How to Choose the Right Reticle for Your Rifle Scope?

How to Choose the Right Reticle for Your Rifle Scope: For a hunter or target shooter, a scope is as essential as a rifle. A scope is not just about a stylish device mounted on your weapon. It is much more than that.

The fine lines on the lens help you to aim at the target. No matter how far the objective is, these lines work as a guideline.

The fine lines on the glass are called a reticle. So, here we are going to tell you about How to Choose the Right Reticle for Your Rifle Scope.

How to Choose the Right Reticle


The marks on the lens are reticles. Earlier, reticles were made of animal and human hair. But hair is not very long-lasting. So, instead of hair, platinum or tungsten were used to create the fine lines on lens. At present, things have gotten more advanced.

So, we now have glass etched reticles. These reticles don’t use any wire. Instead, the lens has fine lines etched on it. So, they have become more detailed and intricate, and targeting accuracy has touched the rooftop.

Between the two, due to the mechanism and sturdiness, etched glass reticles are better. But they are way too pricey. And wire reticles are not.

Instead, they are high in quality and are within budget. So, here is our first suggestion for you. Go for the glass etched reticles if you have the budget. Or choose the wire reticles if you don’t want to spend much.

Types Of Crosshairs

There are more types of reticles than you can think of. You have original reticle with horizontal and vertical crosshairs, and dot reticle with a red dot in the center.

Then you have a duplex reticle with thicker lines thinning out at the center, and mil-dot reticle with four dots in every crosshair with a 1 MRAD distance.

And you have more. You have the unusual ones like German reticle with thick lines only in the right, left and bottom, thinning out at the center. The upper line is thin from start to the center in it.

Then there is the Christmas Tree reticle where you see lines that take the shape of a Christmas tree. But the best is the Ballistic Drop Compensating Reticle.

No other reticle can be as accurate as a BDC reticle. It calculates the bullet drop to a T.  There are a few dots on the bottom crosshair, and there lie all the techniques.

Size Of The Fine Lines

The crosshairs are either thin or thick, thinning out at the center. Between the two, we suggest the latter. Because the thick lines are easy to view, catch your attention easily.

Due to the thinning out at the center, your eyes drag to the center, making aiming easy for you.


The reticle is not a separate device. It is on the scope. So make sure you are buying a scope reticle that suits your firearm. The right reticle becomes right only when it supports the gun you are mounting the scope on.

There are a few more things one must consider in a reticle like illumination, focal plane, and more. But what we discussed in detail is enough for you to get the right reticle. So, now, you do not need to buy a random one without proper knowledge.

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