How Many Pins Should a Bow Sight Have?

How Many Pins Should a Bow Sight Have

How Many Pins Should a Bow Sight Have: A bow sight is one of the most common devices used in archery. It comes in various designs, configurations, and features. In a bow sight, sight-pins are the most crucial feature. These are known as fiber-optic pins.

Such fiber-made pins gather light in the full length of the fiber strand. And as a result, the end of the fiber strand lightens up. Sight pins come in different diameters and numbers. Both of these pins play an essential role in aiming the target.


The size of the pins is crucial. When the pin is large enough, it can be seen clearly. It transmits light along the whole length of the sight pin. You can have different sizes of sight-pin, and .010 inches, .019 inches, and .029 inches are the most common ones. There are other sizes as well.

Smaller pins are difficult to see in the dark. So, targeting depending on those is also tough as they go dark due to low light transmits. However, smaller pins allow precise aiming. So, while using multiple pins in a bow sight, size variety is the best option. Larger pins are for proper light and smaller ones for accuracy.

How Many Pins Should a Bow Sight Have

The number of pins is subjective and depends on once own choice. An archer can have 1, 3, 5, and even 7-sight-pins in a bow sight. They are all available in the market. Among all of them, single-pin and five-pin bow sights are the most popular ones.

Single Pin

A single pin in a bow sight is known as the adjustable one. You have to adjust the pin while aiming. It offers perfect clarity. Also, you do not see a bunch of pins. If you are not aiming for a target past 30 yards, it is ideal for you.

You do not need more than a single pin in this case. Also, as it is adjustable, it works like a multiple-pin bow sight. The only con is you have to adjust it to aim, and most of the time, people start panicking at the crucial moment of shooting. So, they fail to fix the pin.

Multiple Pins

For those who don’t want to take the stress of adjusting the single pin, can go for the fixed ones. As we said, you have 3, 5, and even 7-pin bow sights to target the prey. Three-pin are best for targeting at a distance of 20-40 yards.

So, it is similar to the single pin, but you have fixed pins which do not need any adjustment. It can be a good alternative for a single-pin bow sight.

However, among the three multiple-pin options, the five-pin bow sights are the handiest. They do not get stagnated when you are aiming at a distance more than 40 and above.

Like, a three-pin bow sight does. Neither you feel there are too many pins to concentrate on. Five-pins also allows you to have a variety of sizes in fiber strands we stated earlier.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we will again like to mention that there is no specific rule for buying a bow sight with a particular number of pins. It depends on your wish and comfort.

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