How to Remove Rust from Gun?

How to Remove Rust from Gun: Whenever you return from any hunting session, you must have noticed much more rust on your gun. Keeping your gun free of rust helps to maintain its beauty and value.

Thus, more or less, every hunter or gun owner is puzzled by how to remove dust from the gun. Therefore, today we will share the guide and tactics of cleaning dust from a gun. Overall, the process is simple.

How to Remove Rust from Gun

How to Remove Rust from Gun?

Firearms are getting old, where the firearms are stored too humid, or the forest hunting returns are not dried and maintained in time. Various reasons may cause the barrel of the shotgun to grow rust.

It is not difficult to remove the rust. Read on to learn how to keep your gun from rusting without damaging parts. You can usually complete the task in five minutes.

The Basic Steps

  1. Check if the gun is loaded; if it is, unload it.
  2. Find some light oil-military-grade gun oil like Gentleman’s Tuf-Glide, which works very well. Steel wool and a suitable work surface will not scratch your gun.
  3. Apply some gun oil around any rust spots.
  4. Conveniently retain the oil, add some oil as needed, and gently wipe the rusty area or area with steel wool.
  5. Occasionally wipe the gun with an old rag or paper towel to remove rusty oil and inspect the surface.
  6. Repeat as needed until there is no rust.
  7. Apply light and even oil on all steel surfaces.

Gun Cleaning Dos and Dont’s

  • Before ejecting the magazine, aim the gun in a safe direction away from you or other people.
  • Do not use abrasives such as sandpaper or emery cloth on the spray gun.
  • After removing the rust, pay attention to where you oiled. It is usually the first rusty area in the future. Do not use WD-40 or similar lubricants because they may attract dust or sand, and they are effective for loosening locks and door handles, but they are not used to clean guns or remove rust from guns.
  • You should not use oil or lubricant to remove rust from the gun. You should not use oil or lubricant because the iron oxide becomes more abrasive particles than the spray gun coating when you scrape off the rust.
  • Although some people use cola to remove rust stains, they do not use soft drinks to clean guns. “There may be small rubber or polymer internal components that will degrade phosphoric acid (contained in cola),” the hidden state said.

For Severe Rust

If your gun has surface rust or rust inside the barrel, the previous steps can work well. However, the internal parts of your gun may rust.

For example, gun owners living in areas ravaged by hurricanes found that their guns were almost rusted when the basement was flooded. If you find that your gun is severely rusted, you may need to disassemble it so that you can access the rusty internal parts.

In this case, the belly button provides an excellent way to eliminate gun rust. However, using navy jelly should not be your first choice, as it will also eliminate the gun’s finish.

If your gun is so rusty that you are considering discarding it, try to disassemble the gun. Enter each part that contains rust, and then use steel wool to remove surface rust.

After that, put on gloves and apply navy jelly to all rusty areas with a brush or cloth. Let one or more components sit for about 15 minutes. Then, wipe off the navy jelly with a paper towel, and after reassembly, your gun will look like new.

After the rust removal is completed, another necessary process is to put a layer of protective gun oil on the barrel and finally pay attention to the humidity of the gun’s storage to ensure that the gun can have a dry storage environment.

Final Word

However, it may be tricky if you don’t know how to remove surface rust without damaging the surface, but it is a simple process. Hidden countries pointed out that most modern guns are anodized with a coating that prevents surface corrosion. But even the anodized surface will rust.

Besides, if you have an old gun-such as an antique gun-you must protect it by removing rust. Therefore, in this article, we have described the process of removing rust from the gun. We hope you will find this write-up helpful.

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