7 Tips to Help You Understand Rifle Scope Parallax Adjustments Today

7 Tips to Help You Understand Rifle Scope Parallax Adjustments Today: To correct parallax, you need to bring the reticle and focal plane of the target in the same line. If there is a parallax, it means there is an optical illusion.

An illusion is not going to ensure precision. So, it needs correction. That is why we have parallax adjustment in rifle scopes. To make it more clear, we have seven tips for you as well. So, let’s check out the tips right below.

Rifle Scope Parallax Adjustments

The 7 Tips About Rifle Scope Parallax Adjustments

Tip 1- Noticing Parallax

You might not notice parallax at all. Hunters who hunt at a regular shooting distance don’t have parallax issues. Moving the head and eyes will not affect the crosshair and target at a normal range.

The problem occurs in the case of long-distance or precision shooting. The crosshair of the scope refuses to stay still on the target. It creates an illusion, so you need parallax adjustment.

Tip 2- Parallax Free Device Or Factory Set Parallax

Now to avoid manual parallax adjustment, you can try reflex sight or red dot sight. These are known as parallax-free devices. You can aim at long distances with them without any parallax.

Then, some rifle scopes come with parallax adjustment at a specific range. Till a distance, the rifle scope will be free of parallax. So if you have one such scope, then you are not going to have parallax at all. They are quite pricey, though.

Tip 3- Adjustable Objective

You can be free of parallax with the Adjustable Objective as well. When AO reaches the right focal distance, that is when there will be no illusion or movement of the crosshair. Target at a long distance, say, 1000 yards or more and magnify. If possible, use a rangefinder.

Then move your head and eyes all over to make the AO reach the right focal distance. You will understand whether it has reached or not pretty easily with the crisp image.

AO allows precise adjustment and can solve any parallax that is created in a scope. It is the best way of correcting parallax. Not very easy to set up, requires a lot of adjustments. But once done, you are free of parallax.

Tip 4- Side Focus

Side focus is controlled through a turret. It works in bringing the reticle and target in the same focal plane. If you have not set the side focus, then make sure you look down the center of the scope.

Tip 5- Magnification

The more you magnify, the more the parallax increases. Correct it with AO or side focus.

Tip 6- Cheek Weld and Eye Relief

Cheek weld allows you to have correct alignment. Mounting the scope is not enough. Alignment is equally vital. Also, when you have a decent eye relief, you can target at a long distance without straining the eyes and illusion.

Tip 7- Other Factors

Parallax can happen due to bullet drop, recoil, wind, and other factors. So, if you think your scope is parallax free, keep in mind that it can still happen. You only need to adjust it with all the methods.

Parallax adjustment can be tough to understand. So, make sure you do your homework on it. Our tips were for that only.

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