How to Clean Your Rifle Scope Without Damaging the Lens?

How to Clean Your Rifle Scope

How to Clean Your Rifle Scope Without Damaging the Lens: Experts always tell you not to clean binoculars or scope too often. Trying to keep it clean by protecting it from dust and dirt is the best way to increase its life. But the purpose of such tools makes them dirty.

Foggy, muddy optics, they are pretty common. The reason, you are using it in hunting. Moisture, debris, all will be there on your lens. So, you have a full-on process of cleaning it, that too, without damaging it.


You have some standard tools for cleaning lenses. A microfiber cloth, soft bristle brush, canned air, and the right lens cleaning solution are enough. If you have these four, you can clean any lens without damaging them.

Primary Step

The first step is always simple. Make yourself understand that the sleeve or hem of your T-shirt is not for cleaning the lens. Blowing air from the mouth and wiping the lens, forget that process. We all do it and then wonder from where the lens of the scope got that tiny scratch.

Instead, analyze the type of dirt on your lens. If it is dry, use a soft bristle brush or canned air. Keep in mind; you have both ocular and objective lenses to clean. If one is clean, then keep it that way. Only clean the lens, if needed.

Second Step

If it is mud on the lens, the direct use of canned air will not work. Always dry the moisture on the lens before cleaning it. Mud or similar dirt with moisture needs air drying.

Never take a step ahead unless you are sure about it being dry. Then, use the canned air or microfiber cloth to clean it. Do not rub the lens with the microfiber cloth, just pat or dab. If it is not working, try the third step.

Third Step

Use the canned air and soft brush to clean the lens when the cloth is not enough to clean it. A soft brush will not give you the chance of going harsh on the lens by rubbing it.

So the canned air is doing its job the same way. But instead of the cloth, now, you will have to use the brush on the stubborn specks of dirt. Clean the large particles with the brush, and the canned air will tackle the rest.

Fourth Step

This step is for those who are really into absent-minded use of a scope. It is the final way to clean the lens. Using a solution to clean a lens is only needed when there are oil or fingerprints on it. So, now you know why we talked about absent-mindedness.

Always use a high-quality cleaning solution. The low quality of the solution will itself damage the lens. First, make sure to clean the particles with canned air. Then, dip the brush or microfiber cloth in the solution and clean the lens. When you are using the microfiber cloth, make sure to rub it in a circular motion gently.

Final Thoughts

So, it is all about the right quality tools and avoiding harshness. Be it harsh rubbing or harsh chemicals. If you are careful and do not clean the lens too often, it will remain undamaged for years.

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