Airsoft for Beginner – What You Needs to Know

Airsoft for Beginner: What a beginner needs to know: Airsoft is a modern popular military-sports team game using pneumatics (muzzle energy of which should not exceed 3 J) and airsoft bbs with a caliber of 6 to 8 mm, various by weight.

Airsoft for Beginner

The main type of weapon is an electro-pneumatic weapon, popularly called “drive.” There are CO2 weapon models and models in which the spring is erected using muscular force (spring rifles). Typically, games involve two or more teams.

Airsoft for Beginner

Airsoft games allow you to plunge into the plot, which can unfold in different territories and training grounds. Therefore, the player is involved in a “military conflict” proceeding according to a certain scenario.

There is a high degree of copying of the troops of active military units around the world in airsoft. The game is played on fairness, while there are restrictions on weapons (mainly on the speed of the ball).

Painful Sensations During the Game

The most intriguing topic for all newcomers to airsoft is how painful it will be to hit a ball from an airsoft pistol. After the third or fourth game, this question, as a rule, is removed automatically due to the fact that you will understand that there is nothing wrong with the ball hitting.

It is important to observe the most important rule when playing airsoft – in no case, take off your goggles, even if they fog up or your eye suddenly itches. Eye contact is always fraught with injury; at best, it can end with a trip to the local emergency room.

Now for the pain from hitting different parts of the body. The feeling depends on the distance from which they shoot at you and the ball’s speed. Let’s take the ball’s speed for 120-130 m / s (basic tuning) and describe the sensations obtained experimentally. But the most painful and offensive hit on the phalanges of the fingers or on the nails is VERY painful.

Again, the pain does not last longer than 5-10 seconds, and then everything goes away. The authors of National Airsoft Magazine decided to conduct a full-scale experiment, not sparing their colleagues for it.

The results are obvious and, frankly, they are discouraging. The lighter the ball, the more mark it leaves on the skin when fired at point-blank range. The most bloodthirsty – 0.12th, the most “peaceful” – 0.28th.

The conclusion is simple – if you want to save colleagues, use heavier indoor balls. Of course, you can find a lot of materials about airsoft: from links to educational videos. I would like to tell you about my airsoft attitude, perhaps to share my experience for novice players.

If you have definitely decided to play airsoft for yourself, for a start, I advise everyone to watch the airsoft for dummies issues, which will be of interest to both a beginner and a developing player.

So, having watched the videos, you got an idea of ​​the basic equipment, learned about the rules of airsoft, roughly imagine what the “light” and “dark” sides of airsoft are and finally decided to become a player – formed, so to speak, the attitude and seriousness of intention.

I want to warn you right away that airsoft is not a cheap sport. For example, for a beginner’s kit, you will need about an impressive price. With reliable equipment, you will enjoy the game and will be less likely to get into an awkward situation. Next, decide – whether you will play in a team, or want to become a loner.


Keep in mind that most of the game takes place in buildings, so it is important to choose a suitable color. For example, I chose a dark shape for myself – I am less visible in the building, which gives a great advantage.

Glasses are a mandatory attribute of equipment, they must be able to withstand a blow from a powerful airsoft weapon, and such a collision will sooner or later take place. I advise you not to take mesh glasses in order to avoid splinters of the balls falling through the holes. For playing in buildings, a protective mask is desirable, and they will save your teeth. Remember, safety comes first!

Knee and Elbow Pads

During the game, you have to move and fall a lot, and, you see, injuries are far from the most pleasant thing. Don’t forget protective gloves. The main thing is that knee pads, gloves, elbow pads are comfortable and have protective functions.

If possible, purchase a helmet, later you can hang a flashlight and other convenient little things on it. Outwardly, airsoft weapons are similar to combat ones. The assortment is huge, both the main weapon and the game pyrotechnics. You can choose for every taste.

A very important thing is the vest. It will provide you with the convenience of carrying additional equipment and magazines, as well as secondary weapons. The vest should not hinder your movements; at the same time, the vest should have the ability to quickly access the pouches in order to save you time during the battle.


In the conclusion of this article, I would like to advise – first try your hand at paid training grounds, where there is a rental in order to get to know airsoft better. And the phrase is popular among the players: “if you want to save on airsoft, spend more.”

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