The 10 Best Rifle Case in 2021

Last Updated on February 28, 2021

You may like to carry your hunting or tactical weapons with the required gear while getting a trip. You don’t feel any problem using your rifle with a sling during operation. But keeping the rifle inside a safe tool will be needed when it is not in use.

It doesn’t mean that you need a lot of bags to put your rifles and other necessary accessories. You need a single bag to put all of your gears neatly contained. To do so, you have to choose a rifle case. Among a lot of rifle cases, the best one will be quite useful to fulfill your demand.

The best rifle case can provide you a lot of benefits. It ensures the security of your weapons in different ways. For example – if you lock your soft or sturdy case properly, unauthorized users won’t get access to it. So, the rifles and other equipped gears will stay safe.

Best Rifle Case

Besides, when you are on a travel, it is often true for long rifles that they may get bumps or scratches. So, a proper case will increase the lifespan of your rifles, protecting them from unwanted hit or damage while carrying.

Besides, most of the cases allow you a lot of flexibility, even if you are getting hunting trips once per month. You will also get opportunities to have the right one from a variety of rifle cases.

Keep in mind that when you want to travel long distances via airplane, you will need a sturdy shell case. But soft cases will be significant for you when you are getting a local trip, carrying something lightweight and easy to move.

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Best Rifle Case


Reviews of the Best Rifle Case

We already know that the best rifle case is quite necessary for the rifle holders when they are outside. Because a rifle case works as a safety tool for rifles, shotguns, and any other optics.

From single scoped rifle cases to double ones, you have to choose the best one that will depend on your requirements. But looking at a few best rifle cases may help you to choose the right one for you.

Here, you are going to have an overview of the best rifle cases so that you have got a clear understanding of which case you need to purchase.

1. Pelican 1720 Rifle Case

Best Rifle CasePelican makes the most exceptional sturdy rifle cases available on the market today. The Pelican 1720 Rifle Case is a great tactical product for keeping a rifle with other necessary tools safe. This case is made in the USA and trusted by professionals since 1976.

It provides a stainless-steel body with padlock protectors. It also features an automatic pressure equalization valve, which can release increased air pressure quickly. Durable polyurethane wheels, along with stainless steel bearings, make it more user-friendly.

Open cell core and robust wall design enhance its beauty and performance as well. Again, secure double throw latches make this rifle case waterproof, unbreakable, and dustproof. It comes with three layers of foam.

All of them can easily be removed from the case. The middle one was not picked and pluck foam. So, you have to trace the outline with a marker or chalk. And cut it with a thin razer, or a sharp knife, or even with an electric kitchen knife even though it holds the shape well.

You will also be able to cut the foam as your requirement, considering the sizes of your rifle and other related accessories. You can also keep simple tools and manuals in the lid under the foam.

Overall, its weight is almost 19 pounds, and some people may find it a little bit heavier. 3- colors of this rifle case are available: Black, Od Green & Desert Tan. You can have one based on your choice. The interior dimension of this rifle case is 42.00 × 13.50 × 5.25 inches. So, you will get enough space to put a rifle and related ones.


  • Sturdy Construction including robust wall design
  • Durable polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings
  • Has some multiple latches
  • Removable three layers of foam
  • 3- different colors available


  • This case can’t be used with longer rifles over 42 inches.

2. NcSTAR VISM Deluxe Padded Rifle Case

Best Rifle CaseNcSTAR has brought an exclusive series of rifle cases. In this series, there are 11 different sized and colored rifle cases that have external 5- magazine pockets for making a proper fit for rifles or shotguns.

For making an appropriate fit for rifles or shotguns, each of them is at least 2-inch longer than overall length. They feature a 1.5-inch shoulder strap with hooks and a looped flap on the folded edge and a metal D-ring seal on both ends.

