Single Pin Sights vs Multiple Pins : Which One is Better?

Single Pin Sights VS Multiple Pins

Single Pin Sights vs Multiple Pins


  • Bow Sight is a popular tool among archers
  • Confused about the difference between single pin sights and multiple pin sights?
  • This article will help you select the right one for you

Single Pin Sights

  • Contains only one pin
  • Portable, adjustable, and sliding tool
  • Allows adjusting the moveable pin for an accurate shot
  • No mistake of using the wrong pin while aiming at the target
  • Offers a large field of view with maximum clarity
  • Cleaner look resulting in better concentration
  • Provides the opportunity of using a sight tape quickly
  • Superior accuracy compared to multiple pin sights
  • Challenges of hitting a moving target at full draw

Multiple Pin Sights

  • Sight with several pins (usually three, five, or seven)
  • Users cannot adjust the pins of this sight
  • Mainly used for fixed distances
  • Pins must be set with individual length for each pin
  • Set with either five or ten-yard increments
  • Provides a wide variety of ranges at full draw
  • Can help in hitting a moving target
  • Requires less movement compared to single pin sights
  • Challenges of achieving accuracy at increasing distances


  • Single pin sights have superior accuracy
  • Multiple pin sights provide a wide variety of ranges
  • Single pin sights require readjusting at full draw
  • Multiple pin sights require less movement compared to single pin sights


  • Choose single pin sights for superior accuracy and cleaner look
  • Choose multiple pin sights for a wide variety of ranges and less movement

Final Thoughts

Single Pin Sights vs Multiple Pins :

This is a common debate among archers. A single pin sight has only one pin, while the multiple pin sight has three, five, or seven pins. The single pin sight is portable, adjustable, and has a cleaner look with maximum clarity. The multiple pin sight is ideal for fixed distances, offers less movement, and requires less adjustment.

The main advantage of a single pin sight is its accuracy, as it provides only one aim point. The user can adjust the moveable pin for an accurate shot, which makes it ideal for beginners. The multiple pin sight is appropriate for intermediate and skilled users, as some pins are already set for different ranges, making it easy to choose the suitable pin instead of readjusting.

When using a single pin sight, the user must readjust for every shot, which can be slow and risky. In contrast, the multiple pin sight is quicker and easier to use. However, it can be challenging to achieve accuracy at increasing distances due to the rising pin gap.

Ultimately, the choice between single pin and multiple pin sights depends on personal preference and skill level. Beginners may benefit from a single pin sight, while experienced hunters may prefer a multiple pin sight.

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