How to Clean Binoculars – Top to Bottom, Inside & Outside

How to Clean Binoculars

How to Clean Binoculars: When you have binoculars, dust, fungus on them are inevitable. You can try to keep it clean, but it gets dirt and spores on it. A good pair of binoculars can cost you a good amount of money. So, to make it last, with a clear view, of course, you have to maintain it.

We have all made the mistake of cleaning lenses with a random dry cloth. Sometimes damp as well. We might have rubbed the lenses with dish soap or detergent. But instead of cleaning it, we have distorted the outer coating only. Here, we are going to tell you what you should do to clean the binoculars.

First Thing First

Now the first thing you should strictly follow is not to clean the binocular at all. Trust us when we say binoculars do not need frequent cleaning. They remain best without it. Keep it as it is. Instead of cleaning, it requires maintenance. Use it with utmost care.

Please don’t throw it in a random bag without the lens cover or protective case and airtight bag. By not putting it in the open or with other things, you are ultimately increasing the life of the binoculars. If still, you need to clean it, then let us tell you about the tools that can save you from ruining your favorite pair.


Cleaning the binoculars requires proper cleaning tools and kits. You need a microfiber cloth, mostly included with the binocular itself, a fine bristled lens brush, and also a lens cleaning solution. There are lens pens and canned air available, as well. They work wonders in cleaning binoculars.

Clean It The Right Way

If it has dust, dirt on it, do not blow with your breath. Use a fine bristled brush to clean the dust particles from the sides and corners. Wipe the lenses softly with the cloth. Sometimes, fine soft bristles might not clean it thoroughly. In those cases, go for the dust blower or canned air.

Now, there can be some obstinate debris, which is hard to clean with a brush or cloth. Use the cleaning solution. Either spray the solution on the binoculars and wipe it with the cloth. Or you can dip the brush in the solution and use that to clean it.

For fungus and spores, solution and cloth are enough. But try to store it in a way that can keep it away from those. To clean the foggy lens, wipe it with the cloth and let it dry in the air.

Clean The Inside

Cleaning it inside is tricky. To clean it inside, you will have to dismantle it. That’s a bad idea. So, avoid dismantling. But if you are compelled to clean the inside, then do it carefully. Use the right-sized screwdriver, unscrew the screws slowly. After you finish, screw them again the same way.

Use the solution and a microfiber cloth, nothing else. The focus mechanism is beneath the cap. Remove the cap to clean it, and to clean the prism, remove the eyepieces and cover plate. Unscrew the bottom plate and clean the objective lenses.

Always remember, there is a reason for binoculars coming with their own cleaning manual and cloth. Make sure you use and follow them well.

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