Tenpoint Turbo GT Review

Hitting the target accurately requires hitting-skill and the right weapon. Usually, the best quality shooting weapon like the crossbow tends to be pricey. Expensive bows house impressive features, and inexpensive crossbows barely meet the user’s need. Thus it becomes challenging for shooters to get something promising at mid-range.

Tenpoint Turbo GT Review

Tenpoint Turbo GT Review

But there are lots of crossbows that come under mid-range. One such is the Tenpoint Turbo GT. In essence, it is the best tenpoint crossbow for the money. The Turbo GT crossbow is effortless to handle. It can shoot arrows at high speed and assure hitting the long-distance target. With a 12.6-inch power stroke and 106 ft. lb of kinetic energy, the GT crossbow is appropriate for hunting big game. It can be a perfect weapon for you if you intend to hunt big games with a budget-friendly crossbow’s help.


Turbo GT supports easy cocking, and so it contains an Acudraw crank cocker. For cocking, hunters need to disengage the crank handle, detach the crank and bring the cocking system onto the string. After that, they should turn the crank and bring the string back to its drawn position. That’s how hunters cock the bow, and anyone can easily cock this most powerful pistol crossbow in a moment.


The Tenpoint Turbo bow boasts a 175-pound draw weight, measuring 13.5-inch axle to axle when cocked. As a result, shooters can conveniently handle the crossbow on the treestand or ground blind spots. When the bow is entirely assembled, it measures 35 inches long, weighs only 6.5 pounds, and can shoot up to 360 FPS.


Turbo GT’s foregrip and buttock feature cutouts. Engineers use them to reduce the bow’s weight and improve its balance and handling. The cutouts also motivate shooters to wrap their fingers and thumb through the foregrip and feel safe. The engineers also use nylon safety wings, which are glass reinforced for enhanced safety.

Essential Features

Unlike the most traditional crossbows, the turbo gt comes with an aluminum riser. The riser is fitted with long Isotaper limbs and MRX cams, D97 string, cables power those limbs. Alongside that, this crossbow also contains a 3x Pro-View 2 scope, a DFI, 3.5-pound safety trigger, three arrow-detach quivers, three 20″ pro elite carbon arrows, a side-mount quiver bracket, and more. You may not get all these features in other crossbows even though you search them in the recurve bow for beginners.

Bottom Line

The significant feature about this crossbow the users fall in love with is its easy handling. Everyone appreciates its ergonomic design and shooting accuracy. It can shoot arrows efficiently, and shooters won’t face up with any difficulty hitting the target.

For its kinetic energy, top speed, and overall construction, the Tenpoint Turbo GT is an award-winner crossbow. Thus, you will always get the best outcome of this bow, and you don’t have to regret it in the future. We hope you find the GT bow review informative and helpful, and start hunting using this excellent crossbow.

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