AR-15 VS Hunting Rifle

AR-15 VS Hunting Rifle

AR-15 VS Hunting Rifle: There are hunting rifles of many kinds. Semi-automatic, bolt-action, break-action, lever-action rifles are some hunting rifles. Each one of these has its advantages. Among all the types, it’s the AR-15 and bolt-action hunting rifle that is pretty similar. Even after the similarities, they are very different from each other.


AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle. It can be used as a hunting rifle, but it is not a rifle for hunting. It is designed on the ArmaLite AR-15 rifle. Here, AR-15 stands for ArmaLite AR-15.

The name has a back story. In 1959, ArmaLite had sold the design of both ArmaLite AR-15 and AR-10 to Colt. ArmaLite lacked investment and human resources. Colt after taken over continued manufacturing AR-15. It made it a trademark and made a few similar rifles as well.

AR-15 has the ability of self-loading. It ejects the spent cartridge and then chambers a new round from the magazine. It does the same thing after each shot. One just needs to release the trigger.

Hunting Rifle

The hunting rifles are diverse. A small .22 to massive .458 caliber rifle, all are for hunting. The type of prey is the only thing that matters on you are hunting. Depending on that, you will need to have a hunting rifle.

In the case of hunting rifles, the cartridge is the main thing. What you can hunt with the hunting rifle depends on the cartridge. As we said at the beginning, bolt action rifles are the hunting rifles that are similar to AR-15.

Unlike the semi-auto AR-15, bolt action hunting rifles need manual work. There is a handle to operate the bolt manually. Here, manipulating the bolt results in the in and out of cartridges in the barrel chamber.

Similar or Different

We have already explained the main difference between the two, one is semi-auto, and the other is manual. Now is the time to explain why AR-15 and bolt-action hunting rifles are the same yet different a bit more.

They are for hunting, target shooting, shooting competitions, military use, self-protection, and more. They look pretty similar as well. But the difference between the two starts right there. The bolt-action hunting rifle has a classic feel to it, which AR-15 lacks.

AR-15 VS Hunting Rifle: The Ultimate Comparison

AR-15 is not your typical hunting rifle. It has its own benefits, but it is not for big games. It works auto, so hunting fast-moving prey is easy with AR-15. But the condition is the prey has to be small. Varmints or rabbits, the options end right there. Deer, elk, or elephant, AR-15 is not for hunting them.

But bolt action hunting rifles are for big games. You just need to use the right caliber of cartridge for hunting. For example, using a .22 caliber for hunting an elephant is foolishness, and killing a varmint with a .458 caliber rifle is overkill.

AR-15 allows customization, but hunting rifle doesn’t give you that option. AR-15 comes in quite a few parts, and most of them are movable. You need to assemble them and make the rifle. But a bolt-action rifle works as one piece.

Though customizing your weapon is cool, but a one-piece firearm is hassle-free. In terms of the speed, AR-15 takes the cake, but for accuracy, it is the bolt action rifle that is the best.

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Final Thoughts

So, after a detailed analysis, we have very clearly understood that they might do some similar tasks, but are very different. The advantage of the same weapon turns into a massive downside if you are using it in the wrong way. So, first, you need to understand the requirement, and the usage of the rifles to use them to their full potential.

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