Learning How To Use A Scope For Long Range Shooting

Learning How To Use A Scope For Long Range Shooting: Those who enjoy target shooting can get themselves into a new challenge with long range shooting. Target shooting is mostly 100 yards, at best 200. Once you target at a distance of 300 yards or above, you are getting yourself into the world of long range shooting.

It is full of fun and challenging. With the weapon, a scope is also an absolute necessity in long range shooting. Make sure you know how to use it to hit the bullseye. To make it easier, let us explain how to aptly use a scope in the case of long range shooting.

How To Use A Scope For Long Range Shooting

How To Use A Scope For Long Range Shooting

Step One- Get a Scope With the Right Features

The right kind of scope can make or break the deal for you in the long range. It will be best if you have a long range scope that can cover that distance. Such scopes have BDC reticle, turrets, and parallax knob.

So, the reticle handles wind and helps the bullet to go 300 yards and above to hit the bullseye. And the turrets are for changing the windage and elevation at ¼ MOA increments.

Lastly, the parallax knob removes the parallax, so that it doesn’t affect the final result.

Step Two- Mount the Scope Right

The long distance scopes are designed by keeping long range shooting weapons in mind. To check whether you have mounted it correctly or not, look carefully if, or if not, the vertical crosshair and centerline are in alignment.

Step Three – Eyepiece and Rangefinder

Your scope needs both an eyepiece ad a rangefinder. The eyepiece will offer a much needed clear view at a long distance, and the rangefinder will make measuring the distance easy.

Step Four- Turrets

Now you need to adjust the scope with the turrets. You have to keep in mind that it works at ¼ MOA increments at 100 yards.

This specific number is going to lead you to an accurate calculation. You have to analyze how far you are from the bullseye and adjust the scope by ¼ inch with every click.

Whether you want to go above 100 till 1000 or below is your choice.

Step Five- Zeroing At Different Distance

Zeroing a scope is about practice. Set up the paper target. Start at 25 yards by shooting 3-5 bullets at one go. Continue till you hit the bullseye consistently at 25 yards.

When you reach perfection, then increase the distance to a 100-yard, Repeat the same process, and perfect it.

Then move further out till you do not perfect the maximum range you are thinking of covering. It can be 300 or 1000 yards.

It will take time, but once you are perfect zeroing at a very long distance, there is no looking back for you. Just make sure the bullets you are using in zeroing scope practice sessions, and the bullets you are using in long range shooting are the same. If they are different, the result will be way off the mark.

So, using a scope properly is all about proper alignment of the scope and thoughtful planning. Add a lot of practice to that combo, and you are going to be a pro at adjusting the scope in long range shooting.

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