What Are Ear Plugs for?

Last Updated on January 25, 2022

What are ear plugs for: Do you know that in certain circumstances, earplugs help eliminate insomnia, minimize the harmful effects of the aquatic and sound environment, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases? What else are earplugs for? We have prepared the full answer for you in our article.

What Are Ear Plugs for?

What Are Ear Plugs for

Get acquainted with the ancient invention of mankind, which makes our modern life more comfortable, enjoyable, and safe. The term “earplugs” has domestic roots. In fact, this is an abbreviation for everyone to understand the phrase “take care of your ears.”

Initially, the so-called products made of special fabric, which was used to protect the ears. Today, this name is a household name. Shooting earplugs are understood to mean any products designed to minimize the harmful effects of an aggressive environment on the hearing organs.

In fact, only recently have people managed to solve the problem of eliminating noise. If previously ineffective cotton balls were used, today, advanced silicone devices are used, which differ in a wide range of applications.

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Modern Earplugs: Varieties and Features

What earplugs are not present our time? Distinguish between standard and individual models. The first has the same shape, and the second is made individually according to the cast. The waterproofing, soundproofing individual models offered by the Istok-Audio Group of Companies are in great demand.

They are a unique product that:

  • Made of soft material (hypoallergenic silicone) using 3D technology;
  • Is individual – the shape of the product repeats the bends of the auditory canal of a particular person;
  • High quality;
  • Guarantees convenience and comfort during daily use;
  • Happy with a long service life (about three years);

Another obvious advantage of the product in question is its affordable price.

Who Needs Earplugs?

If the earplugs were originally intended for rest and protection from extraneous noise on the road (in a car, plane, train), today they are more widely used.

The products in question bring invaluable benefits:

  • lovers of a comfortable and relaxing sleep;
  • builders who have to work with “loud” tools;
  • divers, professional swimmers, pool visitors;
  • skydivers and many other athletes;
  • bikers and motorcyclists;
  • musicians and connoisseurs of concert performances;
  • frequent guests of noisy bars and night clubs;
  • for shooters and hunters;
  • visitors to sporting events;
  • Workers of noisy industries.

Universal earplugs are suitable for use in different situations. They are relevant for residents of any cities, as they provide an opportunity to protect your ears from the loud noise of public transport, the metro, high-profile neighbors, and so on.

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Why Are Earplugs Needed?

Everyone knows that loud sounds are dangerous for the hearing organs. A person has to spend a lot of time in a noisy city, in public transport. How to protect your ears from aggressive environmental influences?

The answer is obvious: you need to use high-quality earplugs. They are a real find for those who suffer from increased sensitivity to loud sounds, and even more so for those who work in noisy production. Such products interfere with the development of hearing loss, help to maintain hearing. And this is not their only purpose.

Earplugs save water treatment enthusiasts from infection. In addition, waterproofing models reduce the risk of otitis media and prevent the exacerbation of their chronic forms.


Take care of your own health. This resource is extremely difficult to replenish if lost.


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