They also have improved wall thickness for added durability; these light arrows can fly straight through the air. It’s easy to hit a bullseye from 20 feet away with these arrows. The ANTSIR carbon arrow is very flexible.

The ANTSIR Carbon Arrow matches with replacement field points and enhances target penetration and optimal accuracy. It has adjustable nocks to fix the nocks according to the bow. Each arrow weighs around 28 grams.

The notches of these arrows are not correctly set because of its screw tip feature. It helps to make any customization. Each of the arrows features colored plastic fletching and nickel-plated tips.

For that, they become the best option for target practice and outdoor shooting. So, the fletching won’t come out while shooting. The ANTSIR Carbon Arrow is a perfect and robust hunting arrow.

7. Huntingdoor 30″ Archery Carbon Target Arrows

Huntingdoor 30" Archery


  • Steel target point
  • Improved wall thickness
  • Lightweight, stiff carbon shaft
  • Ensures low hand-shock
  • Replaceable 100grain tips
  • Good performance


  • A bit heavy
  • Nocks may fall out

The Huntingdoor Archery Arrows are ideal weapons for mid-range shooting. This lightweight carbon arrow is trendy among shooters and comes in each pack with 12 pieces of the arrow. These lightweight, stiff carbon shafts are 36 grams and 31 inches long.

It has improved wall thickness to become more durable. These fierce arrows do not break after a lot of shots. For their lighter weight and perfect speed, these arrows are popular among sports hunters.

It has obtained a place in the list of hunting arrows for recurve bows, because of its excellent craftsmanship and other great features. The Huntingdon Archery Target Arrows deliver high speed, low hand shock. These arrows deliver excellent performance.

The screw tips of the arrows are  100-grain replaceable and straightforward to use.  These arrows also come with some noticeable features such as carbon shaft, plastic vanes, target points, etc.

These arrows are perfect for compound bows with a draw weight of 40-55 pounds. These also work very well with longbow or recurve bows. You will get two pieces of arrows in a single packet.

8. Carbon Express Maxima Carbon Arrows

Carbon Express Maxima


  • Accurate and precise
  • Improved wall thickness
  • Laser checked straightness
  • High-quality construction
  • Top-quality material
  • Dynamic spine


  • A bit Costly
  • Poor straightness

If you want to enjoy successful bowhunting, then you have to choose the good arrows for recurve bow. Carbon Express Maxima Red Fletched Carbon Arrows are very good for target shooting. It is in the list of best arrows for recurve for its durability, accuracy, and performance.

Carbon Express is a well-known company for making top-quality carbon arrows. These arrows are designed in a way to get maximum accuracy and excellent execution and made with high-quality carbon materials.

It manages dynamic spine effectively. Maxima red also uses a different carbon material that nock comfortably and shoot straight forward. The red area is an arrow shaft that contains a dynamic spine.

The Maxima red comes in two different versions, Maxima red 250 and Maxima red 350. Maxima 250 have a straightness of 0.0025, and the spine is 0.417 inches. Again, the straightness of Maxima 350 is 0.0025, and the needle is 0.342 inches.

These arrows have launchpad precision nocks and shafts to provide controlled arrow release. The Maxima red has shaft straightness of a remarkable 1/10000 per inch. This arrow’s maximum straightness measure is ±0.0025-inch. The Carbon Express hit the target with the utmost accuracy.

9. Gold Tip Traditional Arrows

Best Arrows for Recurve Bow


  • Maximum accuracy
  • Very much consistent
  • Well crafted
  • Traditional design
  • Very straight


  • Pretty expensive
  • Nocks can get lost with frequent using.

For a successful bowhunting, a good arrow is a must. A good quality arrow provides maximum accuracy, durability, and speed to hit on the target. The Gold Tip is well known for its toughness and efficiency.

Gold tip Traditional Arrows are made of 100% carbon with a wood grain finish. For this reason, these arrows have high durability with the look of a wooden shaft. It is nearly impossible for traditional bowhunters to resist it.

Furthermore, these arrows are lightweight and fly straight forward. It has a perfect weight requiring by most traditionalists. They have conventional gold tips and flushed with high-quality turkey feathers.

Gold Tip Traditional arrows are very sturdy. They have the perfect balance of speed, as well. These arrows have remarkable straightness of +/-0.006,” and 0 .246 gt series nock sed on these arrows. Gold tip arrows are suitable for hunting, target practicing, stump shooting, etc.

These arrows are kind of costly but also well crafted. They have +-2 gr. of weight tolerance. The unique traditional look with a sturdy body made these arrows very popular among all kinds of users. These arrows are suitable to use with all types of bows. It has various colors.

10. GPP28 Fiberglass Archery Target Arrows

Best Arrows for Recurve Bow


  • Enhanced visibility
  • Affordable price
  • Much durable
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Weather protected


  • The Shatters after extended use
  • Poor quality

GPP28 Fiberglass Archery Target arrows are compatible with recurved and traditional bows. They are ideal for novices. These arrows are highly compatible with crossbows and contain soft plastic vanes for stability during flight.

