How To Choose A Rifle Scope For Your Firearm?

How To Choose A Rifle Scope For Your Firearm: A scope makes hunting, comfortable, and efficient. So, while buying one, you need to keep a few features in mind. Make sure that you have all those features in the scope and, if not, do not go for the rifle scope. So, what are those features, let’s discuss.

How To Choose A Rifle Scope For Your Firearm


A rifle scope is all about lenses. All the other knobs and features are for the lenses only- the better the lens, the clearer the view. You have an objective lens at the front and an ocular lens at the back.

Make sure you look through the optic with your own eyes to see how clear the image is at first glance. The focus, magnifying, comes later. First, check the optics without any other adjustment.

Lens Coating

Lens coating deducts the glare and increases the sight. It helps to resist weather conditions. So the life of the scope extends.

Sturdy Tube

A one-inch aluminum tube is the perfect size of scope. It is not too big nor too small to hold. The aluminum tube will resist the heavy recoil and vigorous use of the hunters.

Objective Lens

The objective lens is for proper light transmission. A big objective lens will ensure a crisp, clear image. But that doesn’t mean you must buy the biggest one. It depends on what you need the scope for. For a high-power rifle scope, 30-44mm is apt.


Make sure when you magnify only the object comes closer. Nothing else must change. The image must be as clear as it was before you magnified. The scope that has high magnification yet provides a crisp view is the one that you should purchase for your firearm. A magnification of 5-12x is enough for any hunting activities at any distance.


There are three reticles- duplex, mil-dot, and BDC. All three have different purposes, but the BDC reticle is the best among the three. It is able to gauge the bullet drop. Then, you have a wire reticle and a glass etched reticle too. If you have a high budget, then the latter is the best choice for you.

Focal Plane

Among the First and Second Focal Plane, SFP in a rifle scope will make your job easier. As the size of the reticle will be the same if you magnify the scope. That is not the case in FFP as the reticle changes when you magnify.


Windage and elevation adjust the sight. Without the turrets, you cannot move the reticles right and left or up and down. So, make sure you buy a rifle scope that has windage and elevation turrets. You need both on a rifle scope, not just one.

Parallax Adjustment

Correcting parallax is tough but is vital for accurate targeting. The focal plane of the reticle and target needs to be in the same line. Or, the reticle will not stay when you move your head and eyes. There are a few ways to correct parallax. AO and side focus is the most used.

When you have the above features in your rifle scope, then you know you have got the best one. These will ensure that you can use it in any hunting activities.

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