Tenpoint Stealth NXT Review

Tenpoint Stealth NXT Review: The Tenpoint Stealth NXT boasts manageable power at a reasonable price. The piece of hunting equipment combines accuracy, power, and longevity. The hunting bow can easily take down any big game. The crossbow is manufactured from the lightest material to offer easy maneuverability.

In essence, the crossbow is a combination of sleek design, high speed, and highest precision. All these make it the high-end weapon that every hunter desires to have. If you prefer hunting down deer, elk, turkey, or anything, this crossbow will serve it best and let you accomplish the hunting. Thus, let’s check out its excellent features without any more delay, which we have covered up below.

Tenpoint Stealth NXT Review

Tenpoint Stealth NXT Review


The most striking feature of this Tenpoint stealth crossbow is its narrow design. It measures 33.6 x 11.3 inches while uncocked. Engineers have made the crossbow as light as possible. They use aluminum to build the riser, barrel, and trigger housing. For that, they serve well the user’s shooting purposes.

Prominent Features

The Tenpoint stealth nxt contains a skeletal stock, which users can adjust for a better eye alignment. The stock also comes with a cheekpiece and an adjustable butt plate. The crossbow has RX6 cams, which are rotatable 340-degrees. They also make sure that the bow produces a tranquil shot. And to level the cams, the bow house the vector quad four cable system. Apart from that, the crossbow features safety wings made with rubber, keeping the shooter’s hand safe.


The Tenpoint NXT Crossbow can shoot arrows at high speed of nearly 410.6 fps. Many hunters use various brand’s arrows to test the speed range. They use heavy arrows, and fortunately, they get the speed in the range of 350-390 fps.


The most significant feature of this hunting gear is that it houses the Rangemaster pro scope. It is a premium scope, measuring 8.25 inches, and made from aluminum. The premium hunting scope comes with five dots for calibration for different distances like 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards.


The Tenpoint Stealth NXT features the ACUdraw pro cocking system. For that, it becomes the self cocking pistol crossbow. It enables hunters to cock the machine silently and effortlessly. It can cock faster than other traditional self-cocking crossbows available on the market. As the crossbow is entirely integrated into the stock, it reduces 50% draw weight. This Tenpoint Stealth can covert the draw weight to 8.5 pounds of effort because of the auto-engaging lever and requires only 12 cranks. Anyone can safely cock the hunting device.


Like the other standard crossbows, the Tenpoint NXT Bow features three arrow-detach quivers, a side-mount quiver bracket, and three Evo-X CenterPunch premium arrows, which are made of carbon. Lastly, the crossbow has 100-grain practice points. All these make it the best tenpoint crossbow of recent times.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Tenpoint NXT comes with plenty of up points that compensate well for any drawback it may have. The crossbow is a combination of power, accuracy, and width. It generates a high shooting speed of up to 410 fps, which shooters may not find in other best compound bows for the money. By all means, if you are fond of power and speed shooting, you should never ignore using this robust and powerful crossbow. It will always help you hone your hunting skill and get the best result.

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