Sage and Braker CLP Review in 2023

Sage and Braker CLP Review

Sage and Braker CLP Review: Sage & Braker has been a well-reputed name in the gun cleaning products industry through the generations.

They got into the industry because they are passionate about firearms cleaning products and love to help people keep firearms around for their children and grandchildren.

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Sage & Braker CLP Review

The Sage & Braker CLP was initiated with the United States military in mind. After speaking with military people regularly, the company discovered that keeping their rifles clean was challenging because the oil in ordinary CLP collects dust and sand.

Therefore, Sage & Braker set out this most effective CLP on the market that significantly decreases dirt from your firearm’s surface.


Usually, CLPs leave an oily behind, don’t clean well, and employ dangerous chemicals. But this is not the case with Sage & Braker.

They use a deep-penetrating solvent that spikes every surface on a micro-scale to provide a more thorough and effective treatment to carbon, lead, and copper fouling.

The rigorous cleaning of this CLP will remove crud from your firearms which have developed after years of neglect. Moreover, this best gun cleaning oil also avoids harsh chemicals that can poison people while using it.

Protection Against Carbon

Allowing second-rate CLPs to damage the integrity of your weapons is not a good idea. Therefore, Sage & Braker’s CLP will prove standout.

It will fully protect your firearms from rust and corrosion and manage carbon and pollution while your weapon is used.

Besides, this CLP also considerably reduces static that promotes the affection of carbon and pollutants. Therefore, you can rely on your firearms and expect them to function when you need them the most.

Reduce Operation Temperatures

This gun oil is highly reliable and made with the shooter in mind. It can coat and protect your pistol’s bore and all moving parts.

Besides, it also improves heat dissipation in the firearm’s operating components, reducing weapon operation temperatures.

Also, its composition ensures that the powder in your cartridge burns completely, resulting in a more consistent FPS and a more accurate shot.

Non-toxic Solution

There are no strong-smelling chemicals that will harm the blueing and finish of your precious guns. It is a non-toxic and biodegradable solution. So you can rest comfortably knowing that cleaning your firearms isn’t harming your weapon, health, and the environment as well.

Final Verdict

CLP by Sage & Braker is a bio-based lube. It is generally of higher quality than standard gun oils and solvents.

This true gun cleaner produced in the USA comes with a fresh pine scent and can clean carbon’s and copper’s deepest crud off your firearm. Besides, this non-hazardous lubricate also prolongs your weapon’s life cycle and reliability.

Overall, it puts your firearm in top-notch condition; therefore, you need to worry no longer about rust and corrosion damage. And so, it makes you ready for action whenever you are.

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