By altering the size of the strap, you can fit your rifle precisely at the right length. The rifle cases have two heavy-duty zippers to keep your items secured. The zippers can be closed and opened smoothly. Make sure the case is zipped shut.

Otherwise, the accessories will fall out when you use the shoulder strap. Again, the rifle cases have a padded Velcro wrap that covers both handles holding them together. An I.D. holder on the outside of some of these cases helps you to keep your id card with yourself.

Although the outer side of the rifle cases is a sturdy polyvinyl chloride type material, the inner side is soft with a cotton type high-density foam, so your rifle and other accessories will stay safe and scratch-free. Overall, they are among the cheapest ones available on the market.


  • Different sized and colored rifle cases
  • Have an extra shoulder strap
  • Two heavy-duty zippers to make more effortless opening and closing
  • The inner part is soft enough
  • Among the cheapest ones


  • There is only one flap for five pockets

3. Pelican 1750 Rifle Case

Pelican 1750Pelican 1750 Rifle Case is one of the best in Pelican’s long case series. It is perfect for rifles, long guns, guitars, telescopes, and anything under 52 inches. This case is ideal not only for different types of weapons and accessories but also usable to the industrial workers for instruments and gears.

It comes with padlock protectors and stainless steel hardware. For these, the rifle case is water-resistant, crushproof, and dustproof. Again, it also has an automatic pressure equalization valve and easy-open double throw latches.

So, you can keep things pressurized. If you go to high altitude, this rifle case doesn’t let any air or water inside it. Besides, this rifle case features solid wall design and high-density open-cell foam.

You can keep the accessories into the foam for total protection to prevent vibration or shock. These 3- pieces of foam are not picked and pluck, so you have to use a knife to cut them as you need. Also, it has equipped with sturdy polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings, which make it very easy for transport.

Again, this particular case comes with two-fold down handles. You can get handles at both top and the side of the case, depending on how you’re carrying it. Also, it has a nameplate. So, you can make it personalized.


  • Double throw latches make it secured
  • The automatic pressure equalization valve releases the air and water.
  • Foldable handles
  • Crushproof and Waterproof
  • Lightweight


  • Maybe, it is heavier to carry

4. Savior Equipment American Rifle Pistol Case

Savior Equipment AmericanSavior Equipment American Classic Rifle Bag is a best friend of firearm enthusiasts. It comes with a variety of features like different colors and sizes. It’s a construction of ultra-durable 600D PVC shell and designed to secure your valuable rifles or guns from unwanted hit and damage during transportation.

It has three exterior tactical pockets to store extra accessories. It also has more than one carry option. You can keep your hands free by lifting your rifle bag through padded adjustable backpack straps with hook and loop fastener carrying handle.

Again, it is equipped with anti-theft lockable zipper sliders on the two main firearm compartments. This bag also has a paracord zipper that you can easily pull to zip it. These rifle cases are available in four colors, such as- ash gray, obsidian black, flat dark earth tan, and olive drab green.

Besides, this rifle case is so spacious, and so it can hold 2- rifles and 2- pistols with enough space to store additional accessories outside of the pistol pockets. You can customize your bag as your preference. Overall, it is 55 inches in length and 12 inches in height. It’s affordable in price and better in quality.


  • A variety of sizes and colors available
  • Made of 600D PVC Shell
  • Additional Pockets to store extra gears
  • More than one carry option
  • Equipped with anti-theft zippers


  • The straps may dig into your hips while carrying it backpack style.

5. CONDOR Double Rifle Case

Best Rifle CaseThe Condor Double Rifle Cases are useful tools that can carry two primary weapons like rifles or guns and up to 36 or 42 inches long. They have a padded center divider to separate those rifles or shotguns.

You like this rifle case because of its versatility. The exterior compartment measures 26 inches long, and so you can have two padded hook and loop internal pockets for pistols, optics, or other accessories.

