How to Zero a Scope for 308?

How to Zero a Scope for 308: Zeroing a rifle is complicated to understand. But once you know the method, it is full of fun. Even the learning process and practice sessions are exciting.

308 is the best in hunting and target shooting. In both cases, precision and accuracy are the keys. And for that, you need a high-quality scope and the knowledge of How to Zero a Scope for 308.

How to Zero a Scope for 308

Zeroing is sighting in the scope. The bullet you are shooting is going to hit straight to the target. It will not change its path. So aligning the scope with the target is the only way you have.


You have the 308 and the scope. For sighting in, you need a target to hit. Paper targets and sandbags are the best options for you.

Between the two, go for the paper targets as they have grids on them. You might need a lot of them as they are going to give you the much-needed information to analyze and improve.

Step One – 25 Yards

Starting with a shorter distance is the best way to zero the scope. So, begin at a distance of 25 yards. It is not too close to start target practice, neither far at all.

Always take 3-5 shots. Then check the paper target. The distance of your bullet from the bullseye will tell you how good you were.

Make adjustments in the scope if you are way off the mark. After one session, go back to the 25 yards, if possible, by setting up a new paper target.

Do not stop the 3-5 bullet shot sessions and checking, analyzing the results unless you hit the bullseye, or at least go close to it every time.

Step Two – 50 Yards

We will have to mention it here that from here on, it is all about increasing the distance and perfecting the zeroing.

After perfecting 25 yards, jump straight to 50 yards. Set the paper target, fire 3-5 bullets one after another. Check how close or far you hit the mark. Do not stop unless you perfect it.

Step Three – 100 Yards

Time to try a longer distance after perfecting the shorter ones. A 100- yard is the best way to start. The process is the same; only the distance is 100.

Keep in mind that this will improve your long-range shooting skills. The rule of never stopping until perfecting remains the same.

Step Four – 200 Yards

If you are really into hunting, 200 yards or above is going to be helpful. Target shooting might not need zeroing above 100.

But for hunting going 200 yards or above is necessary. It will be difficult but will be fruitful once you perfect it.


It is impossible to hit the bullseye in the first attempt. It is the same in every step mentioned above. So, you will have to know how to adjust the scope.

You need to work with windage and elevation to adjust. Windage is all about going left to the right, and elevation, up and down. You will have knobs to adjust them, and they change by just ¼ MOA.

So you can already gauge that zeroing is all about practice and adjustment according to the result. Try it to understand how fun and useful it can be in hunting and target shooting.

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