These arrows have field-pointed; as a result, users can perform target practice. GPP28 provides excellent performance for beginners. Its fiberglass shaft offers proper in-flight projection, and these are ideal for softer targets. Its price is not so high. It is cheaper than its quality.

It is a lightweight and long-range arrow. Its shaft straightness is 1/10000 of an inch and contains +/-0.0025 inches tolerance zone. Again, the length of this arrow is 28 inches, and the arrow shaft’s outer diameter is 7mm.

These arrow tips feature threads, which users can screw in and out of the shaft. There are multi-colored fletches on these 28-inch glass hunting arrows that enable users to monitor their path. Their high visibility makes it simple to recover them. They are colorful and seem attractive to users.  The weight of this excellent quality arrow is 14.8 ounces only.

Arrows for Recurve Bow Buying Guide

The purchase of an arrow is very complicated. It is necessary to consider the material, length, weight, plumage, etc. So, here we will discuss the factors you should consider for buying the best arrows for recurve bow.


Arrow materials are wood, aluminum, and carbon. Aluminum arrows are straight, carbon arrows are light, and carbon aluminum arrows are both but expensive.

Wooden: Wooden arrows are the most inexpensive arrows with a reasonable margin of safety. They are heavy and require special treatment to protect them from moisture. Suitable for shooting traditional bows, training beginners, actively used by “reenactors.” Since wood is a fairly heavy material, the diameter of the base of wooden arrows, as a rule, does not exceed 8 mm.

Fiberglass: These arrows are inexpensive, lightweight, and used for mastering techniques and shooting practice. They can be deformed, but you can restore their shape.

Aluminum: Aluminum arrows features strength and stiffness. They perform well in flight but are expensive enough for an amateur shooting. Professional sportspeople and hunters use them with all types of bows.

Carbon: These lightweight and durable arrows have excellent flight characteristics. You can use them with all types of bows but sometimes lack weight when shooting with traditional models. These arrows are one of the most expensive arrows in the line.

Length and Weight

To determine the length of the boom, you need to know how much your pull length is. The ideal arrow length exceeds this value by about 5 cm.

The weight of the arrow determines the pulling force of the bow. For 1 kg of tension, the arrow’s weight should be from 13 to 17 grains (0.8-1.1 grams).

For a bow with a pulling force of 27 kg (the minimum value for hunting), the arrow’s weight should range from 351 to 459 grains (23 to 30 grams). It is not recommended to use too-light arrows – this will shorten the life of the bow.


Tips are divided into hunting and sports. Sports tips have a rounded, streamlined shape and are not so traumatic if the arrow accidentally hits a person (animal, etc.).

Sharp hunting metal tips turn arrows into deadly projectiles and a bow into a dangerous weapon to others. Such weapons require a license and permission to be stored and carried.

Plumage of Arrows

Plumage stabilizes an arrow in flight and affects its trajectory when firing at long distances. It is made from natural (bird feathers) and artificial (rubber, plastic) materials.

Almost all wooden arrows have natural plumage and arrows for hunting, sports, and training from other materials in the winter. Summer models made of carbon fiber, plastic, and aluminum use artificial plumage, as it slows down the arrow less in flight.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the best arrows for recurve bow?
A: The best arrows for recurve bows are made of carbon or aluminum material, have feather fletchings, and come in different spine sizes.

Q: What length arrows should I use for my recurve bow?
A: The length of arrows for a recurve bow depends on the draw length and bow size. Typically, arrows should be 1-2 inches longer than the draw length.

Q: What is the difference between carbon and aluminum arrows?
A: Carbon arrows are lighter and faster than aluminum arrows. They are also more durable and less affected by temperature changes. Aluminum arrows are less expensive and have a better penetration ability.

Q: What are the benefits of feather fletchings on arrows?
A: Feather fletchings on arrows stabilize the arrow during flight, increase accuracy, and reduce wind drift. They also create less noise when shot compared to plastic vanes.

Q: Can I use field tips and broadheads on the same arrows?
A: Yes, field tips and broadheads can be used on the same arrows. However, it is important to match the weight of the field tip and broadhead for proper arrow flight.

Q: What is the ideal weight for arrows for recurve bow?
A: The ideal weight for arrows for recurve bow depends on the archer’s draw weight and length. As a general rule, arrows should be between 5-8 grains per pound of draw weight.

Q: How many arrows should I buy for my recurve bow?
A: It is recommended to have at least 6-12 arrows for a recurve bow. This ensures that you have enough arrows for practice and backup during hunting or competitions.

Final Thoughts

Though bow hunting is a challenging task, it becomes much harder if the hunter can’t select the arrow. We have given reviews on the ten best arrows for recurve bow here in this article.

These arrows are on this shortlist because of their features, durability, stability, and accuracy. You may have to face much stress on finding out the arrows for recurve bow target shooting.

To reduce your stress, we researched it. After long research, we have selected the top ten arrows. If you use anyone from this list, you will be a successful bow hunter. We hope these reviews will help you to choose the best arrows for recurve bow hunting.

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