It comes with two adjustable mag pouches and one utility pouch that can easily store cleaning kit or other gears like manuals, or hunting magazines. It has a grab handle and detachable padded backpack strap with sternum strap. Three different colors of this case are available: black, olive drab, and tan.

You can carry it like a traditional case or a book bag with the handles. If you don’t like the book bag style straps, you can separate or store them inside the bag. Again, the rifle cases include padding on the inside. It can protect the accessories from being damaged while using it in transportation.

You can also tuck the straps inside the case and use the bag as a backpack leaving your hands free. Besides, when you open the bag, you can see how much space is in the inside, keeping the rifles secured.


  • Can carry two rifles
  • Three large extra pockets
  • Different carry options
  • Enough space inside
  • Heavy-duty zippers for padlocking


  • It may not be suitable for long distant travels

6. Plano Single Scoped or Non-Scoped Rifle Case

Best Rifle CasePlano Single Scoped or Double Non-Scoped is one of the bigger and broader rifle cases for longer rifles or guns. This rifle case is 51.5 inches on the exterior and 50.58 inches on the interior, enabling the storage of rifles or shotguns up to 50 inches.

This USA made case has enough room for keeping two rifles easily. It is a heavy-duty structure of plastic with thick wall construction. Also, the case came with 4- sturdy latched to ensure a solid security system and molded a comfortable handle for easy transportation.

Again, it includes three security points for locks: one in the handle and the others on both corners of the case. Besides, it is an airline approved lockable case making you and others secured while traveling.

The hard plastic exterior shell of this case can protect your beloved rifles and other accessories free from scratches and bumps during storage or transportation.

In the inner side, inserted high-density “egg crate” foam is thick enough that all of your accessories won’t move at all. If you’re looking to protect your rifles, either you are indoor or outdoor, then this case can be a choice of you.


  • Enough room for rifles and all other accessories.
  • Comfortable molded handle
  • Sturdy wall construction
  • Heavy-duty latches keep your stuff secured
  • Approval for airline travel


  • Some users may find the latches made of flimsy, thin, plastic composite material.

7. Savior Equipment the Patriot Long Rifle Case

Savior EquipmentSavior is a renowned company which provides different types of rifle, or gun bags in the market. The Patriot Single Scoped case is one of the best rifle cases launched by Savior. This innovative and smart designed gun bag comes with several features.

Such as – the bag is a heavy-duty construction of 600D PVC shell with EVA foam interior padding that provides 360-degree protection to your rifles and other accessories. Its 13-inch width fits most rifles with some related things like sights, scopes, and bipod.

It also has a fully adjustable hook and loop strap with dual lockable zippers on the main compartment. During transportation, any size of firearms keeps secure to prevent unwanted damage or movement.

Besides, the magazine pockets are very spacious. You can put 2 of 30 round A.R. magazines in each pocket. Multiple magazine holder pouches with adjustable flap pull tabs can fit your other accessories with magazines smoothly.

It also has removable mag cover with adjustable mag pouch that covers to meet your needs. Plenty of space is also available to add a few more ammo boxes. You can carry the case however you want.

You can have an adjustable shoulder strap with removable shoulder pad and classic padded carrying handle. The soft fleece-lined internal bed adjusts your favorite rifle with all other goods. You will have some internal straps to secure your rifles.


  • A sturdy case
  • EVA foam padding for overall protection
  • Adjustable hook and loop strap
  • Extra spacious magazine pockets
  • Much space to keep ammo


  • It can only hold two rifles

8. Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Rifle Case

Savior EquipmentSavior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Long Rifle Case is a construction of heavy-duty industrial 600D PVC nylon. It has double rifle slots with essential padding at top and bottom.

For all-around inner protection from unwanted damage, it also has additional room for 2- pistols with extra pocket compartments. Removable center divider pad ensures secured separation of the chambers for each rifle.

Again, it has lockable zipper sliders on both firearm compartments. These compartments also come with paracord zipper pulls, D-ring, and extra molle grid.

Zippers are sturdy and easy to open and close. Besides, the upgraded design allows the rifle case to lay entirely flat and will make you a real head-turner when you carry it on a road trip.

Additional exterior tactical pouches will enable you to store everything you need in just one place. This best rifle case has space for secure storage of magazines, hearing protection, paper shooting target, sunglasses, headphone, and more.

It is fully configurable mesh backpack straps, adjustable shoulder strap, classic carrying handle, and drag handle that give you a full modification to take your precious firearms. This rifle case also lowers the risk of tearing under extreme conditions. Again, you can store it anytime when it is out of action.


  • Padding at the top and bottom
  • Additional room for 2- pistols
  • Easy to open and close zippers
  • Multiple lengths available
  • Easily storable


  • Has less space to accumulate

9. Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Rifle Case

Best Rifle CaseThe Bulldog provides consumers with heavy-duty rifle cases that are made of high-quality materials to maintain sustainability and longevity. The Pit Bull Rifle Case is one of them that offers durable ballistic nylon.

The rifle case also has a waterproof exterior shell that creates a stronger barrier to make it long-lasting. When you are going for a travel or hunting, it will be a beneficial tool for your rifles and other accessories.

Besides, the case comes with zippers that are of excellent quality. It provides your beloved rifles over 1-inch soft padding. It also protects your valuable weapons to keep dust and scratch-free during transportation.

You can quickly move with this rifle case anywhere you want. The case also enhances the protection and durability and removes vibration of the accessories while carrying.

Also, it has brushed tricot, soft scratch-resistant inner lining, and an attached carrying strap. Case shape allows you to accommodate scoped and non-scoped rifles comfortably.

Again, you can notice a sturdy hook on the muzzle end, which helps you to hang it with a rifle inside on the wall when it is not in use. Finally, there are 3- sizes and 2- colors of this rifle case available on the market. Among them, you can buy one that fits your requirements.


  • Thick padding on each side
  • Sturdy hook helps to hang it on the wall.
  • Zippers slide easily.
  • Durable and light to use
  • Multiple colors and sizes available


  • Longer rifles may not be fitted

10. Plano All Weather Rifle Case

Best Rifle CasePlano’s all-weather 2- scoped rifle case is designed to keep your firearm safe whatever the weather is outside. It is a rugged, industrial-strength construction that looks great and feels solid.

It has a continuous dri-loc seal that provides maximum protection to your gears. Dual-stage lockable latches ensure the case incredibly closed so that the weapons may not get bumped or damaged.

The customizable pluck-to-fit foam holds your gun and accessories securely. Again, an automatic pressure equalization valve releases air pressure and water from inside of it. 4- heavy-duty latches keep the case and equipped firearms waterproof.

It also has a dustproof shield that protects your gears even in bad weather. Besides, this lightweight case is just 11 pounds, and the color of it is black. Interior dimension is 37 x 14 x 5 inches.

Overall, it has easy-glide enclosed wheels to make your case easy to transport. So, traveling to the hunting destination will be enjoyable with this rifle case.


  • Looks great and feels solid
  • Dri-lock seal provides maximum protection
  • Latches ensure extreme safety
  • Pluck-to-fit foam hold the gears securely
  • Enclosed wheels for easy transportation


  • It may leak from either end of the case.

Final Thoughts

It’s quite necessary to have a rifle case to protect your rifles from getting damaged. Whenever you are on an airplane or drive across the country holding a rifle or shotgun with yourself, the valuable weapons may bump in the vehicle, and the iron sights of it may become bent or broken.

You have to conscious about your rifle and other accessories, whereas a protective shield is needed for your gears in every situation. Besides, these tactical rifle cases also provide enough space to hold multiple firearms, magazines, ammunition, etc.

So, buying the best rifle case depends on your needs and choice. However, we can hope that any of these rifle cases can help you to choose the best one that can fulfill your requirements.


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