How To Choose A Scope For A 308?

How To Choose A Scope For A 308

308 rifle is the best for big games, hunting, and target shooting. For a hunter or target shooter, only the rifle is not enough. He needs a scope to make targeting easy.

For improving the overall performance in hunting or any shooting competition, a pair of durable 308 and high-quality scope is enough. Now, not all are for 308.

So if you are wondering how you can choose the perfect one for your 308, then you are going to get your answer here.

There are quite a few things you will have to consider in scope for your 308 rifles. Lacking any of these can hamper the performance. What they are, let us check them out.


You will have to know for what purpose you are going to use the 308. It can be for tactical purposes, big games, target shooting, long-range shooting, and more. The purpose of the use of your rifle decides how your scope should be.


The purpose might be any big game or paper target, but your scope has to be sturdy. For that, you need a scope that is made of quality materials.

The best is the aluminum tube with a fully multi-coated lens scope. The tube will resist weather, moisture, and vigorous use like no other. And the lens will withstand the toughest of use without a scratch on them.


Do not go overboard with the size of the scope. A large tube doesn’t ensure to work best for your rifle. Most importantly, not for you to handle as well. With the size, the weight comes automatically.

Consider that as well. Choose the scope, depending on the size of the 308. Also, choose it considering your handling capacity. If you fail to pick the rifle due to the weight and find it hard to hold it for long, then even the best scope is useless.


We often have the wrong idea about a product’s price and quality going hand in hand. We think that when the product is expensive, it has to be high-quality. But keep in mind that there are makers of scope who want to reach to the limited budget consumers as well.

They add all the necessary features yet charge an amount that you can afford. The only thing you need to do here is to research for the one that matches your budget and also has all the features you need.

Shooting Range

Your scope must cover a reasonable range. In hunting or target shooting, it is essential. When you know how far you are going to target, buying the scope becomes easy. Buy the one that covers the distance that you want to shoot at, 100, 800 yards, or above.

Easy To Use

A scope is not an easy device. So go for the ones you think are going to be easy to use. There are windage, elevation, zeroing, magnification, and so much more. If the scope doesn’t make it easy for you, you do not need it. The best one does all the hard work with a few clicks.

You can add your own requirements to that as well. But make sure the one you are buying plays its part in improving your performance.

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