Southland Archery Supply Reviews

Southland Archery Supply Reviews: Archery is a wild game that both avid and newbie hunters love to play. The sport has evolved over the years. Archery gears are getting better with science and technology. Nowadays, archery bow can shoot at high speed, and arrows can reach far distances more accurately.

Southland Archery Supply Reviews

Southland Archery Supply Reviews

These days, we can see various archery bows available in the market. Some of them are good for target shooting, while others are perfect for hunting big games.

But the problem arises when beginners intend to pick a bow from such a wide range of options. Although they have the archery passion, they can’t choose the best recurve bow for beginners.

That’s where the Southland Archery 62″ Spirit Bow comes in. It nearly houses all the required features that a beginner shooter needs for practice shooting. Let’s dive into its functions:


The Southland Archery 62″ Spirit bow contains a riser made out of the most excellent quality wood. The wooden riser is predrilled and features bushings for accessory installation. With this function’s help, shooters can set arrow rest, sights, and even plunger on their weapon.


The Spirit bow’s limbs are manufactured from fiberglass. Alongside that, it has a lamination of maple wood. Both materials make the bow not only looks alluring but also make it robust against everyday use.

The bow’s limbs are spiral resistant and can tolerate several seasons of practice shooting at woods.

Draw Weight

The Southland takedown recurve bow for hunting features a wide range of draw weights, including 22, 26, 30, and 34. The poundage is enough for target shooting, though.

Hunters can conveniently make a precise shot from a distance of about 30 yards. The SAAS Spirit is more of a target shooting bow, and it enables hunters to hunt animals like squirrels, rabbits, or anything small.


The Spirit 62″ archery bow boasts a 14-strand Dacron string, aids in generating high shooting speed. The 14-strand string is efficient for target shooting. However, you can upgrade the string up to 16-strand. The hunting bow can accommodate up to 58″ string.

Bow Weight

The SAAS archery bow is neither the lightest nor the heaviest bow available in the market. It weighs only 2.8-pounds, which is, in essence, a standard bow weight both for beginner and professional archers. They can easily maneuver such a light recurve bow.

Essential Features

Another Southland Archery Bow’s significant attribute is that it can produce low-noise shots. Only expensive bows tend to nurture such tranquil or quieter traits, and veteran hunters always prefer to have this excellent feature in their hunting bows.

The Spirit 62 Bow also doesn’t cause vibration while you make a shot. However, you can use an additional silencer to make the hunt more soothing.

Overall, it comes with decent features that you will find useful while hunting small games in the woods. You may go with a more rugged bow or search for a hunting compound bow for the money for hunting big games.

Bottom Line

When it is about target shooting, it is quite challenging to choose an alternative other than the Southland SAAS Spirit 62 Archery Bow. With its robust build and ergonomic design, it can endure several sessions of practice shooting.

However, if you still doubt its quality seeing its price, the manufacturer offers a warranty that will cover you enough. Thus, for leveling up your hunting skill, you can blindly choose this excellent hunting bow.

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