10 Undeniable Health Benefits Of Archery

Top Health Benefits Of Archery: Any sport is famous for the development of muscle corset, improves the functionality of the body, brings up positive character traits in a person. This time we decided to ask ourselves the question:

  • What does archery give us?
  • What benefits does it bring to our health?

Let’s start in order.

Health Benefits Of Archery

What Are We Shooting at?

What are we shooting at? Right, with your hands. The triceps on both hands personally remain developed even after a two-year break. I don’t know about you, but I really like pumped up hands even for girls. This is much better than sagging skin.

Not to note, the strengthening of the spinal muscles would be wrong. Therefore, the second place is awarded to them. Did your parents often tell you about slouching in childhood? Having studied at the University of Physical Culture and having seen many athletes in my lifetime, I can safely say that dancers and archers have excellent posture.

I did not go into the details of dance art, but I can tell you about the subtleties of the spinal muscle development in children when shooting from archery. Onion tension and its retention are due to the right scapula’s muscle groups, latissimus dorsi, and oblique abdominal muscles. At the same time, during one training, the archer makes at least a hundred shots. When repeating the same exercise every day, from year to year, the state of the muscles involved in this naturally begins to please us.

Also, your hips, buttocks, abs and calf muscles will also please, since when shooting from archery, a large load falls on them. At one time, before archery, I was involved in athletics for nine years. And, believe me, I have something to compare.

Health Benefits Of Archery

Do not forget about the strengthening of the pectoral muscles. Continuous onion stretching and push-up exercises during training will do the trick.

1. This is a Type of Physical Activity

It is in our time of rapid technological progress when people spend most of their lives at the computer or behind the wheel of a car, the problem of lack of movement is especially acute. And traditional archery just makes it possible to move the shooter actively. Special equipment allows you to shoot from any position (standing, sitting, lying), in motion (on the go, on the run, with somersault), and even from a horse at full gallop.

2. Asymmetrical Development of the Musculoskeletal System

This shooting provides asymmetrical development of the musculoskeletal system of a person due to its two-sided nature. Shooting is carried out with the bow held in both the left and the right hand. The muscles of the left and right side of the body train the same way. This ensures the preservation of correct posture and positively affects the work of internal organs and the musculoskeletal system.

3. Both Hands, Both Hemispheres Develop Harmoniously

The close connection of the work of the hands (including excellent motor skills) with the activity of the cerebral hemispheres has long been known. And since in traditional shooting the shooter performs symmetrical movements with both hands, both hemispheres develop harmoniously. This increases the overall efficiency of a person in any field of activity.

4. Increase the Physical Strength of the Shooter

Unlimited scope opens up to increase the physical strength of the shooter. In the process of opening the onion, all muscle groups of the shoulder girdle are involved. With proper breathing, the shooter actively works the abdominal muscles. The muscles of the legs carry a certain load. Not to mention the intense work of the whole body when shooting from a horse or when passing an obstacle course. Thoughtfully choosing bows of varying tension (elasticity) for training and increasing the complexity of the exercises when shooting in motion, the shooter becomes stronger and more resilient.

5. There Are No Restrictions on Age and State of Health

You can do it from the moment the child’s growth and strength allow you to hold and open the bow. And as long as you are able to do this.

6. Low Tension

Using bows of low tension, you can get a moderate load to recover from injuries or operations, or to maintain physical fitness at the required level that meets your goals.

7. Archery Helps Preserve Vision

During the shooting process, the shooter must clearly fix with his eyes the point of the desired hit of the arrow at the target. This actively trains the human visual apparatus. This effect is especially noticeable when shooting at different targets or at a fast-moving target, as well as during the movement of the shooter.

8. Improving the Orientation of Man in Space

Skillfully using the ability to shoot in the range of 360 degrees, performing a shot during a somersault, in a jump, from a turn, the shooter increases his ability to position himself relative to surrounding objects.

9. Traditional Shooting Helps Relieve Stress

The alternation of physical stress and concentration with an instant transition to a state of rest and relaxation helps strengthen the nervous system.

10. Extends Active Longevity

The need for constant use of excellent motor skills is the best way to increase brain activity. The list of usefulnesses that traditional archery carries in itself can be continued for a long time. In antiquity, whole treatises were written about the control of consciousness and the leading role of the subconscious, about breathing control and energy concentration when firing. Of course, all this cannot be accommodated in the framework of one article, but gradually we will talk about this on our site.

Therefore, we note another plus of archery is an incredible psychological preparation. After a year of training in the archery section, the child becomes more focused, determined, and attentive. Imagine what discipline and order a trainer should inculcate for everyone to strictly observe the safety precautions of behavior during shooting and being at the shooting range. Or here’s a situation from life. World Cup or any other competition. Let be

Another plus of archery is the incredible psychological preparation of even the Olympic Games. There is a finale. Whoever is an athlete will understand that it’s hard not first to consider the finals. But it is necessary. It is necessary to work out each shot so that all arrows fly into the “top ten.” Not to endure, relax, and make a mistake is an inadmissible luxury. Your every wrong move can affect the fired arrow. And that’s it. You lose.

At such hours, the nerves are on edge. At such moments, the trainers standing behind them and watching what is happening are ready to run after the valerian. In such seconds, you should be in maximum control of yourself. If you could – you’re the best. This is what I call psychological preparation. When a person can control himself. In a life already outside of a sports career, I personally often came in handy for this.

At the annual parent-teacher meetings, mothers who send their children to our sections ask one and the same question: if the child continually stretches the bow with the same muscle group on the back, will it not be that one side of it will be developed more. We answer: no. Trainers pay much attention to the full development of the body. First of all, this is general physical training (OFP) during the first year of study.

Pull-ups, push-ups, swinging the press, exercise machines, running, swimming at the training camp – all this will lead to the general formation of the child. In subsequent years, to the RPP and constant stretching of the onion by the right group of back muscles, similar exercises on stretching the onion by the left group of back muscles during warm-up and hitch are added.


What else? Perhaps it is impossible to get past the development of vital systems. Constant monitoring of breathing during shooting allows you to develop the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. We temper them, we feel good. Perhaps that’s all—health to you. Train and enjoy archery.

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