How to Choose a Holster for Hidden Gun Carrying?

Learn How to Choose a Holster for Hidden Gun Carrying: Usually, when it comes to self-defense, the main emphasis is on the right choice of firearms. At the same time, it is forgotten that even the best gun will be completely useless if it lies in some drawer at a time when you really need it.

For some reason, people, having spent a lot of effort and time getting permission to carry their guns, prefer to leave their personal defender at home. At the same time, the inconvenience that the gun on the body causes them is called the main reason.

Buying a firearm is expensive. Hundreds of dollars are spent on acquiring the model you need. And it’s hard to resist the temptation to save a few dollars on such trifles as a holster. But it’s a trifle, the detail is important! One director once said: “A detail is something whose presence no one notices, but the absence of which is immediately evident.” And choosing the right holster for your gun is just an example of the importance of the part.

A holster is a kind of shaking absorber. Ever had to drive a car with bad shock absorbers? Just a few minutes of such a ride is enough, and your body begins to react painfully to every hole or bulge on the road.

How to Choose a Holster

A solid, heavy, uncomfortable holster shape makes the body react in exactly the same way. It does not matter where you fix it on your body – nerve endings are everywhere. A gun in a poorly fitted holster is like a pebble in a shoe. Annoyance from him drives you crazy until you remove this pebble.

How to Choose a Holster

Also, with a gun. Too often, he is accused of inconvenience. Consider it too heavy or large. As a result, an expensive gun is left at home, sold at a loss for themselves, or replaced with a small and inefficient one.

And the reason lies elsewhere. Very often, the problem can be solved with a simple and fairly inexpensive replacement for the holster. Their choice in the market is wide enough, so you should remember the following:

Shape and Functionality

In addition to comfort, a good leather holster should have some other important qualities. One of its elements should completely close and protect the trigger from contact with external objects, including the index finger.

The holster must hold the gun in itself until the moment when you intentionally do not pull it out. The holster and gun should be in the exact place where you fastened them until you decide to move them. This quality enhances usability and guarantees the speed of extraction of weapons.

Successful combination with clothes

In most states, for legal and practical reasons, the kydex holster must hide the gun from prying eyes constantly. This means that others do not need to identify the weapons you have.

You can pick up a gun and holster for him, based on your existing wardrobe. Pocket Pistols were developed following such a strategy. Or you can buy a pistol with a holster and start updating your wardrobe so that the clothes are combined with weapons.

For example, in order to carry a large gun, you will need a holster worn on a strong belt. And this is not in any pants you can stick. Usually, the gun’s size helps clarify which holster and clothes are best suited to others.

On the body or not

Most weapons can be divided into two categories – they are mounted on the body or not. The first includes holsters for wearing on the outside of the belt, for wearing on the inside of the trousers, on the ankle, on the shoulder, on the stomach.

The main advantage is that the gun is literally with you, and it can be easily reached. You are in complete control of your weapons. The disadvantages include the physical discomfort that a gun on the body can cause. In addition, there is a high probability that a holster with a gun will be noticed at the first “mess in clothes.”

Holsters that are not mounted on the body allow you to carry weapons with you, but not on yourself. These include specially designed handbags, wallets, and even diaries. Advantage – you can wear any clothes without parting with the gun, but without showing it off. When the weapon is in the bag, the chances of being noticed are much lower, and its owner is freer to move.

The disadvantage of this, it takes more time to remove the gun if necessary. It must also be remembered that such a holster must be closed so that weapons cannot be used without your permission. There is no perfect holster for everyone. People lead a different lifestyle.

An ideal ankle holster for living in a barracks will cause a lot of painful inconvenience for someone sitting at a computer for 10 hours a day. When choosing a holster, you need to analyze how most of your day goes.

Price – Get what you paid for

Please understand that never a $10 holster bought at a $ 4.99 sale will be the best solution to the problem of wearing an $800 gun. There is a good rule – a reliable holster for daily carrying a gun should cost about 10-15% of its value. First of all, you need to look for the products of a company that produces high-quality thigh holsters for the brand of your gun.


A conveniently selected holster guarantees many years of service. If you have a persistent feeling that the gun you bought is not suitable, still try to choose two or three models of holsters for it before abandoning this weapon